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See all the things you should not miss in May, in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). These include May Day, and the International Museum Day events, bugs and fish that are available until May, and other events for the month of May!

May Events (Click to jump!)
Calendar Bugs & Fish DIY Recipes
Items Birthdays Daily To-dos

List of All Events

List of Events in May

May Event Calendar

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1 2
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30
May Day begins
Clyde's Birthday
Mint's Birthday
Sylvia's Birthday
Nature Day ends
Deirdre's Birthday
Paolo's Birthday
Tank's Birthday
May Day ends
Ozzie's Birthday
Curlos' Birthday
Bunnie's Birthday
Patty's Birthday
Cherry's Birthday
Ellie's Birthday
Biskit's Birthday
Canberra's Birthday
Leonardo's Birthday
Ike's Birthday
Gayle's Birthday
International Museum Day begins
Pekoe's Birthday
Olaf's Birthday
T-Bone's Birthday
June's Birthday
Colton's Birthday
Peggy's Birthday
Deli's Birthday
Derwin's Birthday
O'Hare's Birthday
Del's Birthday
Renée's Birthday
Purrl's Birthday
Hamlet's Birthday
International Museum Day ends
Marcie's Birthday

Note: In the Southern Hemisphere seasonal events (excluding birthdays) take place in November.

April 23 to May 4: Nature Day

ACNH - Leif Banner.png

Event Duration April 23, 2020 - May 4, 2020

Nature Day ends in a few days. Make sure you do the daily Nature Day activities to stack up on Nook Miles!
Nature Day Event Info and Rewards

May 1 to 7: May Day

May Day Tour.jpg

Event Duration May 1, 2020 - May 7, 2020

May Day! May Day! Grab a ticket and go on a special tour that's different from your usual Mystery Island Tours! It looks like a special character, Rover, is there too.
May Day Event Info and Rewards

May 18 to 31: International Museum Day

Stamp Rally.jpg

Event Duration May 18, 2020 - May 31, 2020

A much-beloved activity in Japan called stamp rallies is making its way to New Horizons! Collect stamps from different parts of the Museum, and you'll get an in-game reward!
International Museum Day Event Info and Rewards

May 16 to 31: Mushrooming Season (Southern Hemisphere)

Mushroom Series header.png

Event Duration May 1, to May 31, 2020

For Northern Hemisphere players, this season will be available on the month of November.

On the last month of Fall, mushrooms will start growing on your island during the Mushrooming Season. Pick them up to craft mushroom items!

Maple leaves will fall around too!

Caught a maple leaf.jpg

Event Duration May 16, to May 31, 2020

Similar to cherry-blossom petals, maple leaves will start to fall on your island which you can catch with a net! Use this as a DIY material for building Maple-Leaf items!

How to Get Maple Leaves Fast

Bugs and Fish Available in May

All Bugs and Fish Available in May

To see the complete list of bugs and fish available in May, check out the following pages.

Northern Hemisphere
May Bugs May Fish
Southern Hemisphere
November Bugs November Fish

New Bugs and Fish Available in May

Check out the critters that have started appearing this May (Northern Hemisphere).

New Bugs Available in May

No. Name Location Months Time of Day
7 Great Purple Emperor ImageGreat Purple Emperor Flying May to August 4 AM to 7 PM
12 Queen AlexandraQueen Alexandra's Birdwing Flying May to September 8 AM to 4 PM
34 Banded Dragonfly ImageBanded Dragonfly Flying May to October 8 AM to 5 PM
38 Pondskater ImagePondskater In ponds May to September 8 AM to 7 PM
39 Diving Beetle ImageDiving Beetle In ponds May to September 8 AM to 7 PM
46 Violin Beetle ImageViolin Beetle On tree stumps May to June|September to November Any time
48 Rosalia Batesi Beetle ImageRosalia Batesi Beetle On tree stumps May to September Any time
80 Scorpion ImageScorpion On the ground May to October 7 PM to 4 AM (Next Day)

New Fish Available in May

Name Shadow Size Area Times Sell Price
15 Frog IconFrog Small ShadowSmall Pond Any time 120
18 Catfish IconCatfish Large ShadowLarge Pond 4 PM to 9 AM (Next Day) 800
35 Nibble Fish IconNibble Fish Small ShadowSmall River 9 AM to 4 PM 1500
36 Angelfish IconAngelfish Small ShadowSmall River 4 PM to 9 AM (Next Day) 3000
37 Betta IconBetta Small ShadowSmall River 9 AM to 4 PM 2500
39 Rainbowfish IconRainbowfish Tiny ShadowTiny River 9 AM to 4 PM 800
68 Giant Trevally IconGiant Trevally Large ShadowLarge Pier Any time 4500
69 Mahi-Mahi IconMahi-Mahi Huge ShadowHuge Pier Any time 6000

Bugs and Fish Leaving in May

These critters will not be available until their next seasonal month so be sure not to miss them!

