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See all the things to do in May in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn about all May events, seasonal items, birthdays, new May bugs, fish, and sea creatures, and critters leaving in May!

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Sea Creatures Birthdays Daily To-Dos

List of All Events

List of Events in May

ACNH - Young Spring Bamboo SeriesYoung Spring Bamboo Season February 25 to May 31
(Northern Hemipshere)
May is the last month to collect Young Spring Bamboo and Seasonal DIY Recipes before we move on to the Summer months!
ACNH - ChildrenChildren's Day April 28 to May 5
Bring out the inner child in you with all new seasonal items for Children's Day!

You can purchase the Carp Banner and Newsprint Helmet on Nook Shopping app.
ACNH - May Day 2021May Day April 29 to May 7
Make your way through the May Day maze and you might just meet a familiar face!

If you've already done the event in 2020, play it again this year to receive the brand new reward, Rover's Photo!
ACNH - MotherMother's Day May 1 to May 31
Give the gift of love this Mother's Day! ... or maybe just buy a present?

The Carnations and Thank-You Mom Mug will be available on Nook Shopping for Mother's Day.
Mushroom SeriesMushroom Season May 1 to May 31
(Southern Hemipshere)
May you have wonderfall Autumn!

Collect all types of Mushrooms and DIY Recipes from the Mushroom Series this May!
ACNH - Maple Leaf SeriesMaple Leaf Season May 16 to May 25
(Southern Hemipshere)
Isn't Autumn fall (full) of wonders?

Collect Maple Leaves and DIY Recipes for the crisp, crimson season!
ACNH - International Museum DayInternational Museum Day May 18 to May 31
Blathers has added new stamp rallies in Art section of the Museum for International Museum Day!

Find all the stations to get the all new Art Plaque reward!
ACNH - Cheese Rolling DayCheese Rolling Day(?) May 22 to May 31
Celebrate the English time-honored tradition of chasing after a rolling wheel of cheese down a hill!

...maybe we can eat the cheese instead?

Previous Events in May

May 2020 Events
ACNH - May Day 2020 (thumb).pngMay Day May 1 to May 7, 2021
Make your way through the May Day maze and you might just meet a familiar face!

If it's your first time completing the maze, you will receive the Rover's Briefcase reward!
ACNH - International Museum Day (thumb)International Museum Day May 18 to May 31, 2021
Find all the stations in the Bugs, Fish, and Fossil sections to get the Bug Plaque, Fish Plaque, and Fossil Plaque rewards!

All Bugs in May

Click the links below for the full list of Bugs in May!

ACNH - Northern Hemisphere IconNorthern Hemisphere ACNH - Southern Hemisphere IconSouthern Hemisphere

How to Catch Bugs | List of Rare Bugs

New Bugs in May

Northern Hemisphere
Great Purple Emperor ImageGreat Purple Emperor Queen AlexandraQueen Alexandra's Birdwing Banded Dragonfly ImageBanded Dragonfly Pondskater ImagePondskater
Diving Beetle ImageDiving Beetle Violin Beetle ImageViolin Beetle Rosalia Batesi Beetle ImageRosalia Batesi Beetle Scorpion ImageScorpion
Southern Hemisphere
Damselfly ImageDamselfly Mole Cricket ImageMole Cricket Tarantula ImageTarantula

Bugs Leaving in May

Northern Hemisphere
Mole Cricket ImageMole Cricket
Southern Hemisphere
Monarch Butterfly ImageMonarch Butterfly Long Locust ImageLong Locust Migratory Locust ImageMigratory Locust Rice Grasshopper ImageRice Grasshopper
Cricket ImageCricket Mantis ImageMantis Orchid Mantis ImageOrchid Mantis Violin Beetle ImageViolin Beetle
Walking Stick ImageWalking Stick Flea ImageFlea

All Fish in May

Click the links below for the full list of Fish in May!

