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1825 Anonymous(Fox)4 daysReport

which guitar do you need?

1824 Anonymous21 daysReport

Can anyone help me catalog items? I’m looking for drums, white floor light, guitar, and the dark brown rattan end table!

1823 Purple0327 daysReport

Thanks for replying! It turned out that I haven’t unlocked the Best Friends App in my Nook Phone, so the game didn’t recognize my Switch friends.

1822 Anonymous28 daysReport

It might be if you haven’t added them as a friend on your Switch, or if you haven’t added them as a friend on the Best Friends app

1821 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

Does anyone have star fragments

1820 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

Just terraform, that way you won't ruin your progress. I have had doubts about my island but then there are parts I find I really like where I placed things.

1819 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

hi, i was wondering if i should restart my island? i haven't gotten 5 stars yet, but i have pretty much completed 90% of the game. i went into playing with no real plan for my island, but now that im almost a year in, im having regrets about the map i chose. i have a map thats similar to the one i have now that i want to use but i don't want to redo all the progress i've done so far. should i restart or just terraform it into the new layout?

1818 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

Someone please confirm: I'm trying to keep my island as visually 'rustic' as possible, meaning I don't want any of my official structures to be fully upgraded. Is it possible to unlock all features of Able Sisters *without* fully upgrading Nooks Cranny?

1817 Purple03about 2 monthsReport

Are you still on? Post a dodo code and I’ll deliver it to you :)

1816 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

Sorry I didn’t check for a while. Yes, can I still get a simple panel? Thanks

1815 Purple03about 2 monthsReport

Well, never mind. I did some research, and I think I know why..

1814 Purple03about 2 monthsReport

I can give you a simple panel if you still want it.

1813 Purple03about 2 monthsReport

Hello, I’m new to online play. I want to send letters to my friends, but Orville doesn’t give me the option to send to “a friend”. They have visited my island before, I have sent letters to villagers, and I have an active Nintendo Online membership. Does anyone know what might be the problem here?

1812 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

I want a simple panel, can anyone catalog a panel for me?

1811 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

Can anyone help me please I need a string fish

1810 Miphaabout 2 monthsReport

What about lychees,mangoes,raspberries and gooseberries?

1809 Petra aka Zimm2 monthsReport

Sorry I have to go to bed now, my time is 00.45 am. If you still want the DIY I hope that we can conect tomorrow.

1808 Petra aka Zimm2 monthsReport

Give me a dodo code and I will give you the DIY

1807 Anonymous Jacket2 monthsReport

does anyone have the DIY recipe for the natural garden chair?

1806 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Anyone happen to have a wedding flower stand left from Harv’s Island? I’d love 2 actually and can trade or pay bells for them

1805 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Does anyone have a log round table or the recipe for it? Please lmk and thank you <3

1804 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Yeah totally veggies!

1803 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Can I come?

1802 Anonymous3 monthsReport

dodo is the guy at dodo airlines at airport

1801 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Need high turnip prices it almost end of week and I not wasting 140 turnips just say your code and price if high enough I'm coming

1800 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Anyone have a yellow life ring they want to trade?

1799 Ellie 3 monthsReport

Anyone got Leif

1798 Anonymous3 monthsReport

New player: Can't get new villagers...I invited them by traveling via nook miles ticket. Invited 3 characters over a week ago...no new updates or quests or announcement's from Tom Nook regarding new visitors or getting plots of land ready. I'm wondering if it's because the other player on my switch hasn't done anything on our island. If we are both playing on the same switch, do they also need to go through all the upgrades and such before Tom Nook offers the next steps to growing our island?

1797 Peach3 monthsReport

Its available from July 1 to July 7

1796 Tillie 3 monthsReport

It’s closed now

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