ACNH - Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 100% Checklist

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - ACNH 100% Checklist

A complete list of what to do after clearing the main part of Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Unsure of what to do after hosting K.K. Slider's concert? Check our guide on other activities that await you. Definitely a must-read for anyone aiming to 100% clear the game!

End-Game Collections to Complete

For this guide, we consider the first K.K. Slider show to be the end of the main game and story. After this, you unlock Island Designer and Tom Nook has no more tasks for you.

K.K. Slider Songs Golden Tools Fish Critterpedia
Bug Critterpedia Fossils Works of Art
Deep Sea Creature Critterpedia Furniture and DIY Recipes -

Collect All K.K. Slider Songs

ACNH - K.K. Slider performs at the plaza in front of Resident Services

Now that you've unlocked the famous musician, why don't you go collect all his songs? Check out the list here, including secret songs that are only available by request.

List of All K.K. Slider Songs

Get All Golden Tools

ACNH - Golden Tools
After clearing the game, we recommend starting by collecting all the Golden Tools. In New Horizons, all the Golden Tools are made with DIY, so why not craft your friends some shiny tools once you have the recipes?

How to Get All Golden Tools

Complete the Fish Critterpedia

ACNH - Fish Critterpedia - A resident casts out a fishing line to catch some fish
In this game there are 80 different fish and some are very rare or have special conditions, so catching them all is going to take a quite the effort.

Here on Game8 you can, of course, find a complete list of all fish, as well as fish listed by month, so check out the link below if you want to complete your fish collection!

Complete List of Fish

Complete the Bug Critterpedia

ACNH - Bug Critterpedia - A resident tries to capture a bug with a net
Just like Fish, completing the Bug collection is one of the oldest traditions of the series. There are 80 bugs, and catching all of them will take as much effort and know-how as catching all the fish!

See our complete list below, as well as lists of Bugs available every month.

Complete List of Bugs

Find and Donate All Fossils

ACNH - A screenshot of Nintendo Direct showing the Museum

The amount of fossils that appear on your island every day is limited, so make sure to find them all every day and complete the Fossil collection at the museum.

Complete Fossil List | How to Find Fossils

Collect All the Works of Art

ACNH - A resident starts to donate to the Museum
Collect works of art to donate to the Museum! Check the secret beach for Jolly Redd's Treasure Trawaler to buy paintings, statues, and sculptures!

This feature is unlocked in the V1.2 update.

Redd Art Guide | Complete List of Fake Art and Real Art

Complete the Deep Sea Creature Critterpedia

ACNH - Deep Sea Creature Critterpedia - A resident catches a mussel

Dive into the waters and catch deep sea creatures! When you donate them to the Museum, they will be displayed in the Fish exhibit along with your other donations.

Grab your Wet Suits and let's dive right in!

This feature is unlocked in the V1.3 update.

List of Deep Sea Creatures

Collect Furniture and DIY Recipes

ACNH - A resident is posing in a feng shui decorated room

Collecting Furniture to decorate your rooms is one way to play the game. Since DIY was added in New Horizons, collecting recipes from Message Bottles, Villagers or Balloons every day is also very important!

There's also a lot of Furniture sold at Nook's Cranny, so both time and effort are necessary if you wish to collect all Furniture.

List of DIY Crafting Recipes

Improve Your Deserted Island Life

Ways to Improve Your Island Lifestyle
Upgrade Nook's Cranny Pay off your loan Raise Island Rating Aim for HHA top scores

Upgrade Nook's Cranny

ACNH - Residents celebrate the opening of Nook

If Nook's Cranny is upgraded, the amount of items sold increase by a lot, making it a lot more useful. For information on how to upgrade Nook's Cranny, read our guide below!

How to Upgrade Nook's Cranny

Pay Off Loans and Expand Your House

ACNH - Tom Nook informs the resident of their total debt

Expand your house (and storage!) to the maximum size by paying off all your loans. In total, you need 5,696,000 Bells to pay off everything.

We recommend making money and paying off your loans bit by bit every day.

How to Pay Off Loans | House Upgrades

Raise Your Island Image to 5 Stars

ACNH - 5 Star Island

The highest evaluation you can get for your island is 5 stars. Obtain the Golden Watering Can once you reach that rating.

Place furniture and improve infrastructure with bridges and inclines to, as Isabelle puts it, decorate the island from head to toes!

This challenge is easily one of the harder on the list, and could be considered the True Ending of the game!

How to Raise Your Island Star Rating

Aim for the Happy Home Academy Top Score

ACNH - A resident receives an S-rating from Happy Home Academy

No Golden tool awaits you, but once you're done decorating your island, it's time to shine up your interiors too!

To get higher scores, use furniture and items from the same Series, use Seasonal sets and your limitless imagination.

And if you find you're struggling with the latter, you can always get inspiration from others over at the House Design Share Board.

How to Raise Your HHA Rank

Become the Ultimate Designer

Master Craftmanships
Pro Custom Designer Island Tune Maestro Hybrid Flower Master Pro Island Designer

Become a Pro Custom Designer

ACNH - Creating Custom Designs

Using the Custom Design app, make the perfect designs and patterns for clothes, items, walls and floors. Why not take it a step further and make your own brand?

Share your designs with other players, so put it out there if you make something you feel like showing off!

How to Share Custom Designs Online

Become an Island Tune Maestro

ACNH - Talking to Isabelle in Resident Services

Change the tune that plays every hour or when you talk to villagers into something completely your own.

There's a lot of things you can try, like making tunes for each season or basing it on your favorite songs, so give changing the Island Tune a shot!

We at Game8 don't have much talent for making melodies, but we have prepared a board for everyone to share theirs, so click below for some musical inspiration.

Island Tune Share Board

Become a Master Hybrid Flower Gardener

ACNH - A resident sits in a field of flowers

If you plant your flowers in a certain way and take good care of them, hybrid flowers with rare colors will grow.

Among them are wonders like the Gold Roses and Black Tulips, but there are many flowers sure to brighten up your island and stand out!

It also helps on your Island evaluation, so why not boost your scenery with some hybrid flower power!

How to Make Hybrid Flowers

Become a Pro Island Designer

Nintendo Direct - Waterfall

Change the layout of your island with the Island Designer app. Of course, some things are unchangeable, but aside from those few locked facilities and locations, nothing stands in your way of becoming a terraforming master of epic dimensions.

Make your Island something truly unique, recreate spots from your favorite games or set up things for maximum profit, just turn on the app and get building!

How to Use the Island Designer App

Other End-Game Activities

Other End-Game Goals
Play All Events Clear Nook Mileage Challenges

Play New Events

ACNH - Celeste greets a resident

There are character events such as Celeste's Shooting Stars events, or helping Gulliver and Wisp. These events often reward you with furniture and DIY recipes that you can only get this way, meaning you'll want to keep an eye out for visiting special characters.

Not to mention all the seasonal and time-limited events! Let's participate in as many events as possible.

List of Events

Clear All Nook Mileage Challenges

ACNH - A screenshot of Nintendo Direct showing a sample activity card from the Nook Mileage Program

The Nook Mileage programme will reward you with Nook Miles for doing various tasks on your island, which can then be used for unique rewards or Mystery Island Tours.

Many of the activities will requre a lot of time and effort, and will be a great challenge for anyone looking to 100% clear the game.
Nook Mileage Program Activities & Rewards List

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