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1983 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Does anyone have a blue rose and a purple wildflower that they would like to sell or trade?

1982 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Does anyone have a simple panel with the brown border? Doing an island redesign and I need it. Able to trade the simple panel with the white border

1981 Torilove02 3 monthsReport

Anyone is welcome to come explore my island as long as I’m online. KX9YJ is my code.

1980 Torilove02 3 monthsReport

Does anyone have any pinecones? Willing to trade or pay bells.

1979 Junie113 monthsReport

no I think u need update

1978 Yogi3 monthsReport

Awe, I just realized you’re just starting out, do you have all the fruits and vegetables in your island?

1977 Yogi3 monthsReport


1976 Stay Puffed3 monthsReport

I would really appreciate it! Code is 3G9CV

1975 Yogi3 monthsReport

You have to get the Stonework Kitchen DIY recipe or get a compact kitchen from your villagers, I have (a stonework kitchen) that I’m not using, post a dodo code, I’ll drop it off to you.

1974 Stay Puffed3 monthsReport

Can someone please explain how/when you’re able to make food recipes? I got a DIY for one, but i can’t use it. I’ve seen that you’re able to purchase a cookbook in Resident Services Nook Store, but that’s not an option for me yet. Is there a milestone/achievement you have to complete first?

1973 Anonymous 3 monthsReport

Does anyone need fruit or vegetables?Dodo is 919WT.1 hour only

1972 Junie113 monthsReport

also just ignore the other villager who u want gone for a bit then he will ask to move

1971 Junie113 monthsReport

you can't you have to have an spare spot if u don't have any than no villagers will be on dal trips or kappen.u can get with:amibo.campsite.

1970 Junie113 monthsReport

I can give 1 to u

1969 Anonymous3 monthsReport

i can get you one. Let me know if you still want one , it is $38,400.

1968 Anonymous3 monthsReport

I have been trying to get a tractor for months and months, can anyone help?

1967 Anonymous3 monthsReport

I can't find an answer on this anywhere, but if I already have 10 villagers, can I swap them with villagers from treasure islands? It seems like they won't move, but I thought it was possible for them to swap with someone already on my island? Please help!

1966 Junie114 monthsReport

Someone have spare diys?

1965 Kitty10 4 monthsReport

Hello everyone is anyone in June I need sharks 2 complete my fish set

1964 Kitty10 4 monthsReport

dodo is G2GC4 Open for a hour if anyone needs fruit or vegetables 🤗

1963 Kitty10 4 monthsReport

Anyone have a white nurse cap pls I NEED 1

1962 Kitty10 4 monthsReport

Hi everyone I have a lot of stuff in a plot by the airport furniture gyroids fruit wallpaper floors diys I'll open the gate for whomever

1961 Mommy The First 4 monthsReport

Is anyone in June to August? The only fish I need to complete my collection is the Giant Snakehead…

1960 Kitty10 4 monthsReport

anon I have fossils🦴

1959 Anonymous4 monthsReport

still have those fossils?

1958 Mommy The First 4 monthsReport

LVTM1 Gate will be open for 2 hours. Open to everyone.

1957 Mommy The First 4 monthsReport

Does anyone need DIYs recipes or fossils? I have a ton

1956 Kitty10 4 monthsReport

I do 😍

1955 Mommy The First 4 monthsReport

Anyone want DIYs or recipes, fossils, gyroids or clothes?

1954 Kitty10 5 monthsReport

I'll post fc 😍

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