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This page details the highlights of the Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct (Nintendo Direct, Animal Crossing Direct). Everything currently known about Animal Crossing New Horizons will be summarized here, so be sure to check the full list of ACNH features!

Animal Crossing Direct Summary (02/20/2020)

Broadcast Time Feb 20th
06:00 a.m. PT / 09:00 a.m. ET
Broadcast URL Youtube (External Link)
Time Needed About 25 Minutes

New Horizon's Deserted Island

・Choose your Designated Island ・Choose the North or South Hemisphere
・4 Seasons on the Island ・Decide Your House's Location
・Decide Where Other Residents Live

Choose your designated island

Nintendo Direct - Islands

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons you get to choose the island you want to live on.

Choose between the Nothern and Southern Hemisphere

Nintendo Direct - Hemispheres

After you've chosen your island, you will be asked to choose between the Nothern and Southern Hemispere.

Which Hemisphere Should You Choose?

Seasons will change depending on your chosen hemisphere

Nintendo Direct - Seasons

The seasons are reversed for the Nothern and Southern Hemispheres. For example, when it's summer in the Nothern Hemisphere, it will be winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

There are four seasons on the island

Nintendo Direct - Spring
Nintendo Direct - Summer
Nintendo Direct - Fall
Nintendo Direct - Winter

Just like the previous games, there are four seasons on your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizon.

You decide where to build your house

Nintendo Direct - My Tent Placement

You can freely choose where to place your home on your chosen island.

You can also decide where other residents will live

Nintendo Direct - Resident Tent Placement

It's also possibly to choose where the other residents will live. If there is a resident you like, a good idea would be placing their home close to yours.

List of Island Facilities

・About Resident Services ・Customize your furniture
・About the Airport ・Your Nook Phone
・About the Island-Wide Broadcast ・Nook Miles

The island offers Resident Services

Nintendo Direct - Resident Services

Part of the island's facilities include Resident Services, which as the name implies, provides various services to the folk inhabiting the island.

Buy tools and items

Nintendo Direct - Buy Tools & Items

Fishing Poles, medicine, and other daily goods can be purchased via Resident Services

Sell items you don't need

Nintendo Direct - Sell Items

In addition to buying goods, you can also sell the items that you don't need here at Resident Services. Even items like clumps of weeds can be sold now, and you can also use them as materials for DIY tools and furniture.

Get tips on how to spend your time

Nintendo Direct - Nook Advice

At Resident Services, you can receive various advice from the Toom Nook and the Nooklings Timmy and Tommy.

DIY - Craft your own items

Nintendo Direct - DIY Workbench

There is also a DIY Workbench located in Resident Services. The Workbench is free to use initially, but it's not yet known whether or not use of Tom Nook's Workbench will remain free. It does look like you can craft your own DIY bench to take with you, however!

How to Get DIY Crafting Recipes | List of Recipes

Change the look of furniture through customization

Nintendo Direct - Furniture Customization

You can use DIY Item Customization to change the color of furniture. Just keep in mind that you will need materials every time you want to craft something.

You can also use Custom Designs

Nintendo Direct - Furniture Custom Design

DIY Item Customization also alows you to decorate furniture with your own custom designs.

The island has an airport

Nintendo Direct - Airport

Another island facility introduced is the Airport.

Multiplayer facilities

Nintendo Direct - Multiplay

You can access multiplayer options at the Airport. Here you can choose between local wireless and internet to invite friends! You can also travel to other islands from here.

How to Play with Friends (Multiplayer)

Play up to 8 players together

Nintendo Direct - 8 Players

Through online or local play, you can play together with up to 7 others, for a total of 8 players.

In-Game Postal Service

Nintendo Direct - Letters & Postcards

The Airport also offers a Postal Service, which will allow you to send mail to other residents!

Everyone gets a smart phone!

Nintendo Direct - NookPhone

After moving to the deserted island, every new resident is provided with a NookPhone. This phone includes apps, such as the DIY Menu, Nook Mileage, and Island Builder.

Daily Island-Wide Broadcast

Nintendo Direct - Daily Broadcasts

Each day, Tom Nook will make an island-wide broadcast, where he will provide residents with information about the day's ongoing events, as well as living advice.

