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1531 Anonymous(fox)1 dayReport

Anyone want wolfgang or frita?

1530 Anonymous3 daysReport

0PN9D I need animal crossing friends!!!!

1529 LovelyIsland3 daysReport

>>1527 I can offer you 15000 bells, is it a pink bed?

1528 LovelyIsland3 daysReport

>>1526 I have white pumpkins, let's trade!

1527 Orion3 daysReport

>>1525 i have a cute bed, bells preferred, how much would you offer?

1526 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>1525 I could trade, but only if you have any white pumpkins! I have a cute vanity.

1525 LovelyIsland4 daysReport

Hi there, I am looking for pink cute furniture (bed, lamp, vanity, wall clock, dresser) and white and yellow tulip seeds. Willing to buy or trade. Thank you so much

1524 ClanoftheLamb5 daysReport

Would anyone be willing to give me a statue from Redd? The past 5 times he has showed up to my island, all of his art are fakes. He rarely ever comes too. I would really appreciate a statue. Thank you

1523 Anonymous6 daysReport

>>1505 jail bars. need diy recipe to make tham

1522 Anonymous6 daysReport

need more storage at able sisters kiosk for qr custom designs. how to increase that storage space?

1521 Anonymous7 daysReport

anybody want ungifted marshal? https://nookazon.com/listing/1627794467

1520 Anonymous7 daysReport

how do I obtain more custom design space.. see others in luna dream suite have tons of designs?

1519 Carinaxy7 daysReport

Hey guys, Anyone Who wants to visit or trade on my Island? https://nook.exchange/u/Carinaxy Here you can find my wishlist and for trade items. Also part of my catalog. Also Looking for seasenol diy. Entry blocked , only for trading. Dodo code is 4VVB4 Northern hem. Fruit Apple . Have them all. Trade and chat on island.

1518 Anonymous9 daysReport

any active dupe/bells glitches?

1517 Anonymous10 daysReport

Is there a discord? If so, is it as active as the message boards? I ask because discord is easier for me but if it's not as responsive then it wouldn't help as much.

1516 Anonymous10 daysReport

Anyone have some summer shells, a spooky lantern or a large star fragment? We can arrange payments when I’m on your island :) Thanks!

1515 Anonymous10 daysReport

Does anyone have red rose plants or starts I can buy/trade? I have coconut trees, cherry trees, lots of shells, mushrooms, orange end table recipe

1514 Paige (from Eventide) 14 daysReport

Can I come to someone’s beach to look for giant clams?

1513 BaseM8 15 daysReport

>>1511 Maybe you could make a scary forest!

1512 BaseM8 15 daysReport

Hello. I am decorating my Island and I really want some statues to really pump up the ancient hype. I hope that someone can give me one or more. Base -

1511 Winnie18 daysReport

I'm trying to finish a Halloween themed island, but I've ran out of ideas. I just need 1 moe area theme. Does anybody know any good DA's or have any ideas??

1510 Anonymous22 daysReport

>>1495 You have to wait a day then u can throw it away or give it to the nook boys for them to throw away. Sucks

1509 Anonymous22 daysReport

I’ve had a terrible day - went thru 150 fish bait keep catching blue marlin no tuna, and no golden trout or char. Then I’ve not ever seen a trantula. Been on 3 mystery tours cleared out everything & nothing?! Wth

1508 Wicker23 daysReport

Can anybody tell me why the last four DIY’s from the villagers have all been the same item?

1507 Anonymous25 daysReport

>>1506 Thank you so much You’re awesome!

1506 Anonymous25 daysReport

>>1505 its called "jail bars" its from a diy recipe from cranky villagers

1505 Anonymous25 daysReport

Hi Can someone please tell me where to find the large iron gate/fence.? It looks like a panel maybe? It’s see thru, so not a custom?

1504 Anonymous26 daysReport

>>1480 Its still a hybrid mum.

1503 Anonymous26 daysReport

>>1479 😍🤩

1502 Anonymous26 daysReport

>>1497 If he added your account on his switch then you both live on the same island correct? The if you buy your own you will start from the beginning and it will be your own island. the one you and your boyfriend have right now won't disappear.

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