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ACNH - How to Plant Trees on Paths

A glitch that allows you to dig on top of paths was discovered in the 1.7.0 Version update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Read on to learn how to recreate this glitch, plant trees on paths, and bury items under the pavement.

Digging on Path Glitch

This glitch has been patched in the March Update (Ver. 1.9.0) and does not work anymore.

Players have discovered a glitch that allows you to plant trees and dig holes on paths. The glitch involves placing a moving kit down and canceling the action to convert a path into grass.

Once complete, players are able to dig holes and plant trees, shrubs, flowers, and weeds on top of paths.

Take note that this is a glitch not intended by the developers and may be taken out in the next update.

How to Recreate the Path Glitch

Steps to Recreate the Path Glitch

What You Need
  • Moving Kit (costs 50,000 Bells)
  • A Path
  • Steps
    1 ACNH - How to Plant Trees on Paths - Create a PathEnlarge
    Create a path where you would like to perform the glitch. You can also use an existing path.
    2 ACNH - How to Plant Trees on Paths - Prepare 50000 BellsEnlarge
    Prepare 50,000 Bells to order the Moving Kit.
    Use our Money Making Guide on how to get Bells fast.
    3 ACNH - How to Plant Trees on Paths - Order Moving KitEnlarge
    Order a Moving Kit from Tom Nook at the Construction Consultation Counter.
    We recommend the Museum Kit for its larger size.
    4 Select the area you would like to use the glitch on.
    ACNH - How to Plant Trees on Paths - Let Me Imagine It...Enlarge
    Select the Moving Kit and choose the “Let me imagine it...” option. Then select “I need to rethink it.
    5 ACNH - How to Plant Trees on Paths - Dig a Hole.pngEnlarge
    You can now plant trees and dig up space the Moving Kit took up!

    Things to Do on Glitched Path

    ACNH - Things to Do on Glitched Path

    You can bury items and plant trees, bamboo, shrubs, flowers, pumpkins, and weeds on the glitched path.

    However, you still cannot plant palm trees on any path besides a sand path and the beach.

    Reverts Back to Normal After Save

    ACNH - How to Plant Trees on Paths - Reverts Back to Normal After Save

    You can't dig holes and plant items on the glitched path after you save.

    Any items you planted while the paths were glitched will remain after saving though!

    Patch Updates


    As of March 2021, this glitch has not been patched.

    Punishment and Repercussions

    The are currently no repercussions to performing this glitch.

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    2 Anonymousabout 1 month

    nooo i was just getting around to trying this glitch :(

    1 Anonymousabout 1 month

    It's been patched unfortunately

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