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ACNH - Infinite Scorpion Island

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), there is a Mystery Island that respawns Infinite Scorpions. You can also transform your own island into a Scorpions Island.

To learn how, as well as other tips and tricks on catching scorpions, make sure to read this guide!

When Do Scorpions Show Up

Sell Price 8,000 Bells
Type Dangerous
Rarity ★★★☆☆

The Scorpion is a uncommon bug and sells for 8,000 Bells.

Scorpion Times

Location On the ground
Time May to October
North Hemisphere
7 PM to 4 AM
November to April
South Hemisphere
7 PM to 4 AM

You can find the Scorpion on the ground from 7 PM to 4 AM.

Find it from May to October on the Northern Hemisphere, or from November to April on the Southern Hemisphere.

Scorpion Months

Northern Hemisphere
Southern Hemisphere
Northern Hemisphere Calendar
January July ACNH - Scorpion
February August ACNH - Scorpion
March September ACNH - Scorpion
April October ACNH - Scorpion
May ACNH - Scorpion November
June ACNH - Scorpion December
Southern Hemisphere Calendar
January ACNH - Scorpion July
February ACNH - Scorpion August
March ACNH - Scorpion September
April ACNH - Scorpion October
May November ACNH - Scorpion
June December ACNH - Scorpion

Only Appears at Night

Scorpions only appear late at night. If you want to catch this critter, you'll either need to wait until 7 PM, or set your clock forward a few hours.

Time Traveling Guide

Why Go to Scorpion Island?

ACNH - Timmy offers to buy items for 27,650 Bells

Scorpions are Easy Money

Scorpions are one of the highest-selling bugs. If you need cash to pay your house loan, getting to Scorpions Island is a great way to earn lots of Bells!

With a selling price of 8,000 Bells at Nook's Cranny, catching Scorpions is a high-risk, high-reward activity.

Respawn on the Mystery Island

The biggest benefit to hunting Scorpions on a Mystery Island is that you wake up on the same island if you get stung and pass out.

They will also spawn at a higher rate than on your own island, allowing you to quickly get back to hunting!

Money Making Guide

How to Get to Infinite Scorpion Island

There are two ways to get to a Scorpion Island:

Find the Scorpion Mystery Island

ACNH - Orville confirms with the resident that they want to travel with a Nook Miles Ticket
There is a variety of island types you can land on in a Mystery Island Tour, and one of them spawns infinite Scorpions at a high rate!

To learn more about other types of islands, check out our Mystery Island Tours guide.

Nook Miles Ticket is Required

To fly to a mystery island, you need to redeem 2,000 Nook Miles or trade online for a Nook Miles Ticket.

How to Get Nook Miles Fast

Create Your Own Scorpion Island

ACNH - A resident clears out land for scorpions to spawn in

No luck getting to the Infinite Scorpion Island? Just create your own! Read the next section to learn how.

How to Create Your Own Infinite Scorpion Island

Guide to Make a Scorpion Island

1 Pick all the flowers and weeds by pressing the Y button.
2 Chop down all the trees with an axe and pull up the stumps with a shovel.
3 Eat fruits to break all the rocks with a shovel or axe.
4 Wait for the Scorpions to spawn.

Rain might be a big factor

ACNH - A resident stands with an umbrella in the middle of a field of flowers while it

Unlike other bugs, rain does not deter Scorpions from spawning so once you find an raining mystery island, your best bet would be to stay on it!

Bamboo Islands have better chances

ACNH - A resident idles in Bamboo Island
Bamboo Islands reduce the spawn chances of any bugs found on water becuase these island have no rivers or ponds. This will leave less options for the game to spawn bugs other than the coveted Scorpion.

Scorpions Less Likely to Spawn

Players have noticed these islands spawn Tarantulas and Scorpion slower and less frequently in the past months. Instead, other bugs such as the Giant Water Bug, spawn more instead of their target bug.

We speculate that Nintendo patched in an update that decreased the spawn rates of rarer bugs and increased more common ones.

ACNH News and Updates

Tips for Making a Scorpion Island

  • Make sure that Scorpions are in season. Check our chart above to learn more.
  • Check the time—Scorpions only appear at night.
  • Prepare extra tools. You're going to be doing a lot of chopping and digging!

List of Tools

Scorpion Island Tips and Tricks

Maximize Pocket Space

ACNH - Pocket Organizer

After upgrading your pocket space, you should be able to carry 40 items. Upgrade your pocket space first before you go scorpion-hunting!

How to Increase Inventory Space

Sell the Scorpions to Flick

ACNH - A resident tries to sell a bug to Flick
If you're planning to sell your Scorpions, save them for when Flick visits your town! Flick will buy any insect at double the value than what it sells for at Nook's Cranny.

Nook's Cranny 8,000 Bells
Flick 16,000 Bells

Wait for the Bug-Off

If you can't find Flick on regular days, wait for the next Bug-Off to sell him your Scorpions. Be sure to check you island's Bulletin Board to the left of Resident Services to know when the next Bug-Off will be!

How to Find Flick

Don't Worry About Getting Bitten

ACNH - A resident wakes up at the Mystery Island

You will respawn back to the island port

After getting bitten by a Scorpion, you will faint and the screen blacks out. However, you will wake up at the island port, and you can continue your bug catching.

Strategies for Catching Scorpions

Dig Holes For Safety

ACNH  - A resident digs up a hole for safety

Dig a perimeter of holes that you can jump into for safety. Scorpions will not be able to jump over them, so you're safe.

Catch scorpions from across a hole

While in your safe space, catch a scorpion chasing you by using your net to catch the critter. It won't reach across the hole!

Clear Out the Land

ACNH - A resident clears out land to transform their island into Scorpion Island

Get rid of all the weeds, flowers, and rocks for better visibility and to avoid surprise attacks. Drop the items cluttering up your inventory on the beach!

How to Catch a Scorpions Easily

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