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You can find Mushrooms on the ground near trees in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). You can pick up and use Mushrooms to craft mushroom related DIY Recipes. Learn the best way to get and use Mushrooms with our guide below!

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Mushroom Series Items
How to Get Mushrooms Fast

List of Mushroom Types

Mushroom Sell Price Rarity Spawn Location
Round Mushroom IconRound Mushroom 200 Bells Common On The Ground
Skinny Mushroom IconSkinny Mushroom 300 Bells Common On The Ground
Flat Mushroom IconFlat Mushroom 200 Bells Common On The Ground
Elegant Mushroom IconElegant Mushroom 10000 Bells Rare On The Ground
Rare Mushroom IconRare Mushroom 16000 Bells Very Rare Buried Under Ground

When Do Mushrooms Appear

Mushrooms Appear During the Mushroom Season

ACNH - Isabelle announces the start of Mushroom Season

Northern Hemisphere November 1 to November 30
Southern Hemisphere May 1 to May 31

Mushrooms will start to appear during the last month of Fall. This is known as Mushroom Season, which occurs in November for Northern Hemisphere players and May for Southern Hemisphere players.

How to Get Mushrooms Fast

Plant Trees Close to Each Other

ACNH - How to Get Mushrooms -Trees Bounty header.png
5 pieces of mushroom will grow around Hardwood and Pine (Cedar) trees each day during Mushrooming Season. We recommend planting trees close to each other so you can collect them easily.

How Close Can You Plant Trees?

Consider cutting down trees if there is too much

If you have a lot of trees scattered around your island, you might want to consider decreasing its number, as it may take you time to look for the 5 pieces of mushroom each day.

Time-Travel and Collect

ACNH - Isabelle closes off her daily announcement

Mushrooms will not increase unless you have the daily broadcast

Up to 30 mushrooms can appear on your island at a time, but mushrooms will not appear for the day unless you have the daily island-wide broadcast, even if you skip 2 days or more.

Be sure to skip one day at a time, listen to the broadcast, and save. You can do this for 6 days, and then collect the 30 mushrooms.

Time Traveling Guide

Mushrooms disappear after Mushroom Season

Once the new month starts at 5 AM (December for Northern Hemisphere, and June for Southern Hemisphere), all grown mushrooms around the island will be gone.

However, mushrooms that you have picked up and dropped will not disappear.

Mushroom Growth Guide

  • Mushrooms do not increase by breeding.
  • 5 pieces of mushroom grow around trees and stumps each day.
  • Up to 30 pieces of mushroom can appear on your island at a time.
  • Mushrooms do not grow around Fruit trees and Bamboo.
  • Mushroom appearance rates depend on your island rating.

Mushrooms Do Not Increase by Breeding

ACNH - A resident cross-breeds flowers
Unlike flowers, mushrooms do not increase in number by breeding. They will naturally grow around trees in a fixed number each day.

5 Pieces of Mushroom Grow Around Trees and Stumps Each Day

ACNH - A student stares at a round mushroom
Each day, 5 pieces of mushroom will grow around your island. You can find them around Hardwood or Pine (Cedar) Trees, or stumps.

One mushroom, in particular, called Rare Mushroom, can be found buried around trees.

Up to 30 Pieces of Mushroom Can Appear On Your Island at a Time

ACNH - Mushrooms spawn on an island
The max number of mushrooms that can appear on your island at a time is 30. Take note that no more mushrooms will appear after this until you pick them up, even if you skip the time.

Mushrooms Do Not Grow Around Fruit Trees and Bamboo

ACNH - A visual chart showing that mushrooms don
Please take note that mushrooms do not grow around Fruit and Bamboo trees.

Mushrooms Do Not Grow on Mystery Islands

ACNH - A resident enters a Mystery Island
Mushrooms do not grow on Mystery Islands, so it is not necessary to go on a Mystery Island tour to get some mushrooms.

Mushroom Appearance Rates Depend on Your Island Rating

In our tests, the higher your island's rating, the higher the chances of getting Elegant Mushrooms and Rare Mushrooms.

Mushroom 3-Star 4-Star 5-Star
Round Mushroom IconRound Mushroom Very common Common Common
Skinny Mushroom IconSkinny Mushroom Very common Very common Common
Flat Mushroom IconFlat Mushroom Very common Common Common
Elegant Mushroom IconElegant Mushroom Very Rare Rare Rare
Rare Mushroom IconRare Mushroom Very Rare Rare Rare

How Do You Use Mushrooms

Use Them for DIY Crafting

Mushroom Wreath ImageMushroom Wreath Mushroom Wand ImageMushroom Wand Mush Wall ImageMush Wall Mush Umbrella ImageMush Umbrella
Mush Table ImageMush Table Mush Partition ImageMush Partition Mush Parasol ImageMush Parasol Mush Low Stool ImageMush Low Stool
Mush Log ImageMush Log Mush Lamp ImageMush Lamp Forest Wall ImageForest Wall Forest Flooring ImageForest Flooring

Mushrooms are used as a DIY crafting material to create the item(s) shown above.

List of Mushroom Series Furniture & Item Recipes

Sell Them for Instant Bells

If you need extra Bells, Elegant and Rare Mushrooms sell for over 10,000 Bells. However, as mushrooms are time-limited materials, we recommend using them to craft items instead.

Mushroom Sell Price
Elegant Mushroom IconElegant Mushroom 10,000 Bells
Rare Mushroom IconRare Mushroom 16,000 Bells

Eat Them for a Temporary Strength Boost

Eat food.jpg
Like fruits, you can eat mushrooms for a temporary boost of strength. This allows you to dig up trees and break rocks.

If you'd like to learn more about what happens if you eat fruit, or any other food, check out the page below.

What Happens When You Eat Fruit?

List of Mushroom Materials

All Mushroom Materials
Elegant Mushroom IconElegant Mushroom Flat Mushroom IconFlat Mushroom Rare Mushroom IconRare Mushroom
Round Mushroom IconRound Mushroom Skinny Mushroom IconSkinny Mushroom -

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