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1205 Rodneyabout 19 hoursReport

Looking for a (lucky cat ) if anyone has one, willing to trade or give bells for a trade 😃

1204 Anonymous1 dayReport

If anyone has a good nookling trade, I need to sell a bunch of turnips. I will give you 10k. Reply with your dodo code.

Show?1493787517ID: aef52931990a17c
1203 Cranberry1 dayReport

Which board should I go to to discuss trading villagers? I have Celia in boxes.

1202 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>1191 Invite an amiibo to the campsite. Craft what they want three days in a row, and then ask them to move in. Provided you have ten villagers, you'll be able to choose who they replace.

1201 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>1198 Very common, you will find both on your island in the evenings/nights.

1200 Hannah1 dayReport

You can sell/trade villagers?? How does that work

1199 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>1195 The max number is actually 10

1198 Anonymous3 daysReport

So I'm on a mystery island and I just caught my first mosquito and firefly. I know they just started spawning today, but are they common? Will they appear on my island, or are they worth the pocket space?

1197 Anonymous3 daysReport

Trying the wedding event for the first night. I’m done but now my switch is like glitching! I can’t leave- I can’t talk to Harvey, and none of my buttons are working! I don’t want to quit the game without saving and lose what I did but what do I do?!

1196 Anonymous3 daysReport

Selling zucker!

1195 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1176 8 is the max no. of villagers

1194 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1193 Go to Harvey’s island

1193 Anonymous3 daysReport

How to start wedding event

1192 Anonymous3 daysReport


1191 Anonymous3 daysReport

Does anyone know the best way to get villagers off your island

1190 fate4 daysReport

>>1165 it’s all based around a certain system in the game, there’s apps that allow you to track what NPC comes on what days and that’ll determine when Redd shows up

1189 fate4 daysReport

>>1171 there’s mixed messages on what to do but it’s best to just wait about a week, there’s info in the games code on exactly how long it takes for certain villagers, so it seems random but it’s pretty precise

1188 fate4 daysReport

>>1173 not sure what the 16 is but yes they would still have all of that unless your friend goes to isabelle and tells her that a certain villager ‘talks’ or ‘dresses’ a certain way! (this is how to reset a villager)

1187 Anonymous5 daysReport

We will be divorcing soon, and want, I need to move to my new switch. All info says I can't move my things, but he can delete my character! Help me move before he deletes my me or even worst, robs me blind!

1186 Anonymous6 daysReport

>>1185 Nvm I figured it out lol

1185 Anonymous6 daysReport

How do you add friends?

Show?1493787517ID: 45eb99c5071e039
1184 Addy6 daysReport

>>1181 Meteor Showers can happen whenever. Sometimes Isabelle or Tom Nook will say it in the daily announcements. Also. villagers will sometimes say something concerning meteor showers.

1183 TheoryCrafter7 daysReport

All of these animal "villagers" seem human ish. But they only wear shirts, no bottomwear. Some even remain naked. They talk like humans but are clearly descended from beasts. They are pretenders. Beasts in human clothing. Be friendly with them, if you like. Have fun with them, if you like. But remember, they are just beasts. One day, they must be

1182 Anonymous7 daysReport


Show?1493787517ID: 9c4dae99edcf9e5
1181 Renee7 daysReport

Question about meteor shower. I've never had one in my island but someone graciously invited me to see theirs. Anyway, there was a bunch of us there wishing the night away. I probably wished on dozens of stars. Next day, I certainly didn't have that many on my beach. I'm guessing the stars just get divided up based on who manages to wish first on the star? Also how often do you get falling stars/meteor showers? Seems really rare on my island.

1180 Anonymous7 daysReport

A friend of mine suggested this wiki page, since I'm legit a beginner, like no experience on the previous AC. I keep on asking her how is it like playing this, is it the same like sims or what? the simulations? etc and she's really really happy answering all of it since she really like acnh so much. Thank you to my friend for introducing me this game and thanks for these guides! I can understand the game bit by bit. yay!!

1179 Anonymous7 daysReport

This acnh wiki is pretty much complete! love reading all of their guides! makes it a lot easier for me to play and enjoy this!

1178 Anonymous7 daysReport

I enjoy watching the gameplays on yt! thinking if I should buy a switch already. Been thinking about these since years lmao.

1177 Anonymous8 daysReport

it might have something to do with the amount of 'humans' on the island?

1176 Cricket9 daysReport

I have 8 villagers right now and no matter what I do I can't get anymore to move in. I can't buy land. If I get someone at the campsite they say they can swap someone places. Am I missing something? I have a 5 star island and have already gotten KK and done everything else. Please help me...

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