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Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - How to Plant Flowers

Color your island with flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Learn where you can get different types of flowers and how to plant them in our guide!

How to Plant Flowers

ACNH - A cliff filled with mums

Steps Directions
1  Get flower seeds
2  Clear out space for your flowers
3  Plant the flower seeds
4  Wait for them to bloom!

1. Get Flower Seeds

ACNH - Timmy introducing cabinet items in Nook

You can buy upto three types of flowers from Nook's Cranny everyday.

These flower seeds will only come in white, red, and orange for windflowers and white, red, or yellow for every other flower.

You can purchase other types of flower seeds from Leif shop!

2. Clear Out Space for Flowers

ACNH - A resident sits in a field of flowers.PNG
Flowers grow only on grass and dirt paths, and unlike trees, they do not need free space around them to grow.

How Close Can You Plant Trees?

You can plant them in front of your house, or your neighbors' houses, or you can create a garden of your own!

Flowers Cannot Grow on the Beach

ACNH - A resident reacts with surprise at flowers on the beach

Flowers cannot grow on the beach. They'll need to be on grass or dirt for it to fully-bloom.

However, you can move flowers to the sand. You can do this for decoration, or if you want to stop flowers from breeding.

3. Plant the Seed

ACNH - A resident thinks about planting the white lilies
Stand on the space where you want to plant, and open up your inventory to select the flower seed.

Select Plant 1 and the flower will be planted at your foot. You can also use your shovel to dig up a spot where you want to plant the flower.

4. Wait for Them to Bloom

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
ACNH - Rose growth on Day 1 ACNH - Rose growth on Day 2 ACNH - Rose growth on Day 3 ACNH - Rose growth on Day 4

Flowers bloom in 4 days, and you will be able to see its progress from its bud up to the flower bloom.

Do You Need to Water Flowers?

Watering Helps with Cross-Pollination

ACNH - A resident waters flowers

We also have concluded the watering the flowers does not make them grow faster. However, it does help when you are trying to cross-pollinate flowers.

Cross Pollination and How to Make Hybrid Flowers

Rain Waters the Flowers

ACNH - A resident stands with an umbrella in the middle of a field of flowers while it

You do not need to water plants on rainy days as they will automatically be watered for the day.

Watered Flowers Will Sparkle

You will know if a flower has been watered if it creates a sparkle from time to time. It will sparkle more when more players water it.

Residents will sometimes water flowers too

ACNH - Villager watering flowers
Sometime when residents are outside, they will be doing activities which include watering flowers.

Don't Run Over Flowers!

ACNH - A resident runs towards the direction of a field of flowers
Running over a flower multiple times will destroy it, so be careful and only walk when you are on flowers.

However, destroyed flowers will grow back the next day, so you do not need to worry about losing them.

How to Move or Replant Flowers

Picking the Flowers Does not Remove the Stem

ACNH - A resident selects picked yellow pansies from their inventory

You can press the Y button to pick the flower, but this will only take the flower, and not the plant itself.

The plant will still be left for a new flower to grow in 2 days.

Use a Shovel

ACNH - A resident digs up flowers planted on the beach
Use the shovel to pull up the flower including the stem and plant in the new spot.

Where to Get Flowers

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Mystery Island Tour Friends' Islands Leif's Shop
Where to Find Hybrid Flowers

Get from Mystery Island Tours

ACNH - Player on a Mystery Island Tour

To get full-grown flowers easily, you should go on Mystery Island Tours. If you're lucky, you might get flowers that are not sold on your island.

Use your shovel to pull them up and plant them on your island.

Mystery Island Tours and Nook Miles Ticket Guide

Purchase Seeds from Friends' Islands

ACNH - Player at the airport for online play

As the type of flower seeds you can buy on each island differs, you can coordinate with your friends and visit their island to buy other types.

You can add friends using our Friend Request Board!
Friend Request Board (5527)

Purchase Seeds from Leif

ACNH - Leif informs the resident that he
Leif is a new visitor added to the V1.2 update of the game. Make sure to unlock him to get other types of flower seeds, as well as shrub starts!

How to Unlock Leif's Garden Shop

How to Get Hybrid Flowers

ACNH - A resident waves a greeting besides flowers
Hybrid flowers are flowers that have colors that do not grow naturally. To learn more about hybrid flowers and cross-pollination, check out our guide!
Cross-Pollination and How to Make Hybrid Flowers

What Can You Do with Flowers?

Use as DIY Material

ACNH - HouseKit
Flowers are used as materials for DIY items. You can craft a variety of items with different kinds of flowers.
List of DIY Recipes | How to Get DIY Crafting Recipes

Use as Accessory or Decoration

ACNH - A resident thinks about wearing the picked yellow pansies
You can wear a flower on your head as an accessory, or place them in your house. You can even place them outside for your neighbors to appreciate.

Can be Sold at Nook's Cranny

ACNH - Sell Items Nook

Item Selling Price
Any Flower 40 Bells
Golden Rose 1,000 Bells

You can sell flowers at Nook's Cranny for 40 Bells. Flowers grow back in 2 days upon picking them so this an easy way to cash in some Bells. Be careful not to sell the plant itself, because it is also sold for 40 Bells.

Additionally, if you have Golden Roses, you can sell the flower for 1,000 Bells, and since they grow back, you can sell these every other few days.

Raises Your Island Rating

ACNH - Island Rating

Flowers are a big factor in raising your island's rating. Plant flowers around your island to create a beautiful scenery.
How to Raise Your Island Star Rating

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