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Learn how to effectively apply Feng Shui in decorating your house in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for Switch. Read on to learn more about Feng Shui and its effects in the game.

What is Feng Shui in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

System of Placing Furniture

ACNH - Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a system where furniture and flowers of a certain color are placed in a certain place in your room. The main colors are red, yellow, and green, but there are also areas where two colors are used.

Reflected in Your Happy Home Academy Points

ACNH - Happy Home Academy Mail - Feng Shui Tip

The way you apply Feng Shui in your house decoration is reflected in your Happy Home Academy points. Sometimes when receiving their mail, they will tell you tips.

To learn more about getting points and raising your HHA rank, check our guide!
How to Raise Your Happy Home Academy (HHA) Rank

Affects Your Luck

In Animal Crossing, there is a hidden feature called Luck. In previous games, there are other ways to increase your luck, but in New Horizons, your luck is determined by Feng Shui in your house.

How to Apply Feng Shui in Room Decoration

Arrange Furniture of Color in Areas

Feng Shui Areas
4×4 6×6 8×8

Feng Shui only applies to the main room of your house.

Based on the size of your room, you can follow how your furniture will be placed to get maximum luck.

In the areas where two colors are used, you can place Furniture of either color without getting HHA point deductions, but you earn the most by placing Furniture that is a combination of both colors without getting a point deduction.

Another thing to note is that furniture series does not matter in Feng Shui, so as long as you place the furniture of color in the correct area.

Items on Wall are Evaluated

ACNH - Feng Shui on wall

In addition to placing furniture on the floor, the items mounted on the wall are also evaluated. You can get the item of the same color multiple times through the Nook Shopping catalog and place them along the walls of your home.

Place items vertically on the wall

There are four rows where you can hang items vertically to get maximum application of Feng Shui.

Designing Your House - How to Use Storage and Decorating Mode

Items with Custom Design are Affected

ACNH - Changing Colors in Custom Design Editor

Feng Shui is also applied to items that have been customized with a custom pattern. If you do not have an item of color, we recommend customizing your furniture to the appropriate color.

How to Customize Your Furniture, Phone, and Tools

Utilize Small Items for Best Effect

ACNH - Small green items

Only parts of the room are affected by Feng Shui, so it's better to use as many small pieces of furniture as possible to rack up points! Items placed on top of tables and dressers also count, so a good strategy is placing many small items on top of Furniture with surfaces.

Effects of Feng Shui

Feng Shui Colors & Related Luck

Overall Luck.png
Overall Luck

We are still investigating on the effects of Feng Shui in the game. If you would like to contribute, leave us a comment below!

Comment Section

Rates of Items from Balloons [All Colors]

Feng Shui Furniture Bells Clothes DIY Recipes Materials
3 5 2 0 0
5 1 2 0 2
Overall Luck
Overall Luck
3 2 1 4 0

The table above is a result of each team member, who specializes in one Feng Shui color, popping 10 balloons. This has not been proven to be accurate, but we believe that Feng Shui and luck affect the rates of balloon content.

DIY Recipes are more difficult to collect, so we suggest raising your Overall Luck to increase the probability of getting them from balloons.

How to Get Presents from Balloons

High-Priced Item Lineup in Shops [Red/Green]

ACNH - Air conditioner at Nook
Feng Shui Color
ACNH - Items
ACNH - Overall Luck
Overall Luck

Raising your Item luck will increase the chance of seeing valuable items with high prices in stores.

Easier to Get Reactions [Red]

ACNH - Learning Encouraging Reaction
Feng Shui Color

Reactions are rarely taught by residents, but by increasing your Overall Luck, you can collect Reactions more frequently.
How to Unlock Reactions

Increases the Chance of Residents Buying Items from You [Yellow]

ACNH - Buying items
Feng Shui Color

Raising your Bell luck increases the chance of residents buying items that you have on-hand. If you are increasing your luck, you should also talk to the residents positively as this will increase your friendship with them. You can also receive items from them in exchange such as clothing or furniture, instead of Bells.

Will Rare Critters Appear More? [All Colors]

ACNH - Bug catching
Feng Shui Color
Overall Luck
Overall Luck

We observed that rare bugs and fish appear more after completing all the colors in Feng Shui. If you are trying to complete your Critterpedia, you might want to consider trying out Feng Shui, as there is no harm done.

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