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This is a list of unchangeable elements of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which cannot be altered after you begin your save game. If you want to get an idea of what type of things are irreversible after starting Animal Crossing, please read on!

List of Unchangeable Features

Unchangeable Features
  • Your character's name
  • Your character's birthday
  • Your hemisphere
  • Location of Resident Services and Airport
  • Airport color
  • Starting fruit
  • Name of island
  • Shape of estuaries and beaches

You Cannot Change Your Name

ACNH - Name Input (Pre-Game).png

You can't change your name once you set it.

You Cannot Change Your Birthday

ACNH - Happy Birthday!.png

You can't change your character's birthday once you set it. Since birthdays are celebrated in-game, you may want to set it to your actual birthday.

You Can Only Choose Your Hemisphere Once

Choosing Hemispheres

One of the first choices you have to make is which hemisphere you will live in. You can't change this later on in the game.

This affects a variety of factors in the game, such as the appearance of seasons and what times of year Bugs and Fish appear in, so choose carefully which hemisphere you want so that you don't regret it later!

Which Hemisphere Should You Choose?

You Cannot Move Resident Services

ACNH - Resident Services Closed.png

Resident Services is the facility where you can sell items at the beginning of the game, and also where you pay back your loan to Tom Nook.

Although you can move placed facilities, such as the Museum and Nook's Cranny, you can't change the Resident Services' location from its initial position.

When you choose an Island at the start of the game, the choices will show the location of Resident Services as well, so make sure to choose an island with a good placement.

How to Choose the Best Island Layout

You Cannot Change the Airport's Position and Color

Airport Welcome.png

The airport's location is permanently fixed at the start of the game, but there are variations where it's placed depending on the island's shape.

Make sure to check the map when choosing the island's shape as the position where the airport is placed is visible at the start of the game.

In addition, the Airport's color is randomly determined from the following options.

Possible Airport Colors
Green Orange Blue Yellow

If you'd like your airport to match your island's ideal colore scheme, it's worth restarting your game to get your favorite color for the airport.

Your Starting Fruit

ACNH - Cherries?.png

Your island's starting fruit naturally growing on your island is another unchangeable feature and there's no option that lets you change it at the start of the game.

Since non-native fruit sells for a higher price, we recommend getting different fruits from your friends. That way, you can visit and trade fruit with each other, and sell your native fruits at each other's island for a higher selling price!

How to Get All Fruits

You Cannot Change Your Island's Name

ACNH - Island Names.png

You can't change the name of your island once you set it during the introductory part of the game. Make sure to choose something that you and your friends will find funny, line one of our side-splitting puns!

Our Favorite Island Names

You Cannot Change River Mouths and Beach Shapes

Although you can eventually change the shape of your island's rivers and cliffs, you can't change the position of the river mouths and beaches.

Make sure you choose your ideal layout when choosing an island at the start of the game!

List of Changeable Features

Changeable Features
  • Location of house and created facilities
  • Face and hairstyle
  • Island's shape and geography

Houses and Facilities

ACNH - Where to Put Tent.png

Although it will cost a sizeable chunk of cash, it's possible to change the locations of any building which you previously placed.

This includes both yours and other Villagers' houses, as well as all Facilities other than Resident Services and the Airport.

What You Can Do After Upgrading Resident Services

Costs to Move Houses and Facilities

Building Type Cost to Move
Your House 30,000 Bells
Facility or Villager's House 50,000 Bells

Your Face and Hairstyle Can Be Changed with the Right Item

ACNH - Character Customization.png

For the first time in any game in the series, New Horizons allows you to use a Dresser Item to change your character's face freely, even after the game has started.

Since you can customize your character as you go, feel free to mess around with your face and find the one you like best!

How to Change Your Face and Hair

You Can Change Your Island's Shape

ACNH - Island Designer Menu.png

Through a new feature called Island Designer, you can make paths as you please and even build new rivers or cliffs.

However, this feature is unlocked very late in the game, meaning that you shouldn't count on reshaping your island right away.

How to Use the Island Designer App

List of Unchangeable Features in Past Titles

Unchangeable Features in Past Titles
  • Shape of grass

All Grass is Triangular

Grass Path.jpg
Grass paths are always triangular!

In previous games in the series, the grass had a triangular or circular pattern depending on the island, which was set permanently at the start of the game and could not be reversed without restarting the save file.

In New Horizons, however, the grass on all islands in triangular. There's no reason to try resetting your game to get a different grass pattern.

Piles of Snow Change Grass Shape to Round

When enough snow has covered the grass, you will see the grass as patterns of round shapes on the snow.

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