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With permission from these creative designers, we bring you our top collection of Custom Designs that you can use on the ground to make paths and floors in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Save and share designs using Design & User IDs, and feel free to share your work with us, too!

List of Custom Designs
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These custom design creations are listed in order of approval. We will update this page with more content from time to time!

Custom Design Patterns for Floor and Ground

Floor and Ground Designs

Switch-Themed Basketball Court

Switch-Themed Basketball Court (1).png

Place your basketball hoops and ball around this Nintendo Switch-themed Basketball Court designed by Reddit user haha6m.

The court will take up 3 x 6 spaces, but will only take up 12 design slots! We recommend searching their Creator ID instead!

Creator:haha6m (Reddit)
Creator ID: MA-6643-4903-3362
Court 5.png Basketball Court 5
Design ID: MO-BK4H-H58V-FTB1
Court 6.png Basketball Court 6
Design ID: MO-F5VR-NCMQ-BR65
Court 7.png Basketball Court 7
Design ID: MO-JVCB-JF8N-3J4P
Court 8.png Basketball Court 8
Design ID: MO-2JF0-247H-4375

Chalk Drawings

Chalk Drawings.jpg

Add charm to your playgrounds by placing these cute child-like chalk drawings created by Reddit user odd_walrus!

Creator:odd_walrus (Reddit)
Creator ID: MA-5349-8240-4196
Chalk 1.pngChalk 1
Design ID: MO-SM0R-1G9D-YC6V
Chalk 2.pngChalk 2

Zen Sand

Zen Sand.png

Recreate your own Japanese Rock Garden using these Zen Sand Garden Patterns. It has a transparent background, which is perfect for placing over the sand path. This is created by Twitter user Pixebo. You can also check out their Instagram page (@Pixebo) to see their personal art!

Creator:Pixebo (Twitter/Instagram)
Creator ID: MA-9246-0808-4302
Zen Single.png Zen Sand Single
Design ID: MO-PVP4-9R2Y-YQFJ
Zen Vert.png Zen Sand Vert.
Design ID: MO-X45P-FYSX-4TRS
Zen Horiz.png Zen Sand Horiz.
Design ID: MO-K96R-NLT1-NCJ3
Zen UL.png Zen Sand UL
Design ID: MO-JQGQ-5WPK-9TQ7
Zen UR.png Zen Sand UR
Design ID: MO-L84W-R00L-C6SH
Zen LL.png Zen Sand LL
Design ID: MO-44V4-CKSF-WJWQ
Zen LR.png Zen Sand LR
Design ID: MO-XW58-LTWP-9SJF

Flower Patterns

Flower Patterns.png

These flower patterns by Twitter user islander_illtsu are the cutest! You can spruce up your island by adding these sunflower and clover patterns!

There are 3 variations for each flower type, so we recommend getting them all by searching their Creator ID instead!

Creator: islander_illtsu (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-4471-1720-0257
Yellow flowers.png Yellow Flowers
Design ID: MO-WH1C-WY30-TBRB
White flowers.png White Flowers
Design ID: MO-6K2F-QX06-T8R6
Pink flowers.png Pink Flowers
Clover and flower.png Clover and Flower
Design ID: MO-BPQT-MGPD-6615

Fruit and Bell Tree Markers

Fruit and Bell markers.jpg

Use these neat designs by Reddit user Unabanzie to mark trees around your island!

Creator: Unabanzie (Reddit)
Creator ID: MA-5812-8575-2860
Bells.png Bells
Design ID: MO-SR4H-W9JH-0X90
Apple.png Apple
Design ID: MO-R8RX-4SY5-DPXH
Cherry.png Cherry
Design ID: MO-08NC-J4NH-5VXN
Orange.png Orange
Design ID: MO-QCRT-7J6V-6VVT
Peach.png Peach
Design ID: MO-WC0H-BY9F-4549
Pear.png Pear

Custom Path and Tileset Designs

Paths and Tilesets

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles.jpg

You can recreate glass tiles with these designs created by marimo_angela. You can search using their Creator ID to see more of their works!

Creator: marimo_angela (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-0885-0938-8047
Glass 1.jpgGlass 1
Glass 2.jpgGlass 2
Design ID: MO-SMHN-80QC-4DP0
Glass 3.jpgGlass 3
Design ID: MO-4NJC-CD5N-YCK0
Blue glass 1.jpgBlue Glass 1
Design ID: MO-XHSL-83SC-FM1M
Blue glass 2.jpgBlue Glass 2
Design ID: MO-TQ12-7FHP-R4G1
Blue glass 3.jpgBlue Glass 3
Design ID: MO-TT3P-0JJK-C4YC

Plaza Brick Tile

A tileset created by negi_ebiten (Twitter) which can be placed around the Plaza so it looks expanded.

Creator: @negi_ebiten (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-3827-1173-1524
Plaza tile 03.jpg
Plaza Brick (Right)
Plaza tile 04.jpg
Plaza Brick (Left)
Plaza tile 05.jpg
Plaza Brick (Middle)
Design ID: MO-LSS0-CGF9-GPC1
Plaza tile 01.jpg
Half Size Plaza Brick (Left)
Design ID: MO-7PVB-FQLP-83WQ
Plaza tile 02.jpg
Half Size Plaza Brick (Right)
Design ID: MO-7QC8-9W2T-NMJ7

Flower Path and Tile

You can combine the two to decorate your island by creating a stylish path.

Creator: domori_kumanu (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-0121-1937-3365
Flower tile.jpg
Flower Tile
Flower path.jpg
Flower Path
Design ID: MO-1FPJ-BSX0-RB5G

Venetian Cobblestones

Achieve the Venice look with these cobblestone designs. The creator also has a tutorial on Youtube, if you don't mind watching in Japanese, on Simple Techniques to Neatly Place Custom Designs on Ground.

