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1868 Fox1 dayReport

Having zodiac items, villagers photos, sarharas flooring/walls, statues of bug/fish, trophies of bug/fish tournaments, items that have same type/color, no items (like diy pit fall seed, trash) on floors.

1867 Anonymous1 dayReport

Hello! I earned the gold HHA trophy, and have over 192K points ... And every week my HHA note ends with the comment 'Now, aim for completion'. I have no ideas what i need to do...any ideas?

1866 Fox14 daysReport

Actually catching rare fish doesn’t require pro controllers, joy cons or any other controller can do. Basically different fish appear in different season/weather and different fish shadow size: the rarer the fish, the fastest it may retreat when getting the bobber. How I do it is this: fish bait, wait till I get the right fish shadow size, bobber it and only listen when the bobber goes down (sound of water dunking) then press “A” quickly. Maybe listen method can help you too.

1865 Fox14 daysReport

It mentioned on the update on pumpkins and other veggies of Nintendo’s videos.

1864 Anonymous14 daysReport

Never mind I found the instructions on this site for growing crops. Now if I can just figure out how to catch the rare fish. Maybe I need one of those fancy pro controllers.

1863 Anonymous14 daysReport

Thanks for the tip. How did you find this out? Trial and error or in writing somewhere?

1862 Fox14 daysReport

For veggies, they have to water twice or more each day. If you only water them once you’ll only produce half or less harvest.

1861 Anonymous14 daysReport

I have tried all of the different methods listed on this site to no avail. Wish there was a user's guide :) that way I would know causes and effects like why all of a sudden my vegetables are producing half as much as before. It is the little things that happen and I have no clue as to why.

1860 Anonymous15 daysReport

Are there any future plans to add more vegetable choices to the crops list? I'm thinking maybe peppers, onions and corn.

1859 anonymous17 daysReport

Anybody have any extra nook miles tickets to spare? T.T I’m I scrapped my island trying to get better characters since I know the game better now after my first time, but I used all my last nook miles for my last character!

1858 Fox19 daysReport

What I do is press “A” when I hear the dunk (bobber goes in water) by listening than watching it.

1857 Anonymous19 daysReport

Still having troubles catching rare fish. I catch about 1 in every 30. Should I be holding down the A button or use a rapid punch on the A button. I am looking for advice. Thanks.

1856 Anonymous22 daysReport

Do you have a dodo code so I can visit

1855 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

Not one villager doing the diy since 4 pm. Glitch??

1854 Romayne527about 1 monthReport

Does anyone by chance have a castle tower to give ??

1853 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

Getting frustrated/impatient with trying to breed a blue rose. Anyone have one they could send me? I have all the fruits!

1852 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

Gold armor recipe?

1851 Granpa632 monthsReport

I have come to the conclusion that I did something wrong in the game. I went to a summer island and every shark would not bite. I used to catch shark with ease. Now I can't catch anything that is of value. Sad because fishing was my favorite pastime on the game.

1850 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Sometimes they bite, and sometimes they don’t. Keep trying.

1849 Anonymous2 monthsReport

I have been playing every day for 18 months, and this week was the first time I did not have a visitor. Is there a problem with the update?

1848 Dre2 monthsReport

Hi! Just started playing, but don't have the new items to buy with Nook miles (pergola, gazebo, etc.)... my version is completely up-to-date, not sure if you have to be at a certain stage to get these? Any insight?

1847 Savannah2 monthsReport

Does anyone have a moms handmade apron in the forest print style? Let me know if you want something in return, or I can just pay what it's worth in bells.

1846 Angel :D (Magicfalls)2 monthsReport

Oh, I see! I know what you mean! That is really annoying. I hope you'll find the remaining fruits you need soon! Good luck :)

1845 betty2 monthsReport

Yeah… I wanted to trade but to get them I need a nintendo online membership and I don’t have it since my SO, whose nintendo it is, has the online membership. I find it annoying that I payed full price for a gam and then I have to pay more monthly just to get some fruit

1844 Angel :D (Magicfalls)2 monthsReport

Hey Betty, yup... you only get two types of fruit to start with (one of them being your island's special fruit, and the other being coconuts). To get the rest of the fruits you should consider trading with others or visiting mystery islands :) There are many people on the Recipe and Fruit Trading Board who I'm sure will be more than happy to help!

1843 betty2 monthsReport

Few weeks ago I got the game and I’m so disappointed. I get only 2 types of fruit? I don’t get the full game while paying for it? My SO has switch online but since he didn’t know if he wants to move in or no I used my user for AC and I’m forced to play offline. Nintendo being Nintendo but still. I want to make the all if the fruit furniture but NOOO.. Sorry for the rant, I am just so frustrated

1842 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Okay so I went to my neighbor (Portia) she was doing a cooking diy... only problem.... she was in the air! How do I fix this? Can I fix this?

1841 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Thank you

1840 Anonymous3 monthsReport

... yes. Just press the button again.

1839 Anonymous3 monthsReport

One question. Can you undo an accent wall if you change your mind on its placement?

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