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1765 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>1764 Thank you. I'll keep watch for it.

1764 Helen1 dayReport

>>1763 It really won’t matter if you missed a day or more. it definitely keeps track and I’m sure you will get it soon. Missing the odd rescue here and there won’t affect you getting it so I wouldn’t worry. You must be pretty close to getting it. Just keep trying and I’m sure it will happen.

1763 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>1762 What if you missed one day? I was in the hospital back in March. I didn't play for a few days because of it. I may have missed one rescue. Does it catch up?

1762 Helen1 dayReport

>>1760 Yes it’s 30 times and then you should receive the recipe in the post so make sure you check your mail. Hope that helps :-)

1761 Helen1 dayReport

Hi Does anyone by any chance have spare DIYS recipes for the Hyacinth lamp and the Log extra long sofa? Thank you. I can pay in bells or gold in exchange

1760 Anonymous1 dayReport

How many times do I need to rescue Gulliver before getting the golden shovel recipe? I thought it was 30 times. I'm up to 33 times, and still no recipe.

1759 Ali6 daysReport

Does anybody have any villagers that are moving away that are cute!

1758 Anonymous6 daysReport

Does anybody have any cute villagers are going to move!!!

1757 Breezy6 daysReport

My incline on acnh disappeared. I built one a while back to let one of the villagers get down from a cliff his house is built on and I just realized it’s not there anymore. Anyone else expierence this? What happened?

1756 Anonymous8 daysReport

Anyone have turnip prices about 94 bells?? I can bring NMT or whatever. Only need one trip.

1755 Violet14690388 daysReport


1754 Violet14690388 daysReport

>>1750 I NEED ORANGES!!!!!!!

1753 Christina from paradise 10 daysReport

>>1751 I can help u but u posted 3 days ago my friend code is sw-5512-3912-7805 but we got to play together b4 I can mail u check out trading board lots of help there

1752 Anonymous13 daysReport

Hey! Anyone know if I can gift any of my birthday furniture to a villager on their birthday? Today is Deirdre’s birthday and I wanna make it fun! Gift ideas, anyone?

1751 Anonymous13 daysReport

I’m kinda new to this. But how do people make their houses so pretty on the inside? I don’t seem To have access to a wide range of things.. does it come later? Also, would anyone like to trade cherries and apples with me? I have peaches?

1750 Monica 14 daysReport

>>1748 I have pears, oranges (I have orange trees I can dig up, I dont have any fruits on me), and peaches. I need apples. Wanna make that trade? I can swing by your island and drop them off, and throw in a couple of diy cards :)

1749 Rebekkah l17 daysReport

MAY DAY HELP PLEASE. Isabelle made announcement about May day but Tom nook doesn't have my ticket and it's not at the airport either T_T

1748 Anonymous18 daysReport

Wondering if anyone can trade fruit with me. I’ve got Cherries, Apples and Coconuts. I’m looking for Peaches, Pears, and Oranges.

1747 Lindsey20 daysReport

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has two aries star fragments they would be willing to give/sell/trade?

1746 Lindsey20 daysReport

>>1742 Hi, i don't know about buying them, but I know the recipe for the tin can succulent if you want me to send you some.

1745 Anonymous29 daysReport

>>1744 ACNH Treasure Trove

1744 Anonymous29 daysReport

>>1743 https://www.facebook.com/groups/443732206730417/?ref=share' target='_black' rel='nofollow'>https://www.facebook.com/groups/443732206730417/?ref=share If you want to this group to get access to a Treasure island please click and answer questions for approval. https://www.facebook.com/groups /443732206730417/?ref=share

1743 Anonymous29 daysReport

If you want to this group to get access to a Treasure island please click and answer questions for approval. https://www.facebook.com/groups /443732206730417/?ref=share

1742 KeyLimeabout 1 monthReport

Nook’s Cranny has a green watering can with red tulips sitting right outside the door. Inside Nook’s Cranny, on top of the cabinet, there is a pink watering can with red tulips. (The watering can is being used as a vase...) Is an actual item that you can craft or purchase within the game? (If so, what is it called?) Other “decorations” in Nooks Cranny are items you can actually craft or purchase (radio, tin can succulent, lantern...), but I haven’t been able to find this one...

1737 Narissaabout 1 monthReport

>>1731 you could always come to my island. i’m active right now, if you are

1736 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

>>1735 Post in the forum Recip and... There are many helpful players om that forum

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