Creator: kwgrnch (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-5045-7448-4706
Pink cobblestone.jpg
Pink Venetian Cobblestone
Blue cobblestone.jpg
Blue Venetian Cobblestone
Design ID: MO-5RNC-N0PR-LB8Q
Black cobblestone.jpg
Black Venetian Cobblestone
Design ID: MO-L435-XNVR-L9QL
Venetian cobblestone.jpg
Venetian Cobblestone
Design ID: MO-YR86-M9SQ-QSY7

Colorful Stone Pavement

These colorful stone pavement also has edge tiles so your path will be looking smooth.

Creator: atsumori_yuko (Twitter)
Creator ID:MA-1662-0923-2366
Colorful stone top.jpg
Colorful Stone Pavement Top
Design ID: MO-SHCC-J29Q-38T9
Colorful stone bottom.jpg
Colorful Stone Pavement Bottom
Design ID: MO-0KJ1-2XYN-RVB4
Colorful stone left.jpg
Colorful Stone Pavement Left
Design ID: MO-XRTL-KLFT-54F7
Colorful stone right.jpg
Colorful Stone Pavement Right

Shell Tile

You can use this tile on the beach, especially if you are building your house there.

Creator: Myonmyon344 (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-8946-8051-7259
Shell tile.jpg
Shell Tile
Design ID: MO-982Q-BMGQ-CLLY

Stone Paths

This tileset goes well with white furniture, it also matches the natural feel of the island.

Creator: yrg1_mori (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-2061-1680-8808
Stone path 1.jpg
White Stone Paving Stairs
Stone path 2.jpg
White Stone Paving
Design ID: MO-SFHS-1MM3-V5D2

Celestial Paths

celestial path.jpg

Enjoy starry nights by using these moon and star paths created by Twitter user julesjellyfish. Decorate with Star DIY items to create a wishing area!

Creator: julesjellyfish (Twitter)
Creator ID:MA-2110-8837-1812
Path 1.png Path 1
Design ID: MO-FH24-T0NK-5HTQ
Path 2.png Path 2
Path Side 1.png Path Side 1
Path Side 2.png Path Side 2
Design ID: MO-V3KP-6T0N-1XKM

Custom Fence and Path Borders

Fence and Path Borders

Wooden-Fence Border

Fence Borders.jpg

Get fen-cier with these lovely fence borders, which are available in all directions, super nice work! Check out the user Aria's Tumblr page to see more of their island and designs!

There are over 15 designs for this set, so we recommend searching using their Creator ID instead!

Creator: Aria (Tumblr)
Creator ID: MA-1110-4718-2766
Top Left Border.png
Top Left Border
Design ID:
Top Right Border.png
Top Right Border
Design ID:
Horizontal Border.png
Horizontal Border
Design ID:
Bottom Left Border.png
Bot Left Border
Design ID:
Bottom Right Border.png
Bot Right Border
Design ID:
Vertical Border.png
Vertical Border
Design ID:

Zen-Fence Border

Zen fence borders in game.jpg

This design lines up perfectly with the rocks at the bottom of the zen fence. A simple yet elegant design from Twitter user @atrem4!

There are 12 designs for this set, so we recommend searching using their Creator ID instead!

Creator: @atrem4 (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-7846-7909-0372
Design ID:
Design ID:
Design ID:
Design ID:

Lace-Path Border

Lace path border.jpg

Designed by Twitter user marimo_angela, this lace path border is compatible with other path designs you place on your island!

Creator: marimo_angela (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-0885-0938-8047
Left lace.jpgLeft Lace
Design ID: MO-S421-2KK9-XR7R
Right lace.jpgRight Lace
Design ID: MO-GPX1-47B9-BX2D

Terracota-Path Border

Terracota border.jpg

This is the first path border Twitter user mellissenpai created, which goes perfectly with the terracota tile!

There are over 60 patterns for this border, including rounded ones, and designs for single-row tiles! You can search using their Creator ID instead.

Creator: mellissenpai
Creator ID: MA-7011-8313-9106
terracota thin 1.png Terracota Thin 1
Design ID:
terracota thin 2.png Terracota Thin 2
Design ID:
terracota thin 3.png Terracota Thin 3
Design ID:
terracota thin 4.png Terracota Thin 4
Design ID:

Stone-Path Border

Stone-path border.jpg

Another path border design by Twitter user mellissenpai to suit the stone path.

You can check out her page to see more of her work! There are 18 patterns for this design, so we recommend searching their Creator ID instead.

Creator: mellissenpai
Creator ID: MA-7011-8313-9106
stone round ul.png Stone Round U-L
Design ID:
stone round ur.png Stone Round U-R
Design ID:
stone round dl.png Stone Round D-L
Design ID:
stone round dr.png Stone Round D-R
Design ID:

Brick-Path Border

Brick-path border.jpg

This clean tileset of the brick-path border is created by Twitter user mellissenpai. She also created the stone-path border, and the terracota-path border seen in the last two sections!

There are 34 patterns for this design, including rounded ones, so we recommend searching their Creator ID instead!

Creator: mellissenpai
Creator ID: MA-7011-8313-9106
brick up.png Brick Up
Design ID:
brick down.png Brick Down
Design ID:
brick left.png Brick Left
Design ID:
brick right.png Brick Right
Design ID:

Custom Design Creations Credits

These beautifully-made custom designs for floor and ground were contributed by the following users. If you want to see more of their work, you can check their respective pages!

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