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ACNH - How to Unlock the School
Build the first facility in the Happy Home Paradise DLC Pack for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) using your skills as a designer!

Read on to learn how to unlock the School, what you can do with it, and more with our guide below!

How to Unlock the School

ACNH - Interior of the School

1  Obtain the “Promising Designer” job title.
2  Talk to Lottie and work on the school.
3  Build the school.

1. Obtain the “Promising Designer” job title

ACNH - The resident celebrates their promotion

Continue progressing through the story until you reach the rank of Promising Designer. To reach this rank, work on six villager requests.

Beginners’ Guide to Happy Home Paradise DLC

2. Talk to Lottie and work on the school

ACNH - Lottie talks about decorating the school

After obtaining the Promising Designer job title, talk to Lottie to work on the island's school.

3. Build the School

ACNH - Build the School
Once you are inside the school, you are required to place the following furniture to complete the facility:

Required Furniture
Teacher's Desk x1 Desk x2 Chair x4

Lottie will also teach you how to adjust room sizes. Use this trick to create your own school of dreams!

After placing all the required furniture in the School, talk to Lottie to finish designing the facility.

How to Adjust Room Sizes

Take the celebratory photo

ACNH - Take a celebratory photo

After completing the school, you will take a photo of the Paradise Planning team and the facility member! Press the ZR button to have everyone pose and then press the Plus (+) button to take the photo!

What You Can Do

Obtain Plumeria Starts

You can request Plumeria Starts from the teacher inside the school. The starts you obtain are random and can only be obtained once per day.

Remodel the School

ACNH - Let

If you want to change the exterior and interior of the school once it's built, talk to Lottie inside the Paradise Planning office and choose "Let's talk about facilities".

Remodeling the school gives you Poki for your hard work!

How to Get Poki

Invite the Facility Member for a Dance

ACNH - DJ KK Dance Event
If DJ KK is present on the island, you can talk to the teacher to invite them for a dance! Doing this allows you to view all the photos of the vacation homes you made.

Happy Home Paradise DLC Story Walkthrough

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