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ACNH - How to Make A Passport | Passport Title List

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), a passport will automatically be created upon gaining the NookPhone. Read on for information on how to change your passport photo, add comments, and a list of Passport Titles!

Your Passport

View Player Details

ACNH - An image outlining the parts of a passport

Your passport can be viewed by other players, so be careful with what you write!

Unchangeable Features Editable Features
  • Player Name
  • Island Name
  • Local Fruit
  • Birthday
  • Registration Date
  • Passport Photo
  • Title
  • Comment

Optional Details (Cannot be changed)

ACNH - A cropped photo of a stamp reading Resident Rep. Stamp You will have this stamp when you are the representative (or the first player) of your island.
ACNH - A cropped photo of a Creator ID in a passportCreator ID Your creator ID will be displayed here once you have used the Custom Designs Portal.
Requires unlocking the Able Sisters tailors shop.
ACNH - A cropped photo of a Dream Address in a passportDream Address Your Dream Address will be on your Passport in place of your Creator ID once you have uploaded a dream of your island. You can turn this off by talking to Luna.
Requires the ver 1.4.0 update or later.
Dream Suite Guide

How to Make Your Passport

ACNH - Tom Nook gives the resident a NookPhone
Your passport will be automatically created when you create your character and gain access to your NookPhone.

After that, you can view and edit your passport anytime.

How to Edit Your Passport

Open the Passport App on Your NookPhone

ACNH - A player tries to edit a Passport

Open your NookPhone by pressing the ZL button and select Passport.

Press the A button to edit your passport

Your passport will be displayed. Press A to edit features on your passport.

Editable Features
Passport Photo Comment Title

How to Edit Passport Photo

ACNH - A player tries to change the Passport Photo

Take a photo using the Camera app

You can take a photo to be put as your passport photo using the Camera app. You can do Reactions, add filters, and more!
How to Use the Camera

Select an existing photo

After taking a photo, you will need to select a slot to save it to. You can also change your passport photo by selecting an existing photo.

How to Add or Edit a Comment

ACNH - A player tries to change the Passport Comment

Type in your comment

A comment could be anything you want — as long as it does not exceed 24 characters!

How to Edit Passport Title

ACNH - A player tries to change the Passport Title

Create a two-part title

Your default title will be "Very First Relocator". You can create your own title by combining 2 sets of words.

List of Passport Titles

How to Get Passport Titles

Unlock more by accomplishing activities in the Nook Mileage Program

By completing milestones in activities from the Nook Mileage Program, you will receive a set of titles to use in your passport!

Complete Nook Mileage Program Activity List

Passport Title List

The titles are listed by the activities in the Nook Mileage Program in ascending order. This list will be continuously updated as we progress.