Save Up Nook Miles

Nintendo Direct - Nook Mileage Program

Through the Nook Mileage program, which can be accessed through your NookPhone, you can build up points for completing different types of activities. These points are known as Miles, and can be saved up for various purposes.

What Should You Spend Nook Miles on First?

Pay back your loans with Miles

Nintendo Direct - Nook Miles

Like Bells, Miles can be used as a form of currency when paying back your loans.

Miles can be exchanged for special rewards!

Nintendo Direct - Miles Items

The miles you save up can be later be exhanged for special items (similar to shopping points that could be earned in previous titles). These items cannot be obtained elsewhere, so saving up miles will likely be an important element of New Horizons.

Can be exchanged for life-enriching items as well

Nintendo Direct - Tools for Miles

In addition to exchanging Miles for exclusive rewards and accessories, you can spend your Miles on tools and other useful abilities. The Tool Ring can be obtained in this manner, which will allow you to quickly access your tools and switch them out. This items is essential to your time in Animal Crossing, so you will want to get this one as soon as possible.

Things to watch out for on the island

・Passing Out from Wasp Stings ・Wisp is Back
・Gulliver is Also Back ・Rescue Service

You will pass out if stung by wasps too many times

Nintendo Direct - Pass out from Bees

Unlike other Animal Crossing games, too many stings from a wasp will make you pass out. While this is unlikely to have a big effect, it is probably still best to avoid it.

Heal wasp stings with medicine

Nintendo Direct - Medicine

Your face will swell up when stung by wasps. However, at Resident Services, you can buy medicine to immediately cure this swelling.

Wisp is back!

Nintendo Direct - Ghost

In the Animal Crossing Direct, Wisp was confirmed to appear in this game. In the video, they were talking at night, so his appearance is likely limited to the late hours.

Gulliver is also back!

Nintendo Direct - Castaways

Gulliver, the washed up sailor, returns to this Animal Crossing game. Given New Horizon's deserted island theme, he is a great match for the this game's setting.

Warp home immediately via Rescue Service

Nintendo Direct - Rescue Service

Through your NookPhone, you can use the Rescue Service to warp home. It looks like it might cost you Miles to use the service, but this is currently not confirmed. From the music playing when you access it, it seems as if Rescue Service will be operated by Mr. Resetti, so you are likely to meet him through using the service.

Available Island Options

・Building a House ・Storage Space
・Home Decoration Screen ・Island Tours
・Number of Users Per Island ・The NookLink App

You can build a house

Nintendo Direct - House Upgrades Outer

The tent that you receive as your initial home can be upgraded into a full on house.

Your house can also be remodeled

Nintendo Direct - House Upgrades Inner

Just like in previous Animal Crossing games, your house can be expanded multiple times to add more and more rooms.

Built in storage!

Nintendo Direct - House Storage

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, your house has a built in storage space, which means that you can put away furniture and equipment that you aren't using from the items menu.

Huge changes to home decorations

Nintendo Direct - Room Editing

In New Horizons, you can decorate the inside of a room much easier than ever before. Rather than having to put furniture directly in the spot you want it and then pushing it or pulling it into place, you are given a bird's-eye view, where you are able to move furniture and decorations around the room much more freely.

Exchanging Nook Miles for Island Tours

Nintendo Direct - Island Tours

Nook Miles can be exchanged for tickets that will allow you to tour a distant island.

Bring back items from these distant islands

Nintendo Direct - Tour Items

Since you can bring back the items from these island tours, this will likely be a great way to earn money or collect extra DIY materials.

Chance encounters with island residents

Nintendo Direct - Tour Guests

During these island tours, you may have a chance to meet other residents. Currently, it is unknown whether or not you will be able to invite them back to your island.

Up to 8 users can live on one island!

Nintendo Direct - 8 Profiles

In New Horizons, up to Switch 8 users can have their own living space and account on a single island. Each user will need to have their own account on the Switch that is being used, so if you want to do Party Play, make sure everyone has an account to get started.

