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Learn what you can do with Trash (Garbage) items you fish up in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Read on to see the list of DIY recipes and required materials to craft the Trash (Garbage) series, as well as how to find Trash item recipes.

What Can You Do With Trash?

Craft DIY Items

Unlike previous games in the Animal Crossing series, Trash items are now considered as Materials, and are used to craft DIY items.

You can see the List of Trash Item DIY Recipes in the next section below.

Drop Them on the Ground to Attract and Catch Flies

Caught a fly.jpg
You can also place Trash items outside, and it will attract flies. When you see them, you can catch them using a Net, and send the critter to the Museum if you haven't yet.

Make sure to remove the Trash after, as it decreases your island rating.
How to Catch a Fly

Sell Them for 10 Bells Each

Sell empty can.jpg
You can also sell Trash items for 10 Bells each. It's not worth much so we recommend using them to craft items instead.

Throw Them Out in the Trash Can

How to Use the Trash Can 1.jpg
If you are running low on space, you can throw them out, especially since Trash on the ground decreases your island rating.

List of Trash Cans and Waste Bins

Get Nook Miles For Fishing Up Trash

Trash Fishin
The more trash you fish up, the more Nook Miles you can get with the "Trash Fishin" Nook Mileage activity.

Trash Fishin'
Activity Summary Miles Titles
Fish up 3 pieces of trash. 300 Untossable/Trash
Fish up 10 pieces of trash. 500 Eco-Friendly/Ecologist
Fish up 20 pieces of trash. 1000 Waterway/Cleaner

List of Trash (Garbage) Item DIY Recipes

DIY Item Required Materials
Garbage-Heap Flooring IconGarbage-Heap Flooring
Old Tire IconOld Tire (×2)
Empty Can IconEmpty Can (×2)
Boot IconBoot (×2)
Garbage-Heap Wall IconGarbage-Heap Wall
Old Tire IconOld Tire (×2)
Empty Can IconEmpty Can (×2)
Boot IconBoot (×2)
Recycled Boots IconRecycled Boots
Boot IconBoot (×2)
Recycled-Can Thumb Piano IconRecycled-Can Thumb Piano
Wood IconWood (×1)
Iron Nugget IconIron Nugget (×1)
Empty Can IconEmpty Can (×1)
Succulent Plant IconSucculent Plant
Clump of Weeds IconClump of Weeds (×10)
Empty Can IconEmpty Can (×1)
Tire Stack IconTire Stack
Old Tire IconOld Tire (×3)
Tire Toy IconTire Toy
Old Tire IconOld Tire (×1)
Trash Bags IconTrash Bags
Old Tire IconOld Tire (×1)
Empty Can IconEmpty Can (×1)
Boot IconBoot (×1)

How to Get Trash DIY Recipes

Fish Up Trash Items to Get a DIY Recipe Idea

Get an idea for DIY Recipe.jpg
You get DIY recipes for the Trash series the more Trash items you fish up.

How to Unlock Trash DIY Recipes

Item How to Unlock Recipe
Garbage-Heap Flooring ImageGarbage-Heap Flooring Fish up 15 Trash Items
Garbage-Heap Wall ImageGarbage-Heap Wall Fish up 15 Trash Items
Recycled Boots ImageRecycled Boots Fish up 1 Boot
Recycled-Can Thumb Piano ImageRecycled-Can Thumb Piano Fish up 3 Empty Cans
Succulent Plant ImageSucculent Plant Fish up 1 Empty Can
Tire Stack ImageTire Stack Fish up 3 Old Tires
Tire Toy ImageTire Toy Fish up 1 Old Tire
Trash Bags ImageTrash Bags Fish up 15 Trash Items

Use our Recipe and Fruit Trading Board

Finding trash is not an easy task. We recommend using our Trading Board to get the recipes you want!
Recipe and Fruit Trading Board (36962)

What is the Trash (Garbage) Series?

DIY Items Crafted Using Trash Items

Caught an empty can.jpg
These are special DIY furniture and items that you can craft using trash, keep some in your storage when you fish them up!

All Trash Items
Boot IconBoot Empty Can IconEmpty Can Old Tire IconOld Tire

How to Get Trash Fast

Get Tons of Garbage Items at Trash Island

Trash Island.jpg
If you want to collect Trash to unlock all the recipes, there is a Trash Island that you can go to on Mystery Island Tours. If you want to learn about that, check out our guide.
Mystery Island Tours and Nook Miles Ticket Guide

Create a Trash Pond

Trash Pond.jpg
It is possible to create a Trash Pond in your island with the Island Designer app.

Check out this guide to learn how to make your own Trash Pond.
How to Make a Trash Pond

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