Title 1 Title 2
Nook Inc.'s Patron
Accomplished Lad/Lass
Competent Fishing Fan
Moderate Beach Bum
Fierce Fisher
Battle-Tested Catch of the Day
Small-Fry Pesca Pro
Energetic Angler
Pond-Raised Tropical Fish
Hooked Reaction
Pole-Fishing Expert
Unhindered Wallflower
Unabashedly Shy Kid
Respected One
Ludicrously Popular It "Guy"
Natural Heart Stealer
Freshly Delivered Egg
Weak Grub
Emerging Pupa
Soaring Butterfly
Complete Metamorphosis
Hobby-Level Bug Fan
Night-Owl Insect
Defiant Ant
Polymorphing Creature
Scarce Critter
Trivia Representative
Savvy Intellectual
Understated Authority
Knowledge-Thirsty Sidekick
Clever Father/Mother
Creative Enthusiast
Crafty Club Member
Hip Virtuoso
Bona Fide Technician
Relentless Master
Handmade Resident
Emergent Artisan
Picky Crafter
Humbly Begun Master
Destructive-Creative King/Queen
Unique Eccentric
Change-It-Up Challenger
Detail-Oriented Engineer
Mold-Breaking Modder
Remodeling Inspiration
Specific Producer
Aggressive Problem Solver
Sharp Guard
Pointy Tack
Productive Superhero
Rascally Clown
Overboard Crusher
Rowdy Punk
Rough-And-Tumble Meanie
Chaotic Ruiner
Sports-Minded Muscle
Discovered Fossil
Anonymous Something Or Other
Ancient Truth
History-Loving Researcher
Evolving Scatterbrain
Historic Discovery
Omnivorous Custodian
Careful Gardener
Herbivorous Sorter
Vigorous Sprout
Wild Beast
Greenhouse Flower
Thorny Rose
Heavenly Rejuvenator
Sweet-Smelling Blossom
Gorgeous Groom/Bride
Refined Caretaker
Detailed Keeper
Careful Gardener
Caretaking Ringleader
Flower-Loving Boss
Outdoorsy Defender
Organic Dietitian
Hay-Feverish Sneezer
Inexperienced Observationist
Precocious Bounty
Seasonal Tree
Mature Kind
Rotten Scent
Twins Other Half
Total Freshman
Unpearable Pear
Plucky Star
Crisp Mr. Popular/Ms. Popular
Tropically Grown Coconut
Shell-Grabbing Shell Fan
Seashore Seashell Seller
Shifty Shellector
Over-Shelled Shell Master
Shellfish Shellaborator
Tidal Season
Ready Coast Dweller
Buried Genius
Rare Prodigy
Water's Edge Mermaid
Untossable Trash
Eco-Friendly Ecologist
Waterway Cleaner
Mistakenly Caught Fish
Bait-Snatching Frency
Wave-Tossed Life-Form
One-Room Loner
Single-Occupant Beginner
Homey Sentiment
Second-Floor Landlord
Basement Backbone
Happy Overachiever
Interior Sort
Tentative Remodeler
Comparative Sundires Fan
Assumed Appliance Fan
Abounding Interior-Design Fan
Overstuffed Stylist
Partially Obscured Talent
At-Capacity Manager
Self-Possessed Coordinator
Invulnerable Life Hacker
Home Transformer
Dreamy Dreamer
Qiuntessential Space
Kindly Standard
Reliable Ally
Generous Supervisor
Exalted Savior
Foolhardy Hero/Heroine
Overacting Neophyte
Apprentice Dancer
Dad-Joking Semiprofessional
Solo Comedian
Super-Popular Mega Star
Photogenic Photographer
Future Traveler
Smartphone Savant
Digital-Age Child
Internet Surfer
Connected Reviewer
Widely Accepted Connector
Disconnected Worrywart
Always-On Bigwig
Casual Materialist
Curious Force
Greedy Collector
Materialistic Avatar
Legendary Walking Dictionary
So-Called Ground Traveler
Novice Rookie
Wide-Ranging Hobbyist
Perfectionist Go-Getter
Year-Round Dynamo
Full-Fledged Customer
Down-And-Out Eventuality
Autonomous Life
Invested Shopaholic
Thrifty Family Member
Covetous Personality
Wasteful Celebrity
Name-Dropping VIP
Weekend Stalkholder
Status-Minded Speculator
Avaricious Moneybags
Upstart Trader
Worldwide Bellionaire
Shadowy Fixer
Responsible Bill Payer
Rumormongering Influencer
Art-School Boy/Girl
Science-y Student
Liberal-Arts Poet
Subculture Denizen
Deadline Writer
Tidy Wild Child
Highly Aware Neatnik
Fastidious Character
Adolescent Youngster
Rebellious Rebel
Solitary Lone Wolf
Standoffish Individual
Accurate Deadeye
Wild-Child Troublemaker
Teary-Eyed Crybaby
Risen Phoenix
Trapped Reckless One
Catchable Klutz
Easy-breezy Slingshot Ace
Atmospheric Floaty Thing
Restless Hunter
Flying Paradise
Elusive Vagabond
Effecient Partitioner
Cold-Sensitive Sprite
Snow Angel
Cool Imp
Late-Night Meteorite
Wishful Legend
Overnight Superstar
Outdoor-Loving Decorating Friend
Flapping Flag Waver
Humming Musician
Trailblazing Runner
Swept-Away Pioneer
Cliffhanging Creator
Cowardly Ghost
Supernatural Soul
Soulful Soul Mate
Flightless Fowl
Perennial Lost One
Off-Season Migratory Bird
Fickle Music-Lover
Covert Supporter
Regular Fan
The Definition of Pop Star
Longtime Follower
Soothing Pal
Friendly Buddy
Friendship Seeker
Untamed Party Animal
Growing Youth
Grown Adult
Celebratory Birthday Boy/Birthday Girl
Spring-Born Free Spirit
Summer-Born Chiller
Fall-Born Free-Wheeler
Winter-Born Overheater
Shell-Less Being
Plausible Fake
Trendy Model
Aspiring Artist
Pro Designer
Lucky Type
Carefree Figure
Jovial Brute
Spirited Gifted One
Factual Outlaw
Inspirational Statement
Shining Jewel
Top-Notch Luminary
Ultimate Miracle
Royal Prince/Princess
Glittering Emperor/Empress
Radiant Supreme Being
Traveling Person
Occasional Tourist
Global Wanderer
Hospitable Friend
Lonely Chum
Well-Known Partier
Self-Paced Chill Soul
Active Specialist
Sleepless Adventurer
Nicknamed Gamer
Ready-Made MVP
Verdant Wonder
Unrestrained Sentinel
Surprising Snake
Shady Seller
Discerning Aficionado
Bold Artistic Statement
Countdown Merrymaker

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