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This is a guide on how to find Shooting Stars, as well as how to make wishes on Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). If you want to learn about Meteor Showers, and what you can get from making wishes, such as Star Fragments and Zodiac Fragments, please read on.

Shooting Stars & Star Fragments
How to Find Celeste How to Get Shooting Stars
Zodiac Series Recipes Space Series Recipes
Star Fragment IconStar Fragment Large Star Fragment IconLarge Star Fragment ACNH - Aquarius Fragment Icon.pngZodiac Fragments

When Do Shooting Stars Appear

May Appear On Clear Nights from 7 PM to 4 AM

A shooting star passing by.jpg

Shooting Star Appearance Time 7PM to 4AM

Shooting Stars can appear randomly on clear nights, although there will be no announcement for it, so you will have to check for yourself.

What Time Do Shooting Stars Start?

You will not know how much long you need to wait, but when the night is clear and stars can be seen, check the sky starting from 7 PM to 4 AM as Shooting Stars appear on those hours.

All Types of Special Weather

Check if Celeste is on Your Island

Celeste on your island.jpg
If Celeste is on your island, it is guaranteed that Shooting Stars will appear on that night. You can receive a recipe from her too!

How to Find Celeste and All DIY Recipes

How to Make Shooting Stars Appear

ACNH - Shooting stars villager.png
Shooting Stars are natural occurances and cannot be forced to appear or spawn. There are no ways to trigger Shooting Stars to appear, so you will just have to check during the night.

Unlike events and weekly visitors, there is no way to tell when Shooting Stars can appear, but the villagers on your island give you hints.

When Do Meteor Showers Occur

Meteor Showers are Random Events

Unlike weekly visitors like Daisy Mae and K.K. Slider, Meteor Showers are random events that occur in the game.

Like shooting stars, they can start anytime from 7 PM to 4 AM.

Shooting Stars Spawn More During Meteor Showers

Meteor Showers cause more Shooting Stars to appear at a time. You may see multiple Shooting Stars at once during a Meteor Shower.

There Will Be An Announcement

Meteor Shower announcement.jpg
Tom Nook or Isabelle will mention this on the day of the Meteor Shower during the daily island-wide broadcast. There is no other way to know prior to the day itself.

No Announcement?

Residents will also tell you about the meteor shower!

Villager talking about the meteor shower.jpg
The Meteor Show might not be announced if there is another event such as a Fishing Tourney or a resident's birthday. However, the residents can tell you about it so always talk to your neighbors!

Shooting Stars Will Appear Even When It is Cloudy

Shooting Star on Cloudy Night.jpg
On the day of a Meteor Shower, Shooting Stars will still appear even if it is cloudy. You will still be able to see them so keep an eye out!

How to See Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars Make a Sound When They Fall

The moment a Shooting Star passes through the sky, it will create a twinkling sound. Even if the camera is facing down or you are doing something else, it will still make this sound. We recommend setting your volume on high so you will not miss it.

Tilt the Camera Up to See the Sky

A shooting star passing by.jpg
If you hear a twinkling sound, or see something move in the sky, immediately tilt the camera up using the Right Control Stick.

How to Make a Wish on a Shooting Star

Press A When a Shooting Star Appears


Press the A button while a Shooting Star is falling, and your character will make a wish. You can confirm this if the star twinkles when you press A.

Make can wish multiple times to get up to 20 Star Fragments the next day.

You Can Also Wish on Other Islands

Making a Wish on a Friend
You can also make a wish on a Shooting Star on your friend's island. By doing so, both of you can find Star Fragments on your beach the next day, so you might want to cooperate with a friend to get them!

Make new friends through our Friend Request Board!

If you want to add friends in New Horizons, you can check out our Friend Request Board!
Friend Request Board (2220)

What You Can Get from Wishing on Shooting Stars

Get Star Fragments

These will be scattered along the beach on the day after you make wishes on Shooting Stars. These appear more frequently than Large Star Fragments and Zodiac Fragments.

How to Get Star Fragments Fast

Get Rare Large Star Fragments

The day after you make a wish on a Shooting Star, you will have a small chance of obtaining a Large Star Fragment. These are rare, so you'll need to try multiple times to obtain more than one Large Star Fragment.
How to Get Large Star Fragments Fast

Get Rare Zodiac Fragments

Aries Fragment.jpg
There is a slim chance you can get Zodiac Fragments the day after you make a wish on a Shooting Star. The type of Zodiac Fragment depends on the month, and these are extremely rare.

List of Zodiac Fragments

Zodiac Fragments
Aquarius Fragment IconAquarius Fragment Pisces Fragment IconPisces Fragment Aries Fragment IconAries Fragment Taurus Fragment IconTaurus Fragment Gemini Fragment IconGemini Fragment Cancer Fragment IconCancer Fragment
Leo Fragment IconLeo Fragment Virgo Fragment IconVirgo Fragment Libra Fragment IconLibra Fragment Scorpio Fragment IconScorpio Fragment Sagittarius Fragment IconSagittarius Fragment Capricorn Fragment IconCapricorn Fragment

Get Nook Miles for Making Wishes

Wishes Come True Nook Miles.jpg
The more wishes you make, the more Nook Miles you get with the "Wishes Come True" Nook Mileage activity. Make sure to makes lots of wishes!

Wishes Come True
Activity Summary Miles Titles
Make a wish to a shooting star once. 300 Late-Night/Meteorite
Make wishes to shooting stars 30 times. 1000 Wishful/Legend
Make wishes to shooting stars 200 times. 2000 Overnight/Superstar

Get DIY Recipes from Celeste

Get recipe from Celeste.jpg
When you talk to Celeste, who appears to watch the Shooting Star, she'll give you one of the above recipes which use Star Fragments. However, the Recipe which you will receive is randomly selected.

When you complete her recipes, she will give you a Zodiac fragment of that season instead.

How to Find Celeste and All DIY Recipes

DIY Recipes from Celeste

Each month, you can also get a recipe from the Zodiac series.

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