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This is a guide to May Day, a tour event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for the Nintendo Switch. If you want to know Event Items and Rewards, when May Day happens, how to obtain the May Day Ticket, or what you can do during the tour, read on!

May Day Maze Walkthrough

Video Guide

Bee has taken on the role of Worker Bee, so you Busy Bees out there can breeze through the May Day Maze!

Steps to Complete the Maze and Get All Bell Vouchers

Maze Walkthrough
  1. Dig up the shrub and tree.
  2. Go all the way up, then left.
  3. Follow the path and find the worn axe.
  4. Use the axe on the top left tree.
  5. Return to the three paths.
  6. Get the wood and break the rock.
  7. Dig up the tree and craft an axe.
  8. Get the fruits behind a tree.
  9. Head to the top area.
  10. Get to Rover!
  11. Dig up the shrub nearby.
  12. Make a path and destroy the 3 rocks.

1. Dig up the shrub and tree

ACNH - May Day Maze Guide 1 (1).png
First, grab the shovel toolbox on the ground and dig up the shrub that's blocking your way to a fruit.

Proceed to eat the Fruit and dig up the Tree straight ahead.

2. Go all the way up, then left

ACNH - May Day Maze Guide 4 (1).png
Jump over two Rivers and make you way as far up as you can, then jump over another river to the left and follow the path to get a tree branch.

3. Follow the path and find the worn axe

ACNH - May Day Maze Guide 3 (1).png
Following the path, you'll jump over a River while heading to the right.

This new location gives you three different paths. Leave the first one for now and go down the third one for a tree branch and a stone, and down the second and middle path for a tree branch and a worn axe.

4. Use the axe on the top left tree

Jump back up to the spot where you can go down three paths, then backtrack over the River to the left and head for the Tree in the top left corner.

Cuting it down with the worn axe will make the Axe break. Dig up the tree stump to gain a tree branch and two fruits.

5. Return to the three paths

ACNH - May Day Screenshot 14.png
From the area you just got Items from, head down and back to the area where you could go down three different paths.

Go down the first one to get a tree branch, then eat a fruit to break the rock on this path and get an iron nugget.

6. Get the wood and break the rock

ACNH - May Day Screenshot 13.png
Go all the way back to the tree you cut down in the top left, but head right, back the path you first entered from.

Once you jump over the river, head right at the first intersection to find 3 pieces of wood. A bit further down you'll find a rock, so eat a fruit and break it.

7. Dig up the tree and craft an axe

ACNH - May Day Screenshot 16.png
After you break the Rock, you will find another Fruit and two DIY Recipes, one for Flimsy Axe and one for a proper Axe.

Learn the Recipes if you don't already have them, then go ahead and craft the Axe!

8. Get the fruits behind a tree

ACNH - May Day Screenshot 17.png
Go out of the area with the DIY Workbench and head left, jumping over three rivers. Cut down the Tree on the other side to get two fruits.

9. Head to the top area

ACNH - May Day Screenshot 18.png
Once you have the fruit, go up, jumping over one river on the way.

After that, you'll have to head back to the area with three paths and down the first path again.

Cut down the tree blocking your way to the final piece of fruit and head for the three trees at the top.

10. Get to Rover

ACNH - May Day Screenshot 1.png
Cut down and dig up the three trees to get to Rover. Yay, you got through the maze!

11. Dig up the shrub nearby

Bell Vouchers by Rover
To the left of where Rover is, you can find 4 Bell Vouchers behind a bush.

12. Make a path and destroy the 3 rocks

Break the Last Rocks for all the Treasure
To get to the left side of the island and down to the 3 rocks waiting to be destroyed by your fruity powers, you have to dig up three shrubs behind the tree by the campfire.

Once they're gone, you can head left and then down the beach to find the last Treasure on the island.

Eat your 3 pieces of fruit and get the last 5 Bell vouchers. That's all you can get from this island, congratulations!

If You Fail, Reset(ti)

ACNH - May Day Screenshot 21.png
For 100 Miles and a call to Rescue Service center, you can reset the maze. It's not that expensive, so use it if you don't have enough fruits at the end!

You Cannot Bring Items Home

Don't waste your time digging up the shrubs, you will not be able to take them home. The only things you can have back on your island are the rewards you get, which is Rover's Briefcase, and the Bell Vouchers.

