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1494 Shaynaabout 17 hoursReport

You guys should hop on the recipe and fruit trading board. Everyone responds quicker and helps you get things on your wishlists. Very helpful if you want things and are hoping for more anima crossing friends!

1493 Liepa3 daysReport

Hello I'm trading mostly anything for wood I have a peach 🍑 island xxx

1492 Goose3 daysReport

Meteor shower on my island! Dodo Code is M0XD1

1491 Pixie4 daysReport

My gates are open. Dodo code 9KTXJ Northern hemisphere. I have Phil in boxes All fruits (be reasonable with what you take!) C.J is in town today. I may not respond but you're welcome to come shop, fish, catch bugs, get a fruit your missing and take Phil if you want him.

1490 Ange9 daysReport

Hii does anyone have lots of wood they’re willing to trade, sell or give away?? Not long restarted my island and need some fences around this place :P

1489 Kar9 daysReport

Hi! i have Alli in boxes today!

1488 Anonymous10 daysReport

Anyone have Lolly? She is my dreamie and I can't find her anywhere else. I can trade for 80 NMTs and 300,000 bells.

1487 Malissa11 daysReport

Can someone give me a robot recipe that's not red?

1486 Anonymous(fox)12 daysReport

Eugene is moving out if anyone wants him?

1485 Anonymous12 daysReport

>>1480 Id like to know this too

1484 Krystal12 daysReport

>>1479 That was awesome

1483 Lemon of Landen13 daysReport

>>1453 I have cherries !!

1482 Lemon of Landen13 daysReport

>>1476 I have oranges cherries and coconuts ?

1481 Lemon of Landen13 daysReport

>>1477 Hi! Do you have any bamboo or cherry blossom DIYs? I have like 50 something petals but no diy cus I’m new lol I can trade bells or materials :)

1480 Anonymous14 daysReport

Hello! Can anyone help me w/ a hybrid flower question? If you have a group of hybrid flowers, say hybrid yellow mums, and you get a yellow mum from them. Is the new yellow mum, from the group of hybrid mums, still considered a hybrid mum for breeding purposes or is it just a regular yellow mum? THANKS!!

1479 SamDan16 daysReport

https://youtu.be/M3h2S1BsW9o In this video we recreated famous scenes from the TV show "I Love Lucy". All within Animal Crossing New Horizons and it's provided furniture and items. Special guest is K.K. playing the title tune of the show.

1478 Anonymous17 daysReport

Does anyone have Celeste at their it their island???

1477 Anonymous17 daysReport

DIY RECIPE CLEARANCE GIVEAWAY! Hey guys, I’m giving away a lot of diy recipes in order to clear up some space so it would be great if you could visit my island and help take away some diy recipes for free! Please do not wander around and be respectful to my flowers lol! Also, tell me beforehand if you are coming! Dodo code is C13FS.

1476 Anonymous20 daysReport

Hey. I need oranges. Does anyone have any that I can trade for or purchase?

1475 Anonymous23 daysReport

I have Agent S in boxes if anyone wants her

1474 ronan24 daysReport

the candyland movie theater is now open the dodo is 973CL

1473 Anonymous24 daysReport

Does anyone have lots and lots of soft wood?

1472 Anonymous24 daysReport

>>1464 I've got apples

1471 Kels24 daysReport

>>1470 Shoot I don’t, I can leave bells or maybe something else you are looking for that I might have??

Show?1493787517ID: 9d8dd14aa7a5589
1470 Maranda24 daysReport

>>1468 Sure. Do you happen to have an extra trees bounty big tree or arch recipe? My code is 5GKKF

1469 Kels24 daysReport

>>1467 Just let me know, thank you!

1468 Anonymous25 daysReport

>>1467 Could I swing by?? If so, do you need anything??

1467 Maranda25 daysReport

>>1465 I do.

1466 Maranda25 daysReport

Does anyone have pumpkins for sale on their island? I'd love to buy some.

1465 Anonymous25 daysReport

Anyone have an extra ironwood dresser recipe??

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