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Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - How to Create Pillars

Tired of the usual room layout? Pillars have now been added in the Happy Home Paradise DLC pack for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), which lets you play around with the room structure!

Check out this guide to learn how you can use and unlock the Pillars design feature!

How to Unlock Pillars

ACNH - Player unlocked Pillars and Counters

Step Directions
1  Finish the fifteenhth vacation home request.
2  Talk to Niko about DIY recipes.
3  Talk to Niko again 1 Day after teaching him about DIY recipes.
4  Unlock pillars!
5  Optional: Get more pillars!

1. Finish the fifteenth vacation home request

ACNH - Player designing vacation home

Keep playing throughout the story until you finish the fifteenth vacation home request. Once you get back to the Paradise Planning office, Lottie will tell you that Niko wants to talk to you.

You'll find Niko in the break room on the second floor!

Beginners’ Guide to Happy Home Paradise DLC

2. Talk to Niko about DIY recipes

ACNH - Niko wants to learn about DIY

Niko will be in the break room on the second floor of the office. He'll ask you to teach him everything you know about DIY recipes because he's a cute little desperate monkey, so be kind and help him out!

How to Build DIY Items

3. Talk to Niko again the day after teaching him about DIY recipes

ACNH - Niko DIY lecture

After teaching Niko about DIY Recipes, he'll take you to school the next day to teach you about pillars and how you can use other DIY ideas when designing vacation homes.

Niko will start giving you DIY recipes for different types of pillars on different days after explaining how DIY recipes work to him!

How to Design Vacation Homes

4. Unlock pillars!

ACNH - Niko talks about pillars

When you're done learning from the lecture by Niko, you'll be able to craft and use the Wooden Pillar for designing vacation homes and even your own home!

5. Optional: Get more pillars!

ACNH - Share Materials with Niko
After finishing your nineteenth vacation home request, Lottie and Wardell will ask if you can share some DIY materials with Niko!

You can get other types of Pillars from Niko by donating the DIY materials he asks for in his materials box at the second floor of the Paradise Planning office.

List of Pillars

DIY Item Required Materials
Brick Pillar IconBrick Pillar
Clay IconClay (×4)
Concrete Pillar IconConcrete Pillar
Stone IconStone (×3)
Iron Nugget IconIron Nugget (×1)
Golden Pillar IconGolden Pillar
Gold Nugget IconGold Nugget (×4)
Marble Pillar IconMarble Pillar
Stone IconStone (×8)
Simple Pillar IconSimple Pillar
Stone IconStone (×2)
Clay IconClay (×2)
Steel Pillar IconSteel Pillar
Iron Nugget IconIron Nugget (×4)
Wooden Pillar IconWooden Pillar
Wood IconWood (×2)
Softwood IconSoftwood (×2)
Hardwood IconHardwood (×2)

Where and How to Use Pillars

ACNH - Placing Pillars

After you unlock and craft pillars, you'll be able to use them inside houses and buildings that you can decorate, by pressing the Down Button then the Right or Left Button. You will find pillars under the Other section!

Where Can You Use Pillars

Where Can Pillars Be Placed
ACNH Check Mark Vacation Homes
ACNH Check Mark Photopia
ACNH Check Mark Your Home
No Outside

Once you've unlocked pillars and learned craft them on your own, you are free to use them to decorate most indoor places, even your own house!

List of Design Skills

Pillars are in the Other category

ACNH - Place pillars at home from the other category

While they can easily be placed at Photopia and in HHP, to add pillars in your house you first need to craft them. After that, you can find them in the Other section while decorating.

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