When Is May Day?

May Day Dates

May Day Event Information

Availability May 1, 2020 to May 7, 2020

May Day will be held from May 1 to May 7, 2020. Anyone with an internet connection will be able to play the free update.

Latest Update Info & How to Update

What Do You Do on May Day?

Obtain the May Day Ticket from Tom Nook

You can only use May Day Tickets until the 7th of May
Once the event has started, go to Resident Services and talk to Tom Nook to get your May Day Ticket. You only get one, so don't throw it away!

Fly to the Special Island for the May Day Event

Use the May Day Ticket at the Airport
Like like when you spend Nook Miles Tickets to go on Mystery Tours, you have to go to the Airport to use your May Day Ticket.

From there, you'll be flown to a special island available only for this event!

Mystery Island Tours

You Can't Bring Any Items

No Items on the May Day Tour
Everything in your inventory will be kept at the Airport when you take off, so you'll have to use the Tools and Materials you find in the Maze on the island to clear the event.

No buying Tools off Orville either, sneaky you, so pay careful attention to how you use the items at your disposal!

Find Treasure in the Maze!

Treasure in the May Day Maze
You'll need the Tools and Materials you find to clear the Maze, and you won't be able to bring anything other than Rover's Brief Case and the Bell Vouchers you find back from the May Day island, so focus on getting to Rover with 3 pieces of fruit left in your inventory.

You Can Start Over Using the Rescue Service

If you ever get stuck in the maze, you can use the Rescue Services for 100 Nook Miles to go back to the port and reset the maze.

Clear the Maze and Talk to Rover

Mysterious Cat.jpg
Once you clear the maze and get to Rover, he'll reward you with Rover's Briefcase, a unique May Day item.

He'll also hint that you seem to be destined to run into each other again sometime, so he might visit your island in future events!

The Rewards will be sent in Letters

Get your May Day Rewards from Letters
Once you get back from the May Day island, you can find 2 letters in your mailbox.

One has the Briefcase, the other has whatever amount of Bell Vouchers you managed to find.

May Day Exclusive Rewards and Items

One Special Item: Rover's Briefcase

May Day Event Rewards
Once succesfully completing the maze, you can get one unique item, Rover's Briefcase, which can only be received on this event.

9 Bell Vouchers Worth 27,000 Bells

You can also get a max of 9 Bell Vouchers, which you can sell at Nook's Cranny for a total of 27,000 Bells.

If you don't have 3 pieces of fruit when you reach Rover, you'll only be able to get 4 Bell Vouchers, which is only 12,000 Bells worth.

5 Bell Vouches on the Bottom Left 4 Bell Vouchers on the Top Right
Bell vouchers 1.jpg Bell vouchers 2.jpg

You Cannot Take the Bushes Home

Other than the items above, you cannot take other items home, such as the bushes on the island. They will be gone when you return to your island.

When Can You Get the May Day Ticket?

Between May 1 to May 7

May Day Announcement.png
After connecting to the internet on the 1st of May or after, you will be able to get the May Day Ticket at Resident Services.

Isabelle will also mention this in her broadcast, so you can use that to check if you can access the event or not.

Have a Second User Play if You Want to Go Again

You can only get 1 May Day Ticket which can be redeemed for 1 tour. If you want to go on another May Day Tour, you can have another user play the event, or create one if you haven't yet.

What to Do if the Event Won't Start

Make sure your Switch has the correct date and time

Switch Time and Date
If the date of your Switch doesn't match the date and time of the May Day event, you won't be able to participate. If you're a time traveller, you'll need to revert the date and time to one of the event dates.

Time Traveling Guide

Connect to the Internet

If your Nintendo Switch has not connected to the Internet since before midnight on May 1, the May Day Event will not start, even if your in-game clock is on the correct date.

Although a notification for an Update will not occur, your Switch will still need to connect to the Internet to gain access to the event.

What Is May Day?

Celebrating the Achievement of Workers

ACNH - May Day Screenshot 6.png
May Day honors International Workers' Day, which is celebrated annually on the 1st of May. The day celebrates the achievement of hard-working people all over the world.Times have been especially tough lately, so let's show our gratitude by participating in May Day!

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