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1366 Anonymousabout 17 hoursReport

Anyone have the black or red springy ride on will give 3nmt for each?

1365 dmcabout 21 hoursReport

>>1360 Fleas as has been said infest Ur villagers. U can see something hopping on their head, and if U talk to them they say stuff like ‘I've been scratching all day,’ and ‘ITCHY!’ That's when you swipe 'em with the net. It's impossible to predict or control when they appear, which makes it the worst Nook Miles task to come up. It's not because Ur island is messy or Ur villagers ‘dirty.’ Not because U haven't played in a long time. I caught fleas rain or shine, so that's not a factor.

1364 Anonymousabout 22 hoursReport

>>1339 you can custom create a sign yourself and then put it on an easel maybe?

1363 Anonymousabout 22 hoursReport

>>1358 Hi I have 1...

1362 Anonymousabout 23 hoursReport

Please please please give us what we want... and we want more custom design slots!!!! What go we meed to do grovel? 🤣🤣❤❤🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 can we get 150 of those bad boys? Lol pleeeeeeeeaaaasssseeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

1361 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>1360 Hi fleas are on your villagers ,when they talk to you and say they are itching ,when they turn their back use the net and hopefully you will catch one .

1360 Anonymous1 dayReport

I'm struggling to find a flea, do they only come out on specific days or weather? I've been trying for over a week to find one. Its the last bug before I finish the insect critterpedia

1359 Natte1 dayReport

Welcome to visit the island, the sun is setting and I think its just beautiful, Dream adress is: 7773-0441-1377

1358 Cam2 daysReport

Anyone have 2 cancer fragments??

1357 Nat2 daysReport

Looking for Apple hat DIY will trade and pay 40k

1356 Nat2 daysReport

Anyone have apple DIY?

1355 Canez4 daysReport

>>1354 Do you have pears and oranges? I could water

1354 Niah4 daysReport

Anyone able to come water my flowers please? BDWBV

1353 Anonymous5 daysReport

>>1346 Thank you!

1352 Anonymous5 daysReport

>>1350 Thank you!

1351 dmc5 daysReport

>>1347 I have white snack machine and drink machine in my Miles. Say, we could trade each others' colours!

1350 dmc5 daysReport

>>1346 First, stag beetles should be approached in net crouch holding A while walking. Giraffe, Hercules, and Golden when U get them are skittish, and show a behaviour U may have seen on Atlas Moths and Rainbow Stags before, but more extreme. As U get near a body part moves (could be wings, mandibles, or scorpion claws) and they freeze. STOP until they resume normal activity, take a few more steps. If U *FIND* Herakles Ur lucky! Took me weeks to catch 1 for Blathers and 3 for Flick.

1349 dmc5 daysReport

>>1344 U already have the trophies, don't U? The first time through, as soon as U reached 100 points CJ said U qualify for bronze trophy. Again at 200 & 300. He didn't say it the next time, did he? Subsequent tourneys and bug-offs are for ppl who finish them slowly, and to get more loot!

1348 dmc5 daysReport

>>1345 U can take something like a Simple Panel and put a custom design on it of books on shelves (or whatever). Then place them outside to make walls. There are many pre-made custom designs to search out there. Is that what Ur thinking of?

1347 Anonymous5 daysReport

Hi does anyone have a white snack and drink machine I could buy? Mine are green and silver but I’m really in need of white. Willing to pay!

1346 Anonymous5 daysReport

I find Hercules beetles and giraffe stags but I am unable to catch them. I am unable to get within catching distance before they fly away. Help!

1345 LK5 daysReport

Fairly new to ACNH...I've seen people make outdoor libraries...does anyone know what is used for those? I only have recipe for wooden block bookshelf but I def don't think that's it.

1344 Anonymous6 daysReport

Latest fish tourney—789 points, no trophies the next day...What gives?

1343 Anonymous45387 daysReport

>>1341 THANK YOU! It worked!!

1342 Anonymous7 daysReport

>>1320 When AC comes on switch to his avitar. When AC starts press the minus key, this will bring Tom Nook to the screen. He will ask if you are sure you want to delete him.

1341 Anonymous7 daysReport

>>1338 When you choose ac then choose his avitar. When the opening screen starts mash the minus key. This will bring Tom Nook our to ask if you are sure you want to delete this player.

1340 Inna7 daysReport

hi not sure where to ask this so i just went here... can i invite a new villager once a villager in boxes just got claimed? the plot isn't completely empty yet but there's a note that says 'i've moved out'. if not then i guess im just gonna have to do some TT

1339 Greeneyes8 daysReport

not sure I am posting in the incorrect place, if not, please direct me to where I should going. I am looking for someone that can create a very simple wooden sign pattern for me that simply says "Sams Apples". A little 9-year old girl gave me the most precious gift of 5 apples. I gave her tons of stuff and this was her way of thanking me. I want to plant those apples in a special place with a sign that says, "Sams Apple". If there is anyone that can help, please let me know. God Bless!

1338 Anonymous45388 daysReport

I have a friend that used my ACNH game. Now he's moved away, but his house is still on my island. Does anybody know how I can remove his stuff from my island? He won't be playing it anymore. :-(

1337 dmc8 daysReport

>>1336 Is his account age restricted in some way? Maybe these ppl I'm meeting have parental controls.

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