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Beautify your home and island with custom tile designs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Learn how to create different tile paths such as checkered tiles and bath tiles!

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How to Create a Tile Pattern

Resulting Look

resulting tile.jpg
This is the basic tile laid out on the ground. Since this a seamless tile pattern, this will only take up 1 custom design slot.

Steps to Create a Basic Tile

In Mirror Mode, first mark the guidelines. Each marking is 2 spaces tall. Start from the 8th space from the top, and the 8th space from the bottom.
Still in Mirror Mode, use the Line Tool to draw a diagonal line from the top markers.
Do the same thing for the bottom markers.
From the bottom marker, draw another diagonal line upwards.
5 basic tile 5.jpg
Complete the diagonal at the top using the Line Tool.
Using the Fill Tool, fill in the center diagonal and outer edges with orange.
Inside the white spaces, draw yellow lines along the red lines.
Inside the orange spaces, draw green lines along the red lines.
Using the Change Color tool, let's change the red color to a dark color.
Hue: 14th from the right
Vividness: 4th from the left
Brightness: 6th from the left
Change orange to your main color.
Hue: 14th from the right
Vividness: 6th from the right
Brightness: 1st from the right
Change yellow to a light color.
Hue: 14th from the right
Vividness: 4th from the left
Brightness: 1st from the right
Change green to a darker shade of your main color.
Hue: 14th from the right
Vividness: 1st from the right
Brightness: 1st from the right
Check if you are satisified, and the tile is complete!

How to Change Colors on a Palette

Change color.jpg

1 In the tools section, select Change Color.
2 Select a color with the L and R button and adjust the sliders as needed.

How to Create Custom Designs & Use the Custom Design Pro Editor

How to Create Tile Patterns (Advanced)

Glossy Tiles

glossy tile.jpg
If you are going for a soft, playful look, why not use this tile design? It is created with the same method as with basic tiles as shown above.

Custom Design Editor Painting

The painting is simple, but the colors are a bit complicated. You can choose to copy the colors in the image above, or if you are just going for a glossy look, you can use just 2 to 3 colors instead.

Stone Tiles

stone tile.jpg
This is more complicated and is recommended for advanced users. When finished, however, it gives off a textured stone look similar to shell tiles, and looks fancy.

Custom Design Editor Painting

The painting is complicated compared to the previous designs, so please use the image above as reference.

Advice for Advanced Users

Game8.png Draw the dots with light and shadow in consideration, so that the tile has an uneven stone-like texture. Play around and adjust the colors by looking at the canvas preview at the bottom left side of the screen.

Bath Tiles

bath tile.jpg
This design has smaller tiles that go well inside bath rooms. The colors are easy to change, so feel free to use your preferred colors.

Custom Design Editor Painting

The 4x4 slices of the canvas serve as a guide when drawing this design, so you can focus on the colors!

Tile Design Examples by Color

Basic Tiles

basic tile.jpg
This design can be used anywhere, and you can even spice things up by placing them on top of paths by adding a transparent pixel. Custom designs take up the shape of the path, so go wild with your creations!
How to Create Paths

Glossy Tiles

glossy tile result.jpg
As the name says, this tile design has a smooth and glossy finish. This is perfect for areas that you want to stand out.

Stone Tiles

stone tile result.jpg
Diamond-shaped tiles with an uneven stone-like texture. It can be used anywhere, and it also has a modern feel to it.

Bath Tiles

bath tile result.jpg
Created to place them inside baths, but you can also place them outdoors in swimming or beach areas!

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