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This is the Easter Egg and Bunny Day Recipe Trading Board for the Bunny Day Event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch). Trade eggs and bunny day recipes with other players to make all the Easter-themed Recipes and get a special prize!

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127 Woodentop 04about 2 monthsReport

Does anyone have any bunny recipes for triade

Show?1493787517ID: 6643ff50e68f354
126 Maedae6 monthsReport

>>125 Me!!! Let me buy the nook mile tickets!

125 Anonymous6 monthsReport

I have 50 rusted parts can anyone trade for 30 nook mile tickets? If so I will deliver so please put to your dodo pass

124 Nat7 monthsReport

Anyone selling DIY or doing touch trading?

123 Anonymous8 monthsReport

>>115 Hi, The royal crown coats $1,200,000. bells. It will be offered at the Able sister's shop.

122 Anonymous8 monthsReport

Does anyone have any blossom viewing lanterns or blossom branches/ or recipes for them? Can trade for bells, all fruit or nook mikes tickets

121 Anonymous8 monthsReport

Does anyone have a cherry blossom pond stone recipe 🥺

120 Anonymous8 monthsReport

Looking to trade for cherry blossom bonsai and cherry blossom branches to catalogue. Let me know what you want/need in return.

119 Anonymous9 monthsReport

>>118 2JJKP

118 Anonymous 9 monthsReport

>>117 Great! Post your Dodo Code and I'll come with the DIY

117 Anonymous9 monthsReport

>>116 Alright i can get you 3 NMT for some diy cherry blossom

116 Anonymous 9 monthsReport

>>114 Around 2-3 is fine. Have a lot of bells already!

115 Anonymous9 monthsReport

Where can i buy royal crown? Im willing to pay tip

114 Anonymous9 monthsReport

>>113 How many NMT you need? I dont have right now but i can get it or i can pay you some bells

113 Anonymous 9 monthsReport

>>112 Hi, I think I have the cherry blossom wallpaper o cherry blossom flooring DIY. Looking for NMT in exchange.

112 Anonymous9 monthsReport

Hi. Im looking for ALL CHERRY BLOSSOM DIY AND PETALS. willing to pay any amount for more diy

111 Anonymous9 monthsReport

>>105 I have all of these

110 Anonymous9 monthsReport

>>108 I have 1

109 Anonymous9 monthsReport

Anybody has a Cherry blossom-viewing lantern DIY? I'll trade NMTs for it

108 Anonymous9 monthsReport

I’m looking for the cherry blossom bonsai tree if anybody would like to help me?

107 Anonymous9 monthsReport

Hi can anyone help me I'm looking for 20 cherry blossom petals I have 2 bamboo speakers I just crafted to exchange for them thanks

106 Anonymous9 monthsReport

Hi I'm looking for cherry blossom tree wallpaper and the lava wall paper and a lucky cat recipe please I can trade things for them

105 Anonymous10 monthsReport

Hello I'm missing Bunny day stool, glowy garland, Merry balloons, clock, wreath, party hat and dress, and sky outfit. Can someone plz help me out?

104 Anonymous10 monthsReport

Anyone need a bunny day table?

103 Anonymous10 monthsReport

i have an extra diy bunny day stool if anyone’s interested!:)

102 Anonymous10 monthsReport

>>101 I have one, did you want it still?

101 Anonymous10 monthsReport

>>92 Hi! Do you still have the vanity recipe? That is the only recipe I am missing.

100 Anonymous10 monthsReport

Does anyone have a spare vanity recipe? That's the only recipe that I'm missing. :(

99 Anonymous10 monthsReport

I need the earth egg diy outfit

98 Katey10 monthsReport

>>95 Honestly try Reddit, I posted that I needed a bag recipe and got a couple replies right away, someone just have it to me for free. Goodluck

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