Party Play allows up to 4 users to play at once

Nintendo Direct - Leader & Followers

While 8 users can all live on one island, Party Play only allows for a maximum of 4 players at once. Party Play will consist of both Leaders and Followers. The Leaders will control where the camera moves to, while Followers will need to stay within the same screen of the Leader.

Items found by followers will get sent to the Recycle Box

Nintendo Direct - Recycle Box

If followers find any items, they will get sent to the Recycle Box at Resident Services.

Introducing the NookLink App

Nintendo Direct - NookLink

A feature called NookLink will allow your to connect your real life smart phone to your Animal Crossing: New Horizons account. More information on NookLink is coming soon.

The service is shceduled to start in March 2020

Nintendo Direct - NookLink Release

NookLink services are planned to launch sometime in March 2020.

When Does NookLink Come Out?

You can scan old Custom Design QR codes

Nintendo Direct - DS Designs

Through NookLink, you can scan QR codes from Custom Designs made in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and use them in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Use your smart phone's keyboard to chat

Nintendo Direct - NookLink Chat

NookLink also allows you to use your phone to chat in-game in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Use voice chat through your smart phone

Nintendo Direct - NookLink Voice Chat

Another feature you can use from your smart phone through NookLink is the voice chat. Since you don't need to type, this feature makes commucation for online play super fast and convenient!

The Vision for Nook's Island

・Bringing in More Residents ・Adding Extra Facilities
・Remodeling Resident Service ・Various Visitors
・Planned Events ・New Species
・Free Updates ・Adding Bridges and Slopes
・Island Designer

Have additional residents move in!

Nintendo Direct - Additional Residents

As you develop your island, Tom Nook will help you invite more residents.

Reserve house locations before they move in

Nintendo Direct - Additional Resident Home Placement

Just like your own home and the home of the initial residents, you are able to decide where future residents will live.

You can also invite residents directly

Nintendo Direct - Invite Residents

It's possible to invite residents directly as well. Be sure to invite them to your island if you spot one of your favorite characters!

You can add island facilities

Nintendo Direct - Museum
Nintendo Direct - Nooks Cranny
Nook's Cranny
Nintendo Direct - Able Sisters
Able Sisters
Nintendo Direct - Campsite

Just like with residents, you'll be able to increase the island facilities as you develop your island. The facilities confirmed in the Animal Crossing Direct were the well-known Museum, Nook's Cranny, the Able Sisters' shop, and a campsite.


The inside of the Museum have gotten some serious upgrades and now looks even more like real aquariums and museums!

Nook's Cranny

Nook's Cranny seems to be roughly the same as in previous games, with the additional of a cabinet. We may be able to see more changes if it becomes possible to upgrade the store.

Able Sisters

Nintendo Direct - Able Sisters Shop
Nintendo Direct - Clothes Shop

The Able Sisters' shop also does not seem to have changed a lot, but the addition of a fitting room makes choosing your new threads a lot more fun!


Like in New Leaf, the campsite will allow residents from afar to visit you, also giving you a chance to invite them to stick around for good.

The Resident Service can be remodeled

Nintendo Direct - Resident Service Expansion

Resident Services start out in a tent, but you will eventually be able to upgrade it into a town hall-like building.

Request house upgrades

Nintendo Direct - Home Options

Once upgraded, you can request remodeling for your house, much like previous games in the series.

Change the color of your house

Nintendo Direct - House Customization

Also like in the previous games, you can change the roof color of your house.

It's possible to move facilities!

Nintendo Direct - Move Shops

At the upgraded Resident Services, you can move the location of island facilities. This means you can bring remotely located buildings together, making it less important how your island is initially laid out.

Welcome Isabelle to the island by expanding Resident Services

Nintendo Direct - Isabelle Good Morning

Expanding the Resident Services will also make the ever helpful Isabelle join you!

Isabelle will help with island development

Nintendo Direct - Island Options

Once Isabelle joins you, she will help you with all matters concerning the island's development.

Many visitors will come to the island


Nintendo Direct - Label


Nintendo Direct - Harvey


Nintendo Direct - Celeste


Nintendo Direct - Saharah

Daisy Mae

Nintendo Direct - Daisy Mae


Nintendo Direct - Kicks

Planned events

Nintendo Direct - Fishing Event

Like the previous Animal Crossing games, New Horizons will have events you can participate in. We think doing these events 8 people together is going to be a lot of fun!

