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With permission from these creative designers, we bring you our top collection of Clothing Custom Designs for you to Dress to Impress in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Save and share designs using Design & User IDs, and feel free to share your work with us, too!

List of Custom Designs
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These custom design creations are listed in the order of approval. We will update this page with more content from time to time!

List of Custom Designs for Outfits


Game8 Outfit

These long-sleeve shirt and cap designs embedded with the Game8 logo are created by Twitter user Nassie. The yellow color also pops out our bee-autiful bee logo!

Creator: Nassie (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-9835-3388-8610
Game8 cap.jpgCap
Design ID: MO-T3Q0-8DMT-YWYS
Game8 tee.jpgLong-Sleeve Shirt

Knight Outfit

Complete the knight-in-shining-armor look with these creations by Twitter user Raku. Check out their page for more custom design creations!

Creator: Raku (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-0210-5917-6428
Knight Armor.pngKnight Armor
Design ID: MO-WYQG-92S7-3BDS
Knight Hat.pngKnight Hat

List of Custom Designs for Shirts


Tom Nook Shirt

Can't get enough of Tom Nook? Grab this custom-designed shirt from the Animal Crossing team!

Creator: Ninten (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-0690-3887-0655
Tom Nook tee.jpg Tom Nook Shirt
Design ID: MO-JO4L-6VPS-55PX

List of Custom Designs for Dresses


Maid Dresses

The user also has many more custom design clothes, you can check it out on their Twitter account!

Creator: habakura54 (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-6479-2602-6017
Japanese plum maid dress.jpg Japanese Plum Maid Dress
Sailor maid dress.jpg Sailor Maid Dress
Design ID: MO-40QR-NLK1-RYN8
Chocolate mint maid dress.jpg Chocolate Mint Maid Dress
Design ID: MO-C80K-KV9L-J6X9
Frilled maid dress.jpg Frilled Maid Dress

Mamepo Series and Trench Dress

The following set of Pro Designs were made by Twitter user saredoimo. You're surely feel a stride of elegancy as you don these lovely pieces. saredoimo has made plenty of other awesome Pro Designs as well, so be sure and check their twitter to see more!

Creator: saredoimo (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-4000-9081-4102
01.jpg Mamepo Dress
Design ID: MO-F8N4-V1FV-WTN9
02.jpg Mamepo Mandarin Dress
Design ID: MO-L1L3-83YT-PLYJ
03.jpg Mamepo Sleveless Dress
Design ID: MO-8LT7-B81Q-YPJF
04.jpg Trench Dress
Design ID: MO-1YK2-YXTF-9YPD


Set that old-fashioned but stylish vibe by wearing these kimonos. The user also has many more custom design clothes, you can check it out on their Twitter account!

Creator: sakkyun_km (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-9399-4311-8226
Kimono 1.jpg Men's Kimono
Design ID: MO-24QY-BL4R-HBX9
Kimono 2.jpg Hakama
Design ID: MO-YH2X-8DW5-QTV8
Kimono 3.jpg Haori (Japanese Formal Kimono)
Design ID: MO-QYD7-2KFJ-1123
Kimono 4.jpg Japanese Formal Female Kimono
Design ID: MO-ST7T-NB7K-D12H

Sweets Dresses

Look cute and sweet in this set of dresses! The creator also has chocolate cake dresses in different colors, which you can check out on their Twitter page!

Creator: yuma_game_333 (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-0132-2960-0411
Shortcake dress.jpg Strawberry Shortcake Dress
Design ID: MO-6JRW-SHD0-H0LT
Strawberry dress.jpg Strawberry Dress
Design ID: MO-58KP-PBRF-CY0W
Strawberries & white chocolate dress.jpg Strawberries & White Chocolate Dress
Design ID: MO-C191-3WYN-8SGM
Chocolate orange dress.jpg Chocolate Orange Dress
Design ID: MO-QHDB-892R-RHRD

List of Custom Designs for Hats


Straw Hats

Created by Twitter user Shun, these straw hats are perfect for the summer.

Creator: shun20x6 (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-3405-0978-0777
Red Dot Straw Hat.jpgRed Dot Straw Hat
Design ID: MO-8NQR-5C1C-9TFG
Black and White Straw Hat.jpgBlack and White Straw Hat
Design ID: MO-58KP-PBRF-CY0W
Blue Check Straw Hat.jpgBlue Check Hat
Design ID: MO-GNG0-91YT-3NFB
Black Dot Straw Hat.jpgBlack Dot Straw Hat
Design ID: MO-BJ0T-1PFR-88GS

Pizza Hat

This pizza hat is created by marimo_angela. You can fool others by placing it on a table so it looks like pizza on a plate! If you want to see more of their hat creations, check their Twitter page!

Creator: marimo_angela (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-0885-0938-8047
Pizza Hat.jpgPizza Hat
Design ID: MO-QJ6J-YR3K-KB4Q

Sweets Hats

The round part of the hats make it look like you're wearing something sweet on top of your head! Created by yumonoie, you can also check out their other creations such as meat-like hats!

Creator: yumonoie (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-5347-4779-4525
Strawberry Cake Hat.jpgStrawberry Cake Hat
Design ID: MO-WYQG-92S7-3BDS
Pineapple Hat.jpgPineapple Hat
Cookies Hat.jpgCookies Hat
Design ID: MO-LQCR-18DG-1FSV
Strawberry Mousse Hat.jpgStrawberry Mousse Hat
Design ID: MO-0GK9-3H2P-9P9R

Custom Design Creations Credits

These beautifully-made custom design pieces were contributed by the following users. If you want to see more of their work, you can check their pages!

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How to Save & Share Custom Designs

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Use the Custom Designs Portal

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You can use the Custom Designs Portal to save and share designs online with other players.

Internet connection and Nintendo Switch Online membership required.

Custom Designs Portal - How to Share Custom Designs Online

[Q & A] What if the Design ID cannot be found?

The design ID may have been deleted. In this case, you can search the User ID instead and see their catalog of creations.

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