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This guide shows how to spot fake and real works of art sold by Redd (a.k.a. Jolly Redd or Crazy Redd) in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). In this art wiki, you will find the complete list of artworks including paintings, statues, and sculptures, as well as how to spot forgeries and their moving (haunted) variations.

How to Tell if Art is Fake | Complete Works of Art List

In New Horizons, you can now inspect art pieces before buying them from Redd. This allows you to identify if the art is genuine or not before you make a purchase.

All art pieces are based on real life paintings and sculptures, but you don't need in-depth knowledge of the art to spot the fake ones from the geniuine piece. That's what this guide is for!

ACNH Paintings

Image Original Title and Differences
Image of the Academic PaintingAcademic Painting Original Title:
Vitruvian Man
There is no coffee stain on the upper-right corner.
There is a coffee stain on the upper-right corner.
Image of the Amazing PaintingAmazing Painting Original Title:
The Night Watch
The man in black in the center is wearing a hat.
The man in black in the center is not wearing a hat.
Image of the Basic PaintingBasic Painting Original Title:
The Blue Boy
The boy has short hair.
The boy has longer hair, with bangs covering his entire forehead.
Image of the Calm PaintingCalm Painting Original Title:
A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
This artwork is always genuine.
Image of the Common PaintingCommon Painting Original Title:
The Gleaners
This artwork is always genuine.
Image of the Detailed PaintingDetailed Painting Original Title:
Ajisai Sōkeizu
The flowers are blue.
The flowers are red.
Image of the Dynamic PaintingDynamic Painting Original Title:
The Great Wave off Kanagawa
This artwork is always genuine.
Image of the Famous PaintingFamous Painting Original Title:
Mona Lisa
Has no eyebrows.
Has thick, raised eyebrows.
Image of the Flowery PaintingFlowery Painting Original Title:
This artwork is always genuine.
Image of the Glowing PaintingGlowing Painting Original Title:
The Fighting Temeraire
This artwork is always genuine.
Image of the Graceful PaintingGraceful Painting Original Title:
Beauty Looking Back
The head is in the center and does not reach the top edge of the scroll.
The lady is larger is size, with her head almost reaching the top edge of the scroll.
Image of the Jolly PaintingJolly Painting Original Title:
There is a flower on the chest in the lower-right corner.
There is no flower on the chest.
Image of the Moody PaintingMoody Painting Original Title:
The Sower
This artwork is always genuine.
Image of the Moving PaintingMoving Painting Original Title:
The Birth of Venus
There are trees on right side.
There are no trees on right side.
Image of the Mysterious PaintingMysterious Painting Original Title:
Isle of the Dead
This artwork is always genuine.
Image of the Nice PaintingNice Painting Original Title:
The Fifer
This artwork is always genuine.
Image of the Perfect PaintingPerfect Painting Original Title:
Apples and Oranges
This artwork is always genuine.
Image of the Proper PaintingProper Painting Original Title:
A Bar at the Folies-Bergère
This artwork is always genuine.
Image of the Quaint PaintingQuaint Painting Original Title:
The Milkmaid
A small amount of milk is being poured.
Lots of milk is being poured out.
Image of the Scary PaintingScary Painting Original Title:
Ōtani Oniji the 3rd as Yakko Edobei
Eyebrows are pulled down.
Has weak/worried-looking eyebrows.
Image of the Scenic PaintingScenic Painting Original Title:
The Hunters in the Snow
There are 2 men and 13 dogs on the lower-left.
There is only 1 man on the lower-left, and there are 11 dogs.
Image of the Serene PaintingSerene Painting Original Title:
Lady with an Ermine
The lady is holding a white ermine.
The ermine is black.
Holding a duck instead of an ermine?
Image of the Sinking PaintingSinking Painting Original Title:
This artwork is always genuine.
Image of the Solemn PaintingSolemn Painting Original Title:
Las Meninas
The man at the back is holding the doorframe.
The man at the back is not touching the doorframe.
Image of the Twinkling PaintingTwinkling Painting Original Title:
The Starry Night
This artwork is always genuine.
Image of the Warm PaintingWarm Painting Original Title:
The Clothed Maja
This artwork is always genuine.
Image of the Wild Painting Left HalfWild Painting Left Half Original Title:
Folding Screen of Fūjin and Raijin (L)
The thunder god is color white.
The thunder god is color green, and has a signature at the left corner.
Image of the Wild Painting Right HalfWild Painting Right Half Original Title:
Folding Screen of Fūjin and Raijin (R)
The wind god is color green.
The wind god is color white, and has a signature at the right corner
Image of the Wistful PaintingWistful Painting Original Title:
Girl with a Pearl Earring
The girl is wearing a pearl earring and has her eyes open.
The girl is wearing a larger, star-shaped earring.
The girl is wearing a larger, star-shaped earring, and her eyes are closed.
Image of the Worthy PaintingWorthy Painting Original Title:
Liberty Leading the People
This artwork is always genuine.

