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This is the Custom Design (Pro Design) Share Board for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch). Please use this board for sharing QR codes for your favorite designs with other users, or for coming up with new design ideas!

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We have hand selected and compiled some of our favorite custom designs on twitter. To see them and get the QR codes so you can use them yourself, see the pages below!

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196 Angela Porter5 daysReport

Have 2 island StarFalls Da507048488720. Silverwood Da317184741916 if you want to visit my islands you can and leave me comments. They are 5 star islands

195 Vinny6 daysReport

I need custom designs to get some villager faces of my islander EXCEPT Merengue. I have hers. My islanders: Tangy, Dom (planning to move), Raymond, Rosie, Merengue (none needed), Katt. Stitches, Lolly, Goldie, and Kid Cat

194 Anonymous11 daysReport


193 Anonymous11 daysReport


192 Anonymous11 daysReport


191 Anonymous12 daysReport

Simple Blathers outfit :D Creator code; MA-0296-8097-4384 Enjoy being your favorite bird!

190 Anonymous13 daysReport


189 Anonymous15 daysReport

Just chilling by the booth, slurping my watermelon Come visit island at

188 Anonymous16 daysReport

I am ready for my first mission. Check out my island at

187 Anonymous20 daysReport

If anyone wants a set of road work my drew up... Search by name/content code Knuckles MA-9910-5795-2446

186 about 1 monthReport

This is my replica of Halsey outfit in her be kind music video

185 Crystalabout 1 monthReport

Here is a Sakura style Kimono I created!

184 valkyrie2babout 1 monthReport

hi here's a very simple naruto jacket

183 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport


182 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

Sharing my creator ID: MA-8899-5232-7589 -Link -Mario -Jurassic Park Logo

181 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

Just thought I'd share my creator code, there are a few things that could be of use MA-7282-6324-2935

180 Pokey from Pollylandabout 2 monthsReport

With so many designs, is there a save to so to hold patterns. I have used up my what?

179 eighthsageabout 2 monthsReport

>>178 I actually found one online (^~^;)ゞ

178 eighthsageabout 2 monthsReport

Does anyone have a bamboo design code or is someone that's a better artist than me willing to make one? Preferably a white background if possible for a wooden plank sign. I can definitely pay in bells or NMTs.

177 AnneMarie6about 2 monthsReport

>>176 I have gotten ahold of all items.

176 AnneMarie6about 2 monthsReport

Good Afternoon, I am looking for custom designs I can put on the ground with the faces of: Buck Nibbles Chadder Cherry Flora and also the individual letters for A Z K A B A N I can pay in bells or nook miles Thanks, Anne

175 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

Will do portraits for hanging on your wall :) (I also made the lemon wall paper) Example:

174 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

>>173 MO-1026-16x0-GRVW

173 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

Princess buttercup dress from the princess bride if anyone is also a fan! Haven't seen any so I made one :)

172 i play animal crossingabout 2 monthsReport

i can design a flag from the real world for anyone who wants one. tell me which one you want me to make and i'll try to make it. i don't want anything in return.

171 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport


170 Jesseabout 2 monthsReport

>>167 I’m looking for villager picture signs for Cole (Rabbit), Patty (Cow), Knox, and Sterling (both Birds) to put in front of their homes. Please let me know if you create them. Your designs look great! Thank you!

169 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Creator ID for Gucci tee : MA 6626 8301 2174

168 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Gucci tee

167 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Hey I make some designs Here's my Creator ID: MA-5279-0705-4535 I make some random things, but I'm currently working on making icons of every villager, so if u need the picture of a villager for whatever reason, check out my designs!

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