ACNH - Northern Hemisphere IconNorthern Hemisphere ACNH - Southern Hemisphere IconSouthern Hemisphere

How to Catch Fish Easily | Fishing Guide

New Fish in May

Northern Hemisphere
Frog ImageFrog Catfish ImageCatfish Nibble Fish ImageNibble Fish Angelfish ImageAngelfish
Betta ImageBetta Rainbowfish ImageRainbowfish Giant Trevally ImageGiant Trevally Mahi-Mahi ImageMahi-Mahi
Southern Hemisphere
Bitterling ImageBitterling Blowfish ImageBlowfish Tuna ImageTuna Blue Marlin ImageBlue Marlin
Football Fish ImageFootball Fish

Fish Leaving in May

Northern Hemisphere
Loach ImageLoach Golden Trout ImageGolden Trout Oarfish ImageOarfish
Southern Hemisphere
Cherry Salmon ImageCherry Salmon Char ImageChar Golden Trout ImageGolden Trout Mitten Crab ImageMitten Crab
Guppy ImageGuppy Neon Tetra ImageNeon Tetra Seahorse ImageSeahorse Zebra Turkeyfish ImageZebra Turkeyfish
Barred Knifejaw ImageBarred Knifejaw Ray ImageRay

All Sea Creatures in May

Click the links below for the full list of Sea Creatures in May!

ACNH - Northern Hemisphere IconNorthern Hemisphere ACNH - Southern Hemisphere IconSouthern Hemisphere

How to Catch Sea Creatures Easily

New Sea Creatures in May

Northern Hemisphere
Slate Pencil Urchin ImageSlate Pencil Urchin Sea Urchin ImageSea Urchin Spotted Garden Eel ImageSpotted Garden Eel Vampire Squid ImageVampire Squid
Gigas Giant Clam ImageGigas Giant Clam
Southern Hemisphere
Sea Pig ImageSea Pig Sea Cucumber ImageSea Cucumber Red King Crab ImageRed King Crab Snow Crab ImageSnow Crab
Dungeness Crab ImageDungeness Crab

Sea Creatures Leaving in May

Northern Hemisphere
Dungeness Crab ImageDungeness Crab Umbrella Octopus ImageUmbrella Octopus Turban Shell ImageTurban Shell
Southern Hemisphere
Gazami Crab ImageGazami Crab Umbrella Octopus ImageUmbrella Octopus Chambered Nautilus ImageChambered Nautilus

List of Villager Birthdays in May

Clyde Image

(May 1)
Mint Image

(May 2)
Sylvia Image

(May 3)
Deirdre Image

(May 4)
Paolo Image

(May 5)
Tank Image

(May 6)
Ozzie Image

(May 7)
Curlos Image

(May 8)
Bunnie Image

(May 9)
Patty Image

(May 10)
Cherry Image

(May 11)
Ellie Image

(May 12)
Biskit Image

(May 13)
Canberra Image

(May 14)
Leonardo Image

(May 15)
Ike Image

(May 16)
Gayle Image

(May 17)
Pekoe Image

(May 18)
Olaf Image

(May 19)
T-Bone Image

(May 20)
June Image

(May 21)
Colton Image

(May 22)
Peggy Image

(May 23)
Deli Image

(May 24)
Derwin Image

(May 25)
Bruce Image

(May 26)
Del Image

(May 27)
Renée Image

(May 28)
Purrl Image

(May 29)
Hamlet Image

(May 30)
Marcie Image

(May 31)

List of All Villagers

Daily To-Dos

ACNH - Dig Up Fossil

To learn more about activities you should do your island, check out our guide on Daily & Weekly To-Do List!

Daily & Weekly To-Do List

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2 Tigger12 months

I thought that O'Hare's birthday was in July. He's not having his birthday today on my island, at any rate.

1 jk12 months

For the May birthdays, May 26th is Bruce. (One of my villagers told me so!)

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