How to Unlock and Make Accent Walls | ACNH - Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - How to Unlock and Make Accent Walls

Add life to your living room with Accent Walls in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH)! Learn how to unlock and get rid of accent walls, and how to use them with our guide!

How to Unlock Accent Walls

From Nook Miles

ACNH - Pro Decorating License

Accent Walls are unlocked by purchasing the Pro Decorating License for 2,500 Miles at the Nook Stop Terminal.

How to Get Nook Miles Fast

From Happy Home Paradise

ACNH - Pro Decorating License Refund Miles

Accent Walls are also unlocked during the Happy Home Paradise DLC.

If you already purchased the Pro Decorating License and progressed through the DLC, Tom Nook will send you a letter refunding the 2,500 miles you spent.

Happy Home Paradise DLC Walkthrough

How to Make Accent Walls

ACNH - A resident puts on an accent wall

To set an accent wall, face the wall you want to accent and choose the Set Accent Wall option while selecting the wallpaper.

How to Use Accent Walls in Decorating Mode

ACNH - Decorating Mode Accent Walls

You can also place accent walls in Decorating Mode by highlighting the wallpaper and pressing the X Button. You can also remove accent walls by pressing X again on the highlighted wallpaper!

Use Custom Designs as Accent Walls

ACNH - Using a Custom Design as Accent Wallpaper

You can also use Custom Designs as Accent Walls! They will be available as part of the Custom Design Patterns+ set which you can buy at the Nook Stop for 1,800 Miles!

Nook Stop Explained

How to Get Rid of Accent Walls

Steps Description
1 Start decorating mode.
2 Press the plus button on your switch.
3 Press the right button on your d-pad.
4 Look for the accent wallpaper with a check mark and press X.

Step 1: Start Decorating Mode

ACNH - Step 1 - Press the bottom button on your D Pad
Press the bottom button or bottom arrow on your d-pad in the room where the accent wall is located. This will start decorating mode.

Step 2: Press the Plus Button on Your Switch

ACNH - Step 2 - Press the plus button on your switch
Pressing the plus button on your switch will allow you to focus on the walls of your house instead of the floors and furniture.

Step 3: Press the Right Button on Your D-Pad

ACNH - Step 3 - Press the right button on your D Pad
Pressing the right button or right arrow on your d-pad will allow you to view your inventory in decorating mode.

Step 4: Look for the Accent Wallpaper

ACNH - Step 4 - Look for the accent wallpaper
Head to the wallpaper section of your storage. You will notice a green check with a white background on the accent wallpaper you used. After finding it, press the X button to remove the accent wall!
ACNH - Step 5 - Accent Wallpaper is gone
You're done! Your accent wallpaper will no longer be there after following the steps above.

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