ACNH Sculptures and Statues

Image Original Title and Differences
Image of the Ancient StatueAncient Statue Original Title:
There are no eyes and horns on its head.
It has horns/antennae on its head.
It has a pair of glowing eyes.
Image of the Beautiful StatueBeautiful Statue Original Title:
Venus de Milo
There is no necklace.
The statue has a necklace.
Image of the Familiar StatueFamiliar Statue Original Title:
The Thinker
This artwork is always genuine.
Image of the Gallant StatueGallant Statue Original Title:
He is not holding a book.
He is holding a book.
Image of the Great StatueGreat Statue Original Title:
King Kamehameha I
This artwork is always genuine.
Image of the Informative StatueInformative Statue Original Title:
Rosetta Stone
The stone is gray.
The stone is blue.
Image of the Motherly StatueMotherly Statue Original Title:
Capitoline Wolf
The mother`s tongue is not sticking out.
The mother`s tongue is sticking out.
Image of the Mystic StatueMystic Statue Original Title:
Nefertiti Bust
There are no earrings.
It is wearing one earring.
Image of the Robust StatueRobust Statue Original Title:
He is not wearing a wristwatch.
He is wearing a wristwatch.
Image of the Rock-Head StatueRock-Head Statue Original Title:
Olmec Colossal Head
The corners of the mouth are turned down.
The statue has smiling lips.
Image of the Tremendous StatueTremendous Statue Original Title:
Houmuwu Ding
There is no lid on the top.
The ding has a lid on the top with a handle.
Image of the Valiant StatueValiant Statue Original Title:
Nike of Samothrace
The right leg is placed forward.
The left leg is placed forward.
Image of the Warrior StatueWarrior Statue Original Title:
Terracotta Army
The man is not holding anything in his hands.
The man is holding a shovel.

List of Rare Works of Art

List of Rare Paintings

Calm Painting ImageCalm Painting Flowery Painting ImageFlowery Painting Graceful Painting ImageGraceful Painting Mysterious Painting ImageMysterious Painting
Proper Painting ImageProper Painting Scenic Painting ImageScenic Painting Solemn Painting ImageSolemn Painting Warm Painting ImageWarm Painting
Wild Painting Left Half ImageWild Painting Left Half Wild Painting Right Half ImageWild Painting Right Half Worthy Painting ImageWorthy Painting

These are among the rarest paintings that Redd sells. Count yourself lucky if you manage to buy a genuine one from Redd!

List of Rare Sculptures and Statues

Great Statue ImageGreat Statue Robust Statue ImageRobust Statue Tremendous Statue ImageTremendous Statue Valiant Statue ImageValiant Statue

Statues, in general, are uncommon and are sold less frequently, but these are among the rarest of them all.

List of Moving Works of Art (Haunted Artworks)

Some of the fake works of art move or behave differently depending on the time of the day, and are known as Haunted Artworks. These are some of the artworks that we can confirm are "haunted".

Haunted Paintings

Art Haunted Characteristics
ACNH - Scary Painting Haunted.gifEnlarge Morning: The person is frowning.
Night: The person is smiling.
ACNH - Graceful Painting Haunted.gif Morning: The person is looking to the left.
Night: The person is looking to the right.
ACNH - Wistful Painting Haunted.gif Morning: Her eyes are open.
Night: Here eyes are closed.

These forgeries start changing at around 7 PM. You can also see the changes if you inspect them inside Redd's Treasure Trawler.

Levitating Ancient Statue

Art Haunted Characteristics
ACNH - Ancient Statue Levitate.gifEnlarge Night: The statue has glowing eyes and levitates when interacted with.

The fake Ancient Statue's eyes glow blue and can easily be seen at night. *Interacting with it at any time also causes it to levitate.

Glowing Sculpture

Art Haunted Characteristics
ACNH - Informative Statue Haunted.gifEnlarge Morning: The statue is imbued with a faint light.
Night: The statue has a stronger shine.

The fake Rosetta Stone has a blue glow that shines brighter at night. It's luminosity also changes between 6 PM and 8 PM.

How to Get Rid of Fake Art

Throw It Out in a Trash Can

Using the trash can.jpg
You can dispose Fake Art by throwing them in a trash can. Press A and select the forgery to dispose it.

Some fake art have animations!

Certain forgeries have special animations, so we recommend using them as decorations instead of disposing them!

Cannot be sold at Nook's Cranny

You can't sell Fake Art at Nook's Cranny, and attempting to sell them is a good way to find out if it's fake!

How to Get Works of Art

Buy from Jolly Redd's Treasure Trawler

Jolly Redd
You can buy art at Jolly Redd's Treasure Trawler, along with rare-colored furniture.

Get them as Gifts from Villagers

Check out our guide on how to unlock Redd and where he can be found on your island.
Jolly Redd's Treasure Trawler and Works of Art

Get them as Gifts from Villagers

Receiving artwork from letters.jpg
Your villagers may also give you art or send them through the mail, although gifted artworks have a higher chance of being fake.

What to Do with Real Art

Donate to the Museum for the Art Gallery

Donate art to museum.jpg
You can donate real art to Blathers at the Museum, and he will display these in the Art Gallery.

You can view each piece of art in the exhibit, and even learn about that piece by interacting with it.

How to Get the Art Gallery Upgrade

Place Art as Decoration

Since art pieces are treated as furniture, you can display them in your home, or you can even create your own art exhibit outside!

Earn Nook Miles

The Patron of the Arts Nook Miles.jpg
You can get Nook Miles based on the number of art pieces you have collected!

True Patron of the Arts
Activity Summary Miles Titles
Collect 1 artwork. 300 Shady/Seller
Collect 10 artworks. 500 Discerning/Aficionado
Collect 20 artworks. 1000 Bold/Artistic Statement

Nook Mileage Program Activities & Rewards List

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