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Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) Happy Halloween

This is a guide to Halloween, an event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn when Halloween starts, as well as what you can do during the event, and the items and prizes you can get!

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All Fall Update Information

Halloween Dates and Times

Held on October 31 from 5 PM

ACNH Halloween is on October 31
Event Times October 31
5 PM to 12 AM

The biggest fall event this October is Halloween! The event will be held October 31, from 5 PM to Midnight. However, you can prepare for the Halloween event all through October!

Jack, the Halloween Czar, will visit during the event itself and you can get special rewards from him, so make sure to prepare bucketloads of candy.

Fall and Halloween Update

Update Your Game to Version 1.5

To be able to participate on Halloween, make sure you have your game updated to version 1.5 by connecting to the internet on the update release.

Patch Notes and How to Update

Jack Visits on October 31

ACNH - Halloween Update - Jack Trick or Treat

Ready to receive all your candy is the beloved Halloween pumpkin character, Jack! He will show up on the event day itself, so go treat (or trick!) him after 5 PM.

How to Find Jack

What Can You Do During the Halloween Event?

Stock Up on Candy

Buy Candy at Nook's Cranny

ACNH - Halloween Update - Candy Costs 120 Bells

To prepare for the event itself, you can buy Candy from Nook's Cranny throughout October! They cost 120 Bells a piece, but each player can only buy 1 Candy per day.

Get Candy from Villagers

Villager Giving Candy.jpg

On the day of Halloween, you can also get Candy from villagers inside their homes if you wear a Halloween costume! You can come back for more after you've done your rounds of trick or treating.

There will be 3 villagers staying at home during the evening to give you Candy!

Dressing Up Like Jack

ACNH - Villager As Jack

Wear Jack's Face and Jack's Robe, and villagers will mistake you for Jack! Talk to villagers outside or indoors, and they will instantly give you Candy.

To get Jack's clothing, simply give Jack some Candy!

Jack's Clothes

Give Jack Candy and Lollipop

ACNH - Giving Jack Candy

Give Jack some Candy, and he will give you a piece of furniture, clothing, DIY recipe, or a new Reaction! You may even get some Pumpkins from him.

However, Jack's favorite are Lollipops, and he will give you exclusive Spooky furniture