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1926 Anonymous9 daysReport

je veux bien des oranges, mon code ami 4335 3263 8134

1925 Liz15 daysReport

Anyone have any pears or cherries I can collect? Thank you

1924 Yogi16 daysReport

I meant to say, I’ll open my gates to you, if you’re still here?

1923 Yogi16 daysReport

1922 Katelyn southern belle17 daysReport

I need pears and cherries willing to trade for anything you possibly need or want

1921 Anonymous17 daysReport

Anyone wanna trade fruits i have oranges dodo code isDGM32

1920 Anonymous23 daysReport

Heyy does anyone have any unwanted flowers ?x

1919 Tiara <3 25 daysReport

Hi i have these singsposts if you want some i can make some for you, you can customise them yourself if you want

1918 Tiara <3 25 daysReport

Does anyone have a cutting board diy? I can give soms money or trade something for it?

1917 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

Anyone having a meteor shower feel like company?

1916 Laura (Gardenia)about 1 monthReport

Anyone have an angled signpost or angled singpost diy recipe?

1915 Zecabout 1 monthReport

I am after a castle tower in the brick design. Bells, items or nook miles for swap, let me know!

1914 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

Hello, does anyone have a spare mush lamp diy recipe?

1913 Randy3 monthsReport

Anyone online?

1912 Angel :D (Magicfalls)4 monthsReport

Hi Anonymous! Unfortunately, I do not think your son will be able to play his game on your switch without messing up your game :(

1911 Anonymous4 monthsReport

My son got animal crossing for his birthday, it is the cartridge game for the switch. He has a switch lite but it went for a swim and no longer works… I have animal crossing on my switch but it is not a cartridge, I downloaded it. Will he be able to play his game on my switch without messing up my game?

1910 Kit4 monthsReport

dose any one else find it excruisitatingly annoying when they have to save up miles and or hunt for villagers?

1909 Lynne 4 monthsReport

Karly, just keep hitting them with your net every day, every time you see them 😂 that's what I do & do not talk to them at all unless they have a bubble over their head. FYI, you should go on the fruit trading board, you'll have more luck on there with your questions or if you're needing anything.. Everyone is super helpful & kind 💕

1908 Karly4 monthsReport

So I have a question is there a way that I can trade villagers to different islands? my question is how do I get rid of the villagers other then using amiibo cards and waiting until they wanna leave themselves? I have a couple villagers on my island they don’t fit my island aesthetic and I want them to leave but they haven’t wanted to leave themselves.

1907 Anonymous4 monthsReport

airgirl, what island u from?

1906 Anonymous5 monthsReport


1905 Anonymous5 monthsReport

>I’ll trade for a storefront

1904 Anonymous5 monthsReport

Anyone have a storefront they would be willing to trade?

1903 Anonymous (Bonsaii)5 monthsReport

Does anyone have a cash register I could trade for?

1902 Lynne 5 monthsReport

Go to the fruit trading board, you'll prbly have more luck there than here

1901 Anonymous5 monthsReport

Does anyone have a brake tapper that I can trade for?

1900 Anonymous5 monthsReport

Anon - go to fruit trading message board. Ppl will help you get the items youneed . It’s busy and there’s always someone there to help you.

1899 Anonymous5 monthsReport

How can I get the apples and pears

1898 Anonymous5 monthsReport

Does anyone have extra recipes for iron garden chairs and iron garden table?

1897 Anonymous5 monthsReport

Does anyone have a diner counter and diner chair I can catalog for? :)

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