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Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) - Softwood

This is a guide to collecting Softwood, a DIY material in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch). To learn how to get Softwood and where it can be used, please read on.

How to Get Softwood Fast

Hitting Trees is the Most Efficient

ACNH - Axe DIY recipe

The most efficient way to get Softwood is by hitting trees with an axe.

List of Axes

Be careful or you might chop the tree!

ACNH - A resident chops down a tree

Cannot chop trees Can chop trees
Flimsy Axe Axe
Stone Axe

There are two types of axes: one can chop trees down and one cannot. The number of wood obtained is not affected by the type of axe used.

Remember that when your are using the Axe, hitting the tree 3 times will chop the tree and it will become a stump.

The type of wood that comes out is random

ACNH - A resident gets wood from trees

The three types of wood you can get from hitting trees are Wood, Softwood, and Hardwood. Among them, normal wood seems to come out more frequently.

Softwood Can Sometimes Be Found in the Recycle Box

You may sometimes find Wood in the Recycle Box found in Resident Services.

How Do You Use Softwood?

Use it for DIY crafting

Flimsy Watering Can ImageFlimsy Watering Can Vaulting Pole ImageVaulting Pole Wooden-Block Toy ImageWooden-Block Toy
Old-Fashioned Washtub ImageOld-Fashioned Washtub Birdhouse ImageBirdhouse Ladder ImageLadder
Wooden-Block Table ImageWooden-Block Table Wooden-Block Stereo ImageWooden-Block Stereo Wooden-Block Chair ImageWooden-Block Chair
Wooden-Block Bookshelf ImageWooden-Block Bookshelf Wooden Toolbox ImageWooden Toolbox Swinging Bench ImageSwinging Bench
Rocking Chair ImageRocking Chair Ringtoss ImageRingtoss Pear Bed ImagePear Bed
Mini DIY Workbench ImageMini DIY Workbench Lattice Fence ImageLattice Fence Jungle Wall ImageJungle Wall
Woodland Wall ImageWoodland Wall Wooden-Block Chest ImageWooden-Block Chest Matryoshka ImageMatryoshka
Hedge Standee ImageHedge Standee Grass Standee ImageGrass Standee Angled Signpost ImageAngled Signpost
Signpost ImageSignpost Modern Wood Wall ImageModern Wood Wall Bone Doorplate ImageBone Doorplate
Tree Standee ImageTree Standee DIY Workbench ImageDIY Workbench Destinations Signpost ImageDestinations Signpost
Mountain Standee ImageMountain Standee Wooden-Block Wall Clock ImageWooden-Block Wall Clock Wooden-Block Stool ImageWooden-Block Stool
Wooden-Block Bench ImageWooden-Block Bench Wooden-Block Bed ImageWooden-Block Bed Tulip Surprise Box ImageTulip Surprise Box
Simple Wooden Fence ImageSimple Wooden Fence Rocking Horse ImageRocking Horse Peach Surprise Box ImagePeach Surprise Box
Imperial Fence ImageImperial Fence Turkey Day Table ImageTurkey Day Table Deer Decoration ImageDeer Decoration
Decoy Duck ImageDecoy Duck Clackercart ImageClackercart Chocolate Herringbone Wall ImageChocolate Herringbone Wall
Brown Herringbone Wall ImageBrown Herringbone Wall Bamboo Drum ImageBamboo Drum Acoustic Guitar ImageAcoustic Guitar
Wedding Fence ImageWedding Fence Spooky Carriage ImageSpooky Carriage Spooky Chair ImageSpooky Chair
Spooky Table ImageSpooky Table Turkey Day Decorations ImageTurkey Day Decorations Turkey Day Chair ImageTurkey Day Chair
Large Lattice Fence ImageLarge Lattice Fence Log Fence ImageLog Fence Donation Box ImageDonation Box
Wooden Storage Shed ImageWooden Storage Shed Tall Wooden Island Counter ImageTall Wooden Island Counter Low Wooden Island Counter ImageLow Wooden Island Counter
Wooden Pillar ImageWooden Pillar Image Currently Unavailablerecycle Image Currently Unavailablerecycle
Wooden Music Box ImageWooden Music Box Wooden Field Sign ImageWooden Field Sign

Softwood is used as a DIY crafting item to create the item(s) shown above.

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