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This is a guide to unlocking Harvey's Island, a location in the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for the Nintendo Switch. Learn how to take photos with other Villagers and amiibos in Photopia, Harvey's photo studio.

How to Unlock Harvey's Island

Harvey will appear randomly on your island

Harvey 3.jpg
After a few days of gameplay, Harvey will appear near Resident Services. It's not currently known if there is any condition needed to make Harvey appear, but he should show up upon simply playing the game as normal.

When you talk to him, he'll give you access to his island. You'll be able to access Harvey's Island from the airport at any time from this point on.

Go to Harvey's Island from the Airport


After you've met Harvey on your island, you'll be able to visit his Island from the airport. Simply go to the airport and select I wanna fly. -> Visit Harv's Island.

How to Unlock the Airport

What You Can Do On Harvey's Island

Access Photopia


The only feature accessible on Harvey's Island is Photopia, an in-game photo booth. Photopia allows players to use their Villagers and amiibos as models to pose for staged photos.

How to Use Photopia


List of Photopia Controls

The Photopia interface is a bit confusing to navigate. This List of Controls is designed to help understand how to use each of the various features available in Photopia.

Primary Commands

First, you will want to open Arrangement Mode to add and arrange all the props and models before taking a photo.

Command Effect
D-Pad Down Open Arrangement Mode
D-Pad Up Change lighting

In addition, you are recommended to use ZL -> Camera to open the Camera app and take pictures without the UI blocking the foreground.

How to Use the Camera

Secondary Commands

Each of the below commands assume you are already in Arrangement Mode.

Command Effect
Left Control Stick Select Prop or Model
Right Control Stick Adjust Camera
D-Pad Right Open list of Props & Models
A (after selecting) Rotate Prop or Model
Y (after selecting) Remove Prop or Model
X (after selecting) Decorate Props or Change Models' Clothing
ZR (after selecting) Choose Models' Reaction
+ Switch Views
- Hide UI
B Exit Arrangement Mode

Add Models

Use Villagers as models


All your Villagers are accessible to use as models in Photopia. In Arrangement Mode, press Right on the D-Pad and go to the far-right selection to find the list of Models.

Use amiibos as models

You can also bring amiibos to pose in your Photopia photos! To bring an amiibo into your photo, hit Down on the D-pad to enter Arrangement Mode, and you'll be able to scan an amiibo using the Right Control Stick. You'll be able to see the amiibo icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen indicating that you can scan an amiibo.

Unfortunately, not all Animal Crossing amiibos are compatible with New Horizons, but you are able to use most Villagers and Special Characters in your photos.

List of amiibos and Compatibility

Dress Up Your Models


You can choose from any of the clothing you've gotten up to this point to give your models a style that fits with your photo. However, Harvey mentions that Villagers won't wear clothing that doesn't suit them. It doesn't seem that Villagers will reject particular items, but as most Villagers don't actually wear pants, these clothes are not available to select for them.

Change Your Models' Reactions


You can have your Villagers use any of the Reaction which you have currently unlocked. Don't just stand there – set each of your Models with a pose to make a unique photo!

Add Props


You can use any piece of furniture you've collected so far and use it in Photopia as a prop. You're also free to use any wallpaper and flooring you've collected to change the mood of your photo. You can also have your models sit in chairs as part of their pose!

Customize your Props


You can change the design of any of your Props without needing a Customization Kit. Just press X to choose any available color for any of your Furniture!

Take the Photo


Once you've got everything together, smile for the Camera! Use the Camera app by leaving Arrangement Mode and pressing ZL -> Camera. This will allow you to move around the camera easily with the D-Pad and the Right Control Stick to prime your perfect photo.

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