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This is a guide to Resident Services (Town Hall), a very important facility in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). In this guide, we explain what Resident Services is and give you a list of things you can do here. Read on to learn more about this facility, and how to upgrade it to a building.

How to Upgrade Resident Services

Resident Services Renovated.png

  1. Get 5,000 Nook Miles and pay them to Tom Nook.
  2. Build Nook's Cranny.
  3. Build a bridge.
  4. Choose where three villagers will live, and build their furniture.
  5. After the 3rd villager moves in, Resident Services will be upgraded.

In order to upgrade Resident Services from a tent to a building, you'll need to progress a certain degree in completing the required story tasks for Tom Nook. Check out our full guide on progressing through the story and achieving each of the necessary upgrades for your island.

Island Upgrades Walkthrough

Pay Off 5,000 Miles

5000 Miles Loan
In return for setting you up on the island, Tom Nook asks for 5,000 Miles as payment. Gathering 5,000 Miles is very easy if you do Mileage Program Activities, so you should be able to do this pretty fast. Press ZL and check activities to see all of the different things you can do to gain miles. Picking weeds, fishing, and catching bugs will help set you on the right path.

Read the guide below for the most effecient methods to gain Miles.

How to Get Nook Miles Fast

Once you finish paying the 5,000 Nook Miles, be sure and ask Tom Nook to upgrade your house right away. This will give you access to Nook Miles exclusive items, which can be purchased from the Nook Stop terminal.

Build Nook's Cranny

Nintendo Direct - Nooks Cranny
To build Nook's Cranny, you need to gather

and hand them over to Timmy. In order to get these, you will need to hit trees with an axe, and rocks with a shovel (or axe), which will allow you to farm materials once per day. This means that you are also going to need to gather the necessary materials for the tools!

Build a Bridge

Bridge Location

To build a Bridge, you first need to talk to Tom Nook after the shop has been built to get the Bridge Construction Kit.

After you've made the kit, you need to find a place to build the Bridge use the kit from your inventory to place it.

How to Build a Bridge

Make Furniture for the Housing Kits

Housing Kit Furniture

After you've placed the bridge (it doesn't need to have been built), you can get 3 Housing Kits and the DIY recipes needed to make their Interior and Exterior Furniture.

Once you've placed the Housing Kit, you can check which items you need for the house to be built.

How to Get Furniture and Materials for House Kits

Resident Services Will Be Upgraded

Resident Services Upgrade

After all 3 new residents move in, Nook will announce that the Resident Services will be upgraded from a tent to a building.

The day after, the building will be under construction and you'll be unable to enter, but the day after that, the Resident Services will open for business!

What Can You Do At Resident Services?

Resident Services - Numbered.png
Resident Services is a location that provides a bunch of different services that are essential to your life on the island. These services include providing a workbench for your DIY Recipes, allowing you to buy and sell items, and more.

Area Name Function
1 Tom Nook ・Ask about what you can do on the island.
・ Hold a ceremony for the completion of a new building
2 DIY Workbench ・Craft DIY Recipes
・Customize furniture
3 Recycle Box ・Pick up leftovers from the workbench
・Pick up items from followers, during Party Play
4 Nook Stop ・Exchange Nook Miles for items
・Nook Shopping
・ADB (Automatic Bell Dispenser)
5 Timmy ・Buy or sell items
All Services (Click to jump!)

Get Advice from Tom Nook

Tom Nook advice.png
If you aren't sure about what to do next, you can always ask Tom Nook for advice!

Participate in New Building Ceremonies

Museum ceremony.jpg
The next day of a facility or a project completion, talk to Tom Nook to participate in a ceremony commemorating its completion.

Make DIY Recipes Using the Workbench

DIY Workshop.png
You will find a workbench that you can use to make the DIY Recipes you collect during the game. This workbench should tide you over until you either make your own workbench or pay off your first loan.
How to Get DIY Crafting Recipes

Customize Furniture at the Workbench

Customization DIY Workshop.png
While it isn't yet known how early you can do this, it looks like you can customize old furniture with your favorite colors and designs at some point. You might even be able to customize your very own workbench too!