New animal species introduced!

Nintendo Direct - Bug Catching Event

In the Animal Crossing Direct, we also saw a new animal species. While the lizard-looking Bug-Off event holder is named Flick in English, the Japanese name Rex seems to be leaning more towards dinosaurs.

Seasonal events will be free updates

Nintendo Direct - Free Updates 1

It was announced that seasonal events like Halloween and Christmas will be free updates. It's unknown whether there will be event differences between New Horizon and older games in the series, but it might be a good idea to look into the events of previous games to refresh your memory.

Build bridges and slopes

Nintendo Direct - Stone Bridge
Nintendo Direct - Log Staircase

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, in addition to bridges to cross rivers, you can build slopes to go up hills.

Use Island Designer to freely shape your island

Nintendo Direct - Island Designer

Once you have developed your island enough, Island Designer will be unlocked, making it possible to freely change your island.

Make paths

Nintendo Direct - Island Paths

Using Island Designer you can freely make paths. In the previous games, you had to make paths by saving patterns in Custom Designs and then use those to make paths, but now you can easily make paths just by using the feature.

Make roads across rivers with Waterscaping

Nintendo Direct - River Landscaping

Once you have the Waterscaping permit, you can use the Island designer to make paths across rivers. It's unknown if there will be any downsides to using this, but it seems like this makes the need to create bridges quite low.

Use Cliff-Construction to take down cliffs

Nintendo Direct - Cliff Landscaping

On top of using Waterscaping tools to modify rivers, you can build and remove cliffs using the Cliff-Construction permit.

Utilize your permits to make waterfalls!

Nintendo Direct - Waterfall

With Waterscaping, you can extend rivers and even make waterfalls by using it on top of cliffs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I play the game together with my family on a single Nintendo Switch system?


Up to 8 users can have their own accounts on one Switch

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, It is possible for multiple users to live on the same island. Up to eight people can have their own houses on the same island, but it will first require you to make separate profiles for each user.

While it is not yet know if any type of split-screen multiplayer will be available, you can play with up to four players at once via Party Play.

Q2: Does this game support amiibo?

FAQ 1.png

New Horizons support amiibos


Like previous Animal Crossing games, you will be able to use amiibos with New Horizons. Of course, this includes the amiibo cards.

List of amiibos and Compatibility

Q3: Do you have any more information about visiting friends?

FAQ 2.png

You can interact with both friends and players not registered as friends

In addition to being able to play with your registered friends, you can also meet and play with users who are not registered on your friend's list, via a temporary password.

However, while on other islands, tools like Axes and Shovels cannot be used, unless the user is registered as a best friend.

Do You Have to Pay for Online? (How to Play Online)

Q4: What if I lose my save data?

FAQ 3.png

A backup save data recovery system is on its way

Animal Crossing is not compatible with the Nintendo Save Data Cloud Service. However, there will be a feature to be released at a later date, which will allow for recovery of saved data when it has been lost due to unforeseen circumstances.

Q4: Will there be a special themed system to go along with the game?

FAQ 4.png

A Special Edition Animal Crossing themed system is coming!

Nintendo Direct - Switch

The previously delayed Special Edition Animal Crossing Themed Nintendo Switch Set and Carrying Set pre-order release date has been officially set as as March 7th. It will go on sale March 13th, a week before the release of the game.

Active Animal Crossing Edition Switch Giveaways

Q4: Will there be free updates?

FAQ 5.png

Updates provided for seasonal events

There will be several free updates for Animal Crossing, which will allow you to take part in various seasonal events.

The first update will take place on March 20th, the day the game is released!

Update Information & How to Update

Older Animal Crossing New Horizons Information

Pre-Order and Pre-load Period has Begun!

Pre-Order and Pre-Loading for Animal Crossing began on 2/8. If you Pre-Load the game, you will be able to play it almost instantaneously after release, so if you are dying to play this game as quickly as possible, this is for you!

Best Pre Order Bonuses

Official Animal Crossing New Horizons Commercial

A new Television Spot was released on 1/1/2020 to promote the upcoming release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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