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This is the Custom Design (Pro Design) Share Board for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch). Please use this board for sharing QR codes for your favorite designs with other users, or for coming up with new design ideas!

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Designs with the Game8 Seal of Approval

We have hand selected and compiled some of our favorite custom designs on twitter. To see them and get the QR codes so you can use them yourself, see the pages below!

List of Custom Designs
custom designs - clothes partial.pngClothes custom designs - ground partial.pngGround and Floor

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143 Anonymousabout 9 hoursReport

Loving all the custom designs! How are you all so dang creative! (ok lemme get all your codes!) thank you! Will try to be creative too.

142 Cindyabout 16 hoursReport

Dodgers fan

141 Cindyabout 16 hoursReport

Dodgers anyone

140 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>139 >>133 MA-9315-9393-2046 gotta display 'em all lol

139 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>133 Ash's clothes too Here's Charmander MA-9315-9393-2046

138 DawnAshes1 dayReport

MA-5928-5528-7244 😘💚

137 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>131 Hey how did you make the screenshot without it asking if you want to save it? When I want to screenshot mine it always asks and never shows my face on the left?

136 jamie3 daysReport

here’s my code ma 5345 3444 1746 i have vampire diaries related stuff, minecraft, and cute clothes also paths

135 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>31 Yeah whats the code for that its amazing

134 eighthsage4 daysReport

Does anyone have a Navi ground design for my great fairy fountain?

133 Anonymous4 daysReport

Here's Charmander MA-9315-9393-2046

132 Ashley4 daysReport

>>131 I also have other cosplay under my designer code you can check out

131 Ashley4 daysReport

Happy from Fairy tail cosplay

130 Anonymous4 daysReport

Mew Tee MA-9315-9393-2046

129 Anonymous5 daysReport

Mew sprite MA-9315-9393-2046

128 Anonymous5 daysReport

Wartortle shell t-shirt MA-9315-9393-2046

127 Anonymous5 daysReport

I've made a few Pokémon designs. Creator ID: MA-9315-9393-2046

126 Ashley9 daysReport

Made the two of these to use for a casino

125 Cindy 11 daysReport

We love Ram trucks....anyone know how I can copy to pro design?

124 Cindy 12 daysReport

Yellowstone with Kevin Costner if your a fan of the show.. you will love this.. Dutton Ranch

123 Anonymous13 daysReport


122 moonlightisla14 daysReport

i made a dress based off a look from 2019’s little women!

121 eighthsage20 daysReport

Does anyone have numbers 1-8 custom design? See image

120 Anonymous22 daysReport

>>115 It’s an item called a “plain board”

119 Anonymous24 daysReport

I have other designs as well! My code is: MA-8716-1707-0533

118 Anonymous25 daysReport

scusate ho scaricato dei modelli personalizzati per creare il campo da calcio una volta terminato occupando solo slot nei modelli personalizzati l'ho sovrascritto con dei nuovi.. in automatico nel gioco al posto del campo sono comparsi i pattern nuovi... esiste un modo per tenerli anche se eliminati?

117 Anonymous25 daysReport

Is this a good nike?

116 Anonymous27 daysReport

Here’s my creator id

115 Logan29 daysReport

Where and how do you make a screen for the menu's?

114 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

>>109 >>110 Hey guys! Found this share board that has Kingdom Hearts designs! Just search by character or what you're looking for!! Yay!!

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