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Learn all about Ornaments, a new type of Material availabe during Festive Season in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). If you want to learn how to get different kinds of Ornaments, as well as what they are used for, please read on!

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When To Get Ornaments

ACNH - A resident shakes a snow-covered festive tree

Dates December 15 to January 6

As Toy Day is nearing, we celebrate the joy of gift-giving! Pine trees will get decorated with illuminating lights, and you can shake those trees to get ornaments!

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, you will celebrate this during the season of Winter. In the Southern Hemisphere, you will celebrate this during Summer instead!

How to Get Ornaments Fast

Shake Festive Trees

ACNH - A resident shakes a festive tree

Once the Festive Season starts, Isabelle will make an announcement on how she decorated the cedar (pine) trees with ornaments.

You can shake these trees to get Ornaments, with the Gold Ornament being the rarest of the three.

Types of Ornaments and Number Required to Create All DIYs

Material Quantity
Red Ornament IconRed Ornament 36
Blue Ornament IconBlue Ornament 43
Gold Ornament IconGold Ornament 42

How Do You Use Ornaments

Use Them for DIY Crafting

Big Festive Tree ImageBig Festive Tree Falling-Snow Wall ImageFalling-Snow Wall Festive Rug ImageFestive Rug Festive Top Set ImageFestive Top Set
Festive Tree ImageFestive Tree Festive Wrapping Paper ImageFestive Wrapping Paper Giant Ornament ImageGiant Ornament Gift Pile ImageGift Pile
Holiday Candle ImageHoliday Candle Illuminated Present ImageIlluminated Present Illuminated Reindeer ImageIlluminated Reindeer Illuminated Snowflakes ImageIlluminated Snowflakes
Illuminated Tree ImageIlluminated Tree Jingle Wall ImageJingle Wall Ornament Crown ImageOrnament Crown Ornament Garland ImageOrnament Garland
Ornament Mobile ImageOrnament Mobile Ornament Table Lamp ImageOrnament Table Lamp Ornament Tree ImageOrnament Tree Ornament Wreath ImageOrnament Wreath
Tabletop Festive Tree ImageTabletop Festive Tree

Ornaments are used as DIY crafting material to create the item(s) shown above.

These items are part of the Festive Series, a furniture and item set available during the Festive Season.

List of Festive Series Furniture & Item Recipes

Use Them for Festive Wrapping Paper

ACNH - Jingle tells the resident to craft wrappping paper

During Toy Day, Jingle will give you a DIY recipe for Festive Wrapping Paper. You need to craft 3 in order to help him give out gifts to the villagers. You can also use it as a unique variant of wrapping papers for an extra special gift!

Toy Day Event Guide

Collect Festive Recipes from Balloon Presents

ACNH - A balloon floats in front of Resident Services

Festive Season December 15 to January 6
(Northern & Southern Hemisphere)

DIY recipes for Festive items can be obtained from popping balloons during the Festive Season.

How to Get Presents from Balloons

What to Do When Ornaments Don't Appear

Grow Cedar (Pine) Trees

ACNH - A cedar tree surrounded by ornaments
Ornaments are only displayed on Cedar trees. Other trees such as hardwoods and fruit trees do not spawn ornaments.

Prepare Empty Spaces on the Ground

ACNH - A resident shakes a festive tree
Similar to fruits, ornaments will disappear when there's no available space for them to fall into. Make sure you have enough space for the best yields!

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