Get Items Collected During Party Play

Recycle Box.png
Items picked up by followers during Party Play will be sent to the Recycle Box at Resident Services. Be sure to pick them up after finishing Party Play!
How to Play with Friends

Use the Nook Stop

Nook Stop.png
The Nook Stop will let you exchange your Nook Miles for exclusive items and useful tools. On top of that, you can also deposit and withdraw Bells using the ATM.

After renovating Resident Services, you can also call new residents to the island using amiibos and amiibo cards.

What Should You Spend Nook Miles on First?

Buy and Sell Items

Buying items.png
By speaking with Timmy, you'll be able to buy items like tools, seeds, and recipes, and sell stuff like weeds for Bells.

What Can You Do After Renovating?

Upgraded Resident Services - Numbered.png

Area Name Function
1 Tom Nook ・Customize, expand, remodel, and relocate your home
・Customize the island's infrastructure, land, and build bridges and slopes
2 Isabelle ・Change the island's tune
・Change doors' open/close and chime sounds
・Change the island flag (Resident Services & Airport)
・Discuss a resident
・Change habits & clothes
・Find out the island's reputation and condition
3 Nook Stop ・In addition to pre-upgrade functions: call residents with amiibo
All Services (Click to jump!)

Customize Your Home

Customize  House.png
If you talk to Tom Nook at the information desk after renovating Resident Services, you can further customize your house!

Expand your house

As is tradition in the Animal Crossing series, you will be able to expand your house by adding more rooms.

Remodel the house

Customize Roof.png
Aside from expanding your house, you can also customize the colors of your roof and walls, the design of your mailbox, and more!

Relocate the house

At the cost of 30,000 Bells, you will be able to move your house to a different location just like how you were able to move your tent around.

Infrastructure Consultation

Nintendo Direct - Stone Bridge
At the upgraded Resident Services, you will be able to consult Tom Nook about the island's infrastructure. In addition to building bridges, you can also readjust the land and move residents' homes and shops.

Build and Destroy Bridges and Inclines


After upgrading Resident Services, you'll gain access to infrastructural changes to the island by saying "Let's talk about infrastructure". After that, select "About bridges/inlines".

You can install up to 8 bridges and 8 slopes. These can be removed, but not moved to new locations, so choose their placements carefully.

How to Build a BridgeHow to Build and Destroy Bridges How to build an inclineHow to Build Slopes, Stairs and Inclines

Relocate Buildings

Moving shop 1.jpg
You can relocate facilities like the Museum, Able Sisters, and Nook's Cranny, as well as all of the villagers' houses. Each building will cost 50,000 Bells to move and will be relocated the next day.

Note: Resident Services and Airport Cannot be moved. Choose their location carefully at the start of the game. The only way to get new locations is by starting a new game.

Unchangeable Features

Customize Your Island with Isabelle

Customize Island.png
The upgraded Resident Services brings Isabelle to help! With Isabelle, you can change the island tune, the island flag, discuss a resident, and evaluate your island.

Change Your Island Tune

Island Tune.jpg

You can change the tune that plays every hour on your island.

How to Change the Island Tune

Change the Island Flag

Resident Services Flag Airport Flag
Resident Services Renovated.png Airport with flag.png

You can replace the design on the flag next to Resident Services and your airport with a design from your very own Custom Designs. Show off your designs to your friends!

Discuss a Resident

Discussing a resident.jpg
You can talk to Isabelle about the residents on your island. We're not sure about what you can customize about your residents yet, but in previous games, you could change their catchphrases (greetings) and attire.

Have the Island Reputation Evaluated

Game8 Island 3-Star Rating.jpg
By talking to Isabelle, you can get your island evaluated! Your score depends on a bunch of different factors, including the amount of flowers and trees on the island as well as the number of residents.

How to Raise Your Island Star Rating (3 Stars & 5 Stars)

Invite amiibos to Your Island

DJ KK amiibo.png
You can invite animals to the Campsite in your island by scanning their amiibo! Invite them to stay, or take photos with them to Photopia!

How to Make the Campsite and How to Use an amiibo

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