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See all the things to do in December in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), for the Nintendo Switch. These include all December events, bugs, fish & sea creatures that are coming and leaving in December, December-exclusive recipes & items, and all December birthdays!

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List of All Events

List of Events in December

December Event Calendar

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
27 28 29 30 31
Sprocket's Birthday
Rooney's Birthday
Annalise's Birthday
Claude's Birthday
Robin's Birthday
Hans' Birthday
Carrie's Birthday
Kyle's Birthday
Buzz's Birthday
Monty's Birthday
Eloise's Birthday
Becky's Birthday
Tom's Birthday
Sterling's Birthday
Lucha's Birthday
Bianca's Birthday
Freya's Birthday
Chadder's Birthday
Gabi's Birthday
Cousteau's Birthday
Fang's Birthday
Bug-Off (Southern Hemisphere)
Chief's Birthday
Rudy's Birthday
Winter Solstice
Blanche's Birthday
Quillson's Birthday
Ken's Birthday
Christmas Eve
Ruby's Birthday
Pashmina's Birthday
Goldie's Birthday
Bella's Birthday
Vic's Birthday
Murphy's Birthday
Hugh's Birthday
Marcel's Birthday

Note: In the Southern Hemisphere seasonal events (excluding birthdays) take place in June.

December 11 to February 24: Make Snowboys

4 Put 2 snowballs together.jpg
Snowboy reappears in New Horizons to reward the player some neat recipes! Find the small snowballs in your island try to create the perfect Snowboy!
How to Make Snowboys

December 19: Flick's Bug-Off Event (Southern Hemisphere)


Bug-Off Date September 26
4th Saturday of September

On Saturday, December 19, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Flick will hold another Bug-off event. You can participate by talking to Flick, in front of Resident Services. Catch as many bugs as you can within 3 minutes!

Northern Hemisphere residents may visit players in the Southern Hemisphere to participate in this event.

Learn more about Flick's Bug-Off and the list of prizes you can get through our guide below!

Bug-Off Rules and Prizes

December 21: Winter Solstice

Event Duration December 21

Although not a proper event, the Winter Solstice has the shortest day of the year. Northern Hemisphere players will notice that the sun will set earlier than usual, and you'll also have a chance to see the Aurora Borealis in the sky.

December 24: Christmas Eve (Toy Day)

As of ver 1.6.0, new events are time locked. You cannot time travel to access these events before the specified event date. You can time travel back once these events are unlocked.

Jingle Toy Day.png

Event Date December 24

Toy Day is the month's main event and is held every 24th of December. Jingle, the Black-Nosed Reindeer, will appear on your island and ask you to help spread holiday cheer by delivering presents to your villagers!

Toy Day Event Guide

December 25: Receive Jingle's Photograph

ACNH - Jingle Photo.jpg

Event Date December 25

If you hung Toy Day Stockings inside your home on the previous day, you will receive Jingle's Photograph! Just inspect your stockings to receive your lovely gift from Santa!

December 26 to 31: Buy New Year's Eve Items

ACNH - New Year Items.jpg
Raise a glass as we welcome the upcoming New Year with some new items! These festive treats are available at Nook Shopping from December 26 to 31.

These are limited seasonal items, so order yours as soon as you can!

List of Nook Shopping Seasonal Items

December 31: Countdown

Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) New Year

Event Duration December 31 - January 1

Countdown is the first part of the New Year's event. Resident Services will be closed the whole day. Instead, an electronic billboard will appear in the plaza which will count down to the New Year.

Isabelle and Tom Nook will camp out on the plaza and will give you a light stick item and a bag of party poppers respectively. Additionally, Tom Nook will be selling Countdown-related gifts all day.

Once the day comes to an end, your villagers will all gather on the plaza to watch the fireworks at midnight and celebrate the New Year.
Countdown Event Info and Rewards

Bugs and Fish Available in December

All Bugs and Fish Available in December

To see the complete list of bugs and fish available in December, check out the following pages.

Northern Hemisphere
December Bugs December Fish
Southern Hemisphere
June Bugs June Fish

New Bugs and Fish Available in December

Check out the critters that have started appearing this December (Northern Hemisphere).

New Bugs Available in December

No. Name Location Sell Price Months and Time
9 Emperor Butterfly ImageEmperor Butterfly Flying 4000 Season:
December to March|June to September
5 PM to 8 AM
11 Rajah BrookeRajah Brooke's Birdwing Flying 2500 Season:
December to February | April to September
8 AM to 5 PM
50 Dung Beetle ImageDung Beetle Near snowballs 3000 Season:
December to February
Any time

New Fish Available in December

Northern Hemisphere
There are no new fish for Northern Hemisphere in December.

Bugs and Fish Leaving in December

These critters will not be available until their next seasonal month so be sure not to miss them!

Bugs Leaving in December

Northern Hemisphere
No bugs are leaving the Northern Hemisphere in December.

Fish Leaving in December

Name Shadow Size Area Times Sell Price
24 Pike IconPike Large ShadowLarge River Any time 1800

Note: These lists are based on Northern Hemisphere dates. In the Southern Hemisphere, these bugs and fish appear in June. We will continue to update this page. If you can provide any kind of verifiable info about bugs not shown in the list, be sure and send us a picture in the comments.

Sea Creatures Available in December

All Sea Creatures Available in December

To see the complete list of sea creatures available in December, check out the following pages.

Northern Hemisphere Southern Hemisphere
December Sea Creatures June Sea Creatures

New Sea Creatures Available in December

Check out the sea creatures that have started appearing this December (Northern Hemisphere).

Northern Hemisphere
There are no new sea creatures for Northern Hemisphere in December.