Bugs Leaving in May

No. Name Location Months Time of Day
37 Mole Cricket ImageMole Cricket Underground November to May Any time

Fish Leaving in May

Name Shadow Size Area Times Sell Price
17 Loach IconLoach Small ShadowSmall River Any time 400
29 Golden Trout IconGolden Trout Medium ShadowMedium Above the Cliff 4 PM to 9 AM (Next Day) 15000

Note: These lists are based on Northern Hemisphere dates. In the Southern Hemisphere, these bugs and fish appear in November. We will continue to update this page. If you can provide any kind of verifiable info about bugs not shown in the list, be sure and send us a picture in the comments.

May Exclusive DIY Recipes

You can get these if you are in the Southern Hemisphere which is currently in the season of Fall.

Note that this event is only in the Southern Hemisphere during May. Northern Hemisphere players will experience this on the month of November.

Mushroom Series

Mushroom Series header (1).png
Once May comes around (for Southern Hemisphere players), it's officially Mushrooming Season. You can pick up different kinds of mushrooms growing around your island which can be used to craft DIY items.

Isabelle will also give you a Mushroom Wreath recipe so you can enjoy the mushrooming season. This marks the beginning of May exclusive DIY items, so make sure to play the game during this time.

List of Mushroom Series Furniture & Item Recipes

Maple-Leaf Series

Maple Series header.jpg
Maple leaves are only available for a short period, so make sure you gather up these limited-time recipes! Maple leaves are also used to craft some of Tree's Bounty items.

As the season of Fall comes to an end, Isabelle will also give you the Red-Leaf Pile recipe, which you can craft using maple leaves.

List of Maple-Leaf Series Furniture & Item Recipes

May Exclusive Items

Buy Thank-you Mom Mug from Nook Shopping

Thank-you Mom mug Nook Shopping
To celebrate this year's Mother's Day, ACNH has a Thank-you Mom mug for sale, in Nook Shopping, until May 31. Show your Mom how much you care! Buy yours for only 600 bells before it's gone!

Young Spring Bamboo Available Until the End of May

Bamboo Grove

Seasonal Material Northern Hemisphere
Young Spring Bamboo IconYoung Spring Bamboo February 25 to May 31

Young Spring Bamboo are available until this month only! Make sure you harvest them to craft Bamboo items!
List of Bamboo Series Furniture & Item Recipes

Get Mushrooms for the Whole Month of May

Note that this event is only in the Southern Hemisphere during May. Northern Hemisphere players will experience this on the month of November.

All Mushroom Materials
Elegant Mushroom IconElegant Mushroom Flat Mushroom IconFlat Mushroom Rare Mushroom IconRare Mushroom
Round Mushroom IconRound Mushroom Skinny Mushroom IconSkinny Mushroom -

You can pick or dig up mushroom around trees during the last month of Fall!

Maple Leaves Available for 10 Days

Maple Leaves header.png

Note that this event is only in the Southern Hemisphere during May. Northern Hemisphere players will experience this on the month of November.

For a short period of 10 days, you'll be able to catch maple leaves that are flying around. Like butterflies, you'll have to use your net to catch them. They can disappear if you miss or bump into them, so you'll want to be careful when aiming for them.

List of Villager Birthdays in May

Clyde Image

(May 1)
Mint Image

(May 2)
Sylvia Image

(May 3)
Deirdre Image

(May 4)
Paolo Image

(May 5)
Tank Image

(May 6)
Ozzie Image

(May 7)
Curlos Image

(May 8)
Bunnie Image

(May 9)
Patty Image

(May 10)
Cherry Image

(May 11)
Ellie Image

(May 12)
Biskit Image

(May 13)
Canberra Image

(May 14)
Leonardo Image

(May 15)
Ike Image

(May 16)
Gayle Image

(May 17)
Pekoe Image

(May 18)
Olaf Image

(May 19)
T-Bone Image

(May 20)
June Image

(May 21)
Colton Image

(May 22)
Peggy Image

(May 23)
Deli Image

(May 24)
Derwin Image

(May 25)

(May 26)
Del Image

(May 27)
Renée Image

(May 28)
Purrl Image

(May 29)
Hamlet Image

(May 30)
Marcie Image

(May 31)

Daily To-Do List


To learn more about activities you could do every day or every week, check out our guide on Things to Do Every Day!
Things to Do Every Day

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2 Tigger5 days

I thought that O'Hare's birthday was in July. He's not having his birthday today on my island, at any rate.

1 jk9 days

For the May birthdays, May 26th is Bruce. (One of my villagers told me so!)

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