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Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - How to Catch a Tarantula Easily

The Tarantula is a dangerous bug but also one of the most expensive from Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Learn how to catch the Tarantula and how much they sell for below!

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Tarantula Location, Time, Months, Sell Price

ACNH - Tarantula Location On the Ground
Time 7 PM to 4 AM
Months November to April (NH)
May to October (SH)
Sell Price 8,000 Bells

The tarantula is a dangerous bug that can you when trying to catch it. Although not as rare as beetles, the tarantula can sell for a good 8,000 Bells

List of Stags

When Do Tarantulas Come Out? | Northern and Southern Hemisphere

ACNH - Flick rambles about tarantulas

Northern Hemisphere Southern Hemisphere
November to April May to October

The Tarantula comes out during the winter and spring season: November and April in the Northern Hemisphere, and May to October in the Southern Hemisphere.

You can find it on the ground from 7 PM to 4 AM.

How to Catch a Tarantula

ACNH - A resident with pockets full of tarantulas

Steps Directions
  Equip your Net ACNH - Net
2   Approach the Tarantula carefully until it raises its legs in warning.
3   Stand still
4   Move slowly forward until it stands up again.
5   Repeat until you are close enough to catch it.
6   Swing your net!
Alternative   Search for Infinite Tarantula Island!

1. Equip Your Net

ACNH - Buying an outdoorsy net from Nook

To catch a bug, you'll need to equip your net! Press the X Button to go into your pockets and select your net.

You can also select it from your Tool Ring!

2-5. Approach the Tarantula

ACNH - A resident runs around in Tarantula Island

The Tarantula can get startled if you move too closely too quickly. Hold down the A Button and move the Right Stick to approach it carefully.

Take note that whenever the tarantula’s legs rise up, it’s dangerous to approach it, so only approach it whenever the legs are down. Whenever it raises its legs, its ready to pounce, and whenever its legs are relaxed, its guard is down.

6. Swing Your Net

ACNH - Catching a Tarantula

Once you've inched close enough, release the A Button to swing your net. You'll then be a proud owner of a Tarantula!

Look for Infinite Tarantula Island (Alternative)

Alternatively, you can try look for Infinite Tarantula Island or create your own Infinite Island with Mystery Island Tours!

Check out our guides below to learn how to do it!

ACNH - Infinite Tarantula Island Guide Banner ACNH - Infinite Scorpion Island Guide Banner

Tarantula Museum Info

Dialogue When Caught

I caught a tarantula! The situation just got hairy!

Dialogue When Donated to Blathers

  As giant spiders go, the tarantula is said to be quite docile. But have you ever seen such foul fuzziness?!

 It is a fact, tarantulas have barbed belly hair. I say again...BARBED. BELLY. HAIR!

 These awful arachnids let loose their spiky, itchy hairs to protect themselves from predators.

 But seeing how tarantulas also prey on frogs, mice, and even birds, one must ask...

 Who needs protecting from whom?! Hoo! Who indeed!

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