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See all the things to do in June in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn about all June events, seasonal items, birthdays, new June bugs, fish, and sea creatures, and critters leaving in June!

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Sea Creatures Birthdays Daily To-Dos

List of All Events

List of Events in June

ACNH - Wedding SeasonWedding Season June 1 to June 31
(Northern Hemipshere)
Reese and Cyrus need your help this Wedding Season!

Head on over to Harv's Island and take photos that will last forever!
ACNH - International ChildrenInternational Children's Day June 1 to June 15
Stay playful with the Handmade Cape and Handmade Crown for International Children's Day!

For all things playful, look no further than Nook Shopping
ACNH - FatherFather's Day June 1 to June 30
To thank them for all the hard work they do, why not gift the Thank-You Dad Apron and Thank-You Dad Mug for Father's Day!

Order these items on Nook Shopping!
Boys' Day(?) June 5 to June 14
We'll keep you up-to-date as more information drops!
ACNH - FlickFlick's Bug-Off June 26
(Northern Hemipshere)
Set your eyes on the prize because Flick's holding the Bug-Off!

Catch as many bugs as you can and trade in points for rewards!
ACNH - Summer SolsticeSummer Solstice June 15 to June 21
(Northern Hemipshere)
Celebrate the celestial event with summery sunflowers!

You can purchase the Sunflower Crown and Sunflower Rug on Nook Shopping.
ACNH - Winter SolsticeWinter Solstice June 15 to June 21
(Southern Hemipshere)
Why not bring the aurora borealis home?

Order the Aurora Wall and Midwinter Sweater exclusively for the Winter Solstice!

All Bugs in June

Click the links below for the full list of Bugs in June!

ACNH - Northern Hemisphere IconNorthern Hemisphere ACNH - Southern Hemisphere IconSouthern Hemisphere

How to Catch Bugs | List of Rare Bugs

New Bugs in June

Northern Hemisphere
Emperor Butterfly ImageEmperor Butterfly Firefly ImageFirefly Drone Beetle ImageDrone Beetle Goliath Beetle ImageGoliath Beetle
Rainbow Stag ImageRainbow Stag Mosquito ImageMosquito
Southern Hemisphere
Emperor Butterfly ImageEmperor Butterfly Rajah BrookeRajah Brooke's Birdwing Dung Beetle ImageDung Beetle

Bugs Leaving in June

Northern Hemisphere
Common Butterfly ImageCommon Butterfly Yellow Butterfly ImageYellow Butterfly Peacock Butterfly ImagePeacock Butterfly Firefly ImageFirefly
Ladybug ImageLadybug Violin Beetle ImageViolin Beetle Pill Bug ImagePill Bug Centipede ImageCentipede
Southern Hemisphere

All Fish in June

Click the links below for the full list of Fish in June!

ACNH - Northern Hemisphere IconNorthern Hemisphere ACNH - Southern Hemisphere IconSouthern Hemisphere

How to Catch Fish Easily | Fishing Guide

New Fish in June

Northern Hemisphere
Giant Snakehead ImageGiant Snakehead Tilapia ImageTilapia Piranha ImagePiranha Arowana ImageArowana
Dorado ImageDorado Gar ImageGar Arapaima ImageArapaima Saddled Bichir ImageSaddled Bichir
Ribbon Eel ImageRibbon Eel Saw Shark ImageSaw Shark Hammerhead Shark ImageHammerhead Shark Great White Shark ImageGreat White Shark
Whale Shark ImageWhale Shark Suckerfish ImageSuckerfish
Southern Hemisphere
Pond Smelt ImagePond Smelt Stringfish ImageStringfish Sea Butterfly ImageSea Butterfly Squid ImageSquid
Oarfish ImageOarfish

Fish Leaving in June

Northern Hemisphere
Cherry Salmon ImageCherry Salmon Char ImageChar
Southern Hemisphere
Pike ImagePike

All Sea Creatures in June

Click the links below for the full list of Sea Creatures in June!

ACNH - Northern Hemisphere IconNorthern Hemisphere ACNH - Southern Hemisphere IconSouthern Hemisphere

How to Catch Sea Creatures Easily

New Sea Creatures in June

Northern Hemisphere
Sea Grapes ImageSea Grapes Tiger Prawn ImageTiger Prawn Gazami Crab ImageGazami Crab Abalone ImageAbalone
Mussel ImageMussel
Southern Hemisphere
Lobster ImageLobster

Sea Creatures Leaving in June

Northern Hemisphere
Lobster ImageLobster Firefly Squid ImageFirefly Squid Chambered Nautilus ImageChambered Nautilus
Southern Hemisphere
Sea Slug ImageSea Slug Sea Anemone ImageSea Anemone Sea Star ImageSea Star Spiny Lobster ImageSpiny Lobster
Mantis Shrimp ImageMantis Shrimp Acorn Barnacle ImageAcorn Barnacle Octopus ImageOctopus Turban Shell ImageTurban Shell
Whelk ImageWhelk Scallop ImageScallop Mussel ImageMussel Pearl Oyster ImagePearl Oyster

List of Villager Birthdays in June

Keaton Image

(June 1)
Lucy Image

(June 2)
Filbert Image

(June 3)
Reneigh Image

(June 4)
Camofrog Image

(June 5)
Raddle Image

(June 6)
Zell Image

(June 7)
Peanut Image

(June 8)
Cyd Image

(June 9)
Alfonso Image

(June 9)
Walker Image

(June 10)
Pudge Image

(June 11)
Bettina Image

(June 12)
Scoot Image

(June 13)
Pippy Image

(June 14)
Maple Image

(June 15)
Roscoe Image

(June 16)
Tangy Image

(June 17)
Spike Image

(June 17)
Cookie Image

(June 18)
Sally Image

(June 19)
Graham Image

(June 20)
Sydney Image

(June 21)
Jacques Image

(June 22)
Tammy Image

(June 23)
Bluebear Image

(June 24)
Drake Image

(June 25)
Marina Image

(June 26)
Deena Image

(June 27)
Kidd Image

(June 28)
Merry Image

(June 29)
Weber Image

(June 30)
Broccolo Image

(June 30)

List of All Villagers

Daily To-Dos

ACNH - Dig Up Fossil

To learn more about activities you should do your island, check out our guide on Daily & Weekly To-Do List!

Daily & Weekly To-Do List

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Couldn't sleep so decided to fish... I must say fishes with fins are easier to catch than others like Marlin, Tuna, and Coelacanth, etc. They are easily distinguishable, and I caught at least 6 white sharks and a few more other sharks :D. June is great for fishing expensive fishes :).

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