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Learn how to find fossils with our guide to all 73 fossils in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). You can find a fossil list with pictures and how to find them each of them!

Complete List of Fossils

Name Image Sell Price Set
Acanthostega 2000 Standalone
Amber 1200 Standalone
Ammonite 1100 Standalone
Ankylo Skull 3500 Ankylo
Ankylo Tail 2500 Ankylo
Ankylo Torso 3000 Ankylo
Anomalocaris 2000 Standalone
Archaeopteryx 1300 Standalone
Archelon Skull 4000 Archelon
Archelon Tail 3500 Archelon
Australopith 1100 Standalone
Brachio Chest 5500 Brachio
Brachio Pelvis 5000 Brachio
Brachio Skull 6000 Brachio
Brachio Tail 5500 Brachio
Coprolite 1100 Standalone
Deinony Tail 2500 Deinony
Deinony Torso 3000 Deinony
Dimetrodon Skull 5500 Dimetrodon
Dimetrodon Torso 5000 Dimetrodon
Dinosaur Track 1000 Standalone
Diplo Chest 4000 Diplo
Diplo Neck 4500 Diplo
Diplo Pelvis 4000 Diplo
Diplo Skull 5000 Diplo
Diplo Tail 4500 Diplo
Diplo Tail Tip 4000 Diplo
Dunkleosteus 3500 Standalone
Eusthenopteron 2000 Standalone
Iguanodon Skull 4000 Iguanodon
Iguanodon Tail 3000 Iguanodon
Iguanodon Torso 3500 Iguanodon
Juramaia 1500 Standalone
Left Megalo Side 4000 Megalo
Left Ptera Wing 4500 Ptera
Left Quetzal Wing 5000 Quetzal
Mammoth Skull 3000 Mammoth
Mammoth Torso 2500 Mammoth
Megacero Skull 4500 Megacero
Megacero Tail 3000 Megacerops
Megacero Torso 3500 Megacerops
Myllokunmingia 1500 Standalone
Ophthalmo Skull 2500 Ophthalmo
Ophthalmo Torso 2000 Ophthalmo
Pachy Skull 4000 Pachy
Pachy Tail 3000 Pachy
Parasaur Skull 3500 Parasaur
Parasaur Tail 2500 Parasaur
Parasaur Torso 3000 Parasaur
Plesio Skull 4000 Plesio
Plesio Tail 4500 Plesio
Plesio Torso 4500 Plesio
Ptera Body 4000 Ptera
Quetzal Torso 4500 Quetzal
Right Megalo Side 5500 Megalo
Right Ptera Wing 4500 Ptera
Right Quetzal Wing 5000 Quetzal
Sabertooth Skull 2500 Sabertooth
Sabertooth Tail 2000 Sabertooth
Shark-Tooth Pattern 1000 Standalone
Spino Skull 4000 Spino
Spino Tail 2500 Spino
Spino Torso 3000 Spino
Stego Skull 5000 Stego
Stego Tail 4000 Stego
Stego Torso 4500 Stego
T. Rex Skull 6000 T. Rex
T. Rex Tail 5000 T. Rex
T. Rex Torso 5500 T. Rex
Tricera Skull 5500 Tricera
Tricera Tail 4500 Triceratops
Tricera Torso 5000 Triceratops
Trilobite 1300 Standalone

How to Find Fossils

1  Dig up star-shaped holes on your island.
2  Visit Mystery Islands.
3  Trade with Game8 users!

1. Dig Up Star-Shaped Holes

Star Shaped Hole
Have you noticed the star-shaped holes on your island? Chances are a fossil is hiding under there! Use ou shovel to unearth some ancient relics!

You can have up to five holes on your island in a day, so get to digging!

List of Shovels

2. Visit Mystery Islands

ACNH - Fossils on Mystery Islands
You can also find buried fossils inside holes on Mystery Islands! However, not all Mystery Islands will have fossils on them.

3. Trade with Game8 users!

ACNH - Online Play

If you're hunting down a specific fossil, you can try out our Game8 community trading board. You can also use the board to trade for other items like recipes, fruits, furniture, and more!

Game8 Trading Board

How to Use Fossils

1  Ask Blathers to assess fossils.
3  Donate them to the museum.
4  Decorate your island!

1. Ask Blathers to Assess Fossils

Blathers at the Museum
To find out which fossils you collected, you'll need to have Blathers assess your fossil. Chat with him at the museum to find out what you've unearthed

How to Unlock the Museum

2. Donate Fossils to the Museum

Blathers assesses a Fossil
Once the fossil has been identified, you can either choose to donate it, sell it or take it back with you.

We recommend donating the first of every fossil to the Museum, but they do fetch a nice amount of money, so if you're lacking Bells it might be okay to sell them instead.

3. Decorate Your Island

ACNH - T. Rex Full Fossil

Assessed fossils can also be placed as furniture on your island and at home! Give your island a prehistoric look with the many fossils you find.

You can also use an unassesed fossil for the Fossil Doorplate Recipe and Required Materials.

What Happens When You Get All Fossils

ACNH - Blathers Thought Bubble

Once you donate all fossils to the museum, Blathers will congratulate you with the Framed Fossil Poster! He'll also offer you to buy more pieces of the poster.

You'll also get to enjoy the complete exhibit with all the fossils you scavenged. The fossil exhibit is down the stairs to the north of the museum entrance.

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