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This page lists all DIY recipes found in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for the Nintendo Switch. To learn how to obtain DIY recipes, as well as the required materials for each recipe, read on!

List of DIY Recipes

DIY Recipe Categories
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DIY ToolsTools DIY HousewaresHousewares DIY MiscellaneousMiscellaneous DIY Wall-mountedWall-mounted
DIY Wallpapers - Floors - RugsWalls/Floors & Rugs DIY FencesFences DIY AccessoriesAccessories DIY OtherOther


Tools DIY Recipes
Tools are needed to gather materials, like Axes and Shovels, or to catch Fish and Bugs, like Nets and Fishing rods.

However, the wands that lets you change clothes on the go are also tools, so be sure to check the full list so you always have the right tool for the job!

List of DIY Tool Recipes


Housewares DIY Recipes
All the big Furniture belong in this category. If you're looking for Beds, Tables and Chairs, this is the place to look!

List of DIY Houseware Recipes


Miscellaneous DIY Recipes
These small Items and Decorations gives your rooms and designs the final touch.

List of Miscellaneous DIY Recipes


Wall-Mounted DIY Recipes
Want to decorate those bare walls of yours? Or maybe put a welcome sign on your door? Look no further than the list below!

List of DIY Wall-mounted Recipes

Wallpaper, Floors and Rugs

Wallpapers Floors & Rugs DIY Recipes
Saharah's not the only source of wallpaper, flooring and rugs (though she would probably prefer if you made all purchases through her).

A lot of seasonal wallpaper and flooring can only be made through DIY, so check the list below and don't miss out.

List of DIY Wallpaper, Flooring, and Rug Recipes


Fences DIY Recipes
Aside from Event recipes, all Fence recipes are bought for 1,000 Nook Miles at the Nook Stop.

2 random Fences are sold daily, so make sure to check until you have all of them!

List of DIY Fence Recipes


Accessories DIY Recipes

It's not only your island you can decorate with DIY, you can make some sweet threads for yourself too!

List of DIY Accessory Recipes


Other DIY Recipes

Medicine for Bee Stings, Fishing Bait and various instruments can be found here.

If you're the sneaky sort, this is also where you get your Pitfall Seeds for traps.

List of Other DIY Recipes

Time-Limited Recipes

Some recipes and crafting materials are only available for a limited perioed, so be sure to check out the following events so you don't miss out on these awesome DIY items!

Event-Exclusive DIY Recipes

Time-Limited Series
Bunny Day header.pngBunny Day Series Zodiac Furniture 2.pngZodiac Series
ACNH - Hedge Fences (1).pngNature Day - Hedge Recipe -

Seasonal DIY Recipes

Bamboo SeriesBamboo Series Cherry-Blossom SeriesCherry-Blossom Series
Shell SeriesShell Series TreeTree's Bounty Series
Maple Series header.pngMaple-Leaf Series Mushroom SeriesMushroom Series
Frozen Series header.pngIce (Frozen) Series Snowflake Series header.pngSnowflake Series
Festive Series banner.pngFestive Series -

What Are DIY Recipes?

Crafting DIY Items Header.png
In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you will need to get your hands on several recipes in order to build furniture and tools. Since all tools can break in this game, getting access to better tool recipes is an integral part of the game.

Once you have collected a DIY recipe, as well as the reqiured materials, you can visit the DIY Workbench at Resident Services to build all kinds of things.

How to Build DIY Items

How to Get DIY Crafting Recipes

Methods of Finding Recipes

  • Buy recipes at Nook's Cranny
  • Purchase recipes with Nook Miles
  • Learn recipes from picking up materials
  • Receive recipes from villagers
  • Find recipes in message bottles
  • Get recipes from balloon presents
  • Recive seasonal DIY recipes from Isabelle

Buy Recipes at Nook's Cranny

Buy DIY Recipes at the Shop
There are recipe packs that you can purchase from Nook's Cranny, such as the Wildest Dreams DIY which includes the Ironwood Kitchnette, and more cool items. However, there are only a few recipes available this way so you'll need to find most recipes elsewhere.

Purchase Recipes with Nook Miles

Redeem Nook Miles.png
By redeeming your Nook Miles at the Nook Stop found in Resident Services, you can purchase recipes, and recipe packs like the Pretty Good Tools Recipes. Nook Miles takes a lot of time to save up, so you can bet that these will be some very special recipes!

What Should You Spend Nook Miles on First?

Learn Recipes from Picking Up Materials

Learn from an Item
Sometimes when you collect an item that you've never picked up before, you'll come up with an idea for a DIY recipe. Pick up whatever you come across, yes, even trash, to get as many recipes as possible!

Receive Recipes from Villagers

Learn DIY from Villagers
You can find villagers crafting on their workbench, and you can get the recipe on the item they're working on when you talk to them. This happens at least twice a day, so visit your neighbors!

Look out for smoke coming from the house chimneys to see who's at home, chances are high that at least one of the villagers indoors will be doing DIY.

You can also learn from villagers on other islands

If one of your villagers is teaching a rare recipe, like the Golden or Bamboo series, it might be a chance to earn some tips! You can visit other players and learn DIY from their hardworking villagers too, so invite people over or check for people sharing DIY recipes on the Recipe Trading board.

Recipe and Fruit Trading Board

Find Recipes in Message Bottles

Message bottle.jpg
Twice every day, one of these will pop up on the beach. Pick them up and read them, and you will then be able to build that item whenever you want! You can also find message bottles on Mystery Island Tours.

Get Recipes from Balloon Presents

Balloon Present.jpg
You can usually find DIY recipes from red balloons that you can find floating in the sky. Always have a slingshot ready to shoot down balloons!
How to Get Presents from Balloons | Spawn Rates

Receive Seasonal DIY Recipes from Isabelle

Receive mushroom wreath recipe from Isabelle.jpg
When a new season is coming up, such as Spring or Fall, during the daily island-wide broadcast, Isabelle (or Tom Nook), will give you one DIY recipe for exclusive for that season.

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DIY Item Series

DIY Series
Fruit SeriesFruit Series Trash items header.pngTrash Series
Space items header.pngSpace (Celeste) Series Mermaid series header.pngMermaid Series
Time-Limited Series
Bunny Day header.pngBunny Day Series Zodiac Furniture header.pngZodiac Series
Seasonal DIY Series
Bamboo SeriesBamboo Series Cherry-Blossom SeriesCherry-Blossom Series
Shell SeriesShell Series TreeTree's Bounty Series
Maple Series header.pngMaple-Leaf Series Mushroom SeriesMushroom Series
Frozen Series header.pngIce (Frozen) Series Snowflake Series header.pngSnowflake Series
Festive Series banner.pngFestive Series -

List of Seasonal DIY Furniture & Item Recipes


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