Sea Creatures Leaving in December

These sea creatures will not be available until their next seasonal month so be sure not to miss them!

Name Shadow Size Time of Day Sell Price
5 Sea Star ImageSea Star Medium Shadow SizeMedium Anytime 500
8 Sea Anemone ImageSea Anemone Large Shadow SizeLarge Anytime 500
10 Sea Slug ImageSea Slug Small Shadow SizeSmall Anytime 600
11 Pearl Oyster ImagePearl Oyster Medium Shadow SizeMedium Anytime 2800
12 Mussel ImageMussel Medium Shadow SizeMedium Anytime 1500
14 Scallop ImageScallop Large Shadow SizeLarge Anytime 1200
15 Whelk ImageWhelk Medium Shadow SizeMedium Anytime 1000
20 Octopus ImageOctopus Large Shadow SizeLarge Anytime 1200
28 Acorn Barnacle ImageAcorn Barnacle Small Shadow SizeSmall Anytime 600
32 Mantis Shrimp ImageMantis Shrimp Medium Shadow SizeMedium 4 PM to 9 AM 2500
33 Spiny Lobster ImageSpiny Lobster Large Shadow SizeLarge 9 PM to 4 AM 3000

December Exclusive DIY Recipes

Tree's Bounty Little Tree DIY Recipe

Receive Tree

Recipe Availability September 1 - December 10
(Northern Hemisphere)
March 1 - June 10
(Southern Hemisphere)

December 10 will be the last day to receive the Tree's Bounty Little Tree DIY recipe from Tom Nook. You can only get this item once, from September 1 to December 10 in the Northern Hemisphere (March 1 to June 10 in the Southern Hemisphere), so don't miss it! Collect all the Tree's Bounty-themed DIY recipes to complete the Tree's Bounty Series Furniture collection!

List of Tree's Bounty Series Furniture & Item Recipes

Get the Snowflake Wreath Recipe During the Daily Broadcast

Receive Snowflake Wreath recipe.jpg

Recipe Snowflake Wreath
Available Period December 11 to February 24 (Northern Hemisphere)
June 11 to August 24 (Southern Hemisphere)

Once winter has settled in, Isabelle will make an announcement on snowflakes falling on the island. The Snowflake Wreath recipe will also be given to you during the daily broadcast.

Receive the Ornament Wreath Recipe During the Daily Broadcast

Receive ornament wreath recipe.jpg

Recipe Ornament Wreath
Available Period December 15 to January 6 (Northern & Southern Hemisphere)

Isabelle will make an announcement on illuminated trees that she decorated herself. You will also receive the Ornament Wreath recipe, which needs ornaments to craft it.

Festive Series DIY Recipe

Festive Series banner.png
You can get DIY recipes for Festive items from balloon presents from the middle of December to early January as we celebrate the festive season!

Northern Hemisphere December 15 to January 6
Southern Hemisphere December 15 to January 6

List of Festive Series Furniture & Item Recipes

December Exclusive Items

Purchase Toy Day Gifts

ACNH - Kids Tent.jpg
Toy Day gifts will be available at Nook's Cranny from December 1 to December 25. They can be given as gifts to your villagers on Toy Day or you can purchase one for your own house!

Get Acorns and Pine Cones by Shaking Trees

Acorns and pine cones announcement.jpg

Item Availability September 1 - December 10
(Northern Hemisphere)
March 1 - June 10
(Southern Hemisphere)

December 10 is the last day you will be able to get acorns and pine cones by shaking trees, until next September. You'll need them to complete the Tree's Bounty Series Furniture collection, so shake those trees!

Snowflakes and Large Snowflakes

Snow announcement.jpg
Catch the snowflakes falling on your island to craft exclusive Snowflake items!

Snowballs will also start appearing, which you can roll to form Snowboys. Creating a perfect Snowboy awards you with Large Snowflakes that you can use to craft Ice (Frozen) items.

Snowflakes and Large Snowflakes
Northern Hemisphere November 26 to February 24
Southern Hemisphere May 26 to August 24

List of Seasons and Seasonal DIY Items

Get Ornaments from Cedar Pines

Shake festive trees.jpg
Once the Festive Season starts, Isabelle will make an announcement on how she decorated the cedar (pine) trees with ornaments. You can shake these trees to get Ornaments, with the Gold Ornament being the rarest of the three.

How to Get Ornaments and How to Use Them

List of Villager Birthdays in December

Sprocket Image

(December 1)
Rooney Image

(December 1)
Annalise Image

(December 2)
Claude Image

(December 3)
Robin Image

(December 4)
Hans Image

(December 5)
Carrie Image

(December 5)
Kyle Image

(December 6)
Buzz Image

(December 7)
Monty Image

(December 7)
Eloise Image

(December 8)
Becky Image

(December 9)
Tom Image

(December 10)
Sterling Image

(December 11)
Lucha Image

(December 12)
Bianca Image

(December 13)
Freya Image

(December 14)
Chadder Image

(December 15)
Gabi Image

(December 16)
Cousteau Image

(December 17)
Fang Image

(December 18)
Chief Image

(December 19)
Rudy Image

(December 20)
Blanche Image

(December 21)
Quillson Image

(December 22)
Ken Image

(December 23)
Ruby Image

(December 25)
Étoile Image

(December 25)
Pashmina Image

(December 26)
Goldie Image

(December 27)
Bella Image

(December 28)
Vic Image

(December 29)
Murphy Image

(December 29)
Hugh Image

(December 30)
Marcel Image

(December 31)

Daily To-Do List


To learn more about activities you could do every day or every week, check out our guide on Things to Do Every Day!
Things to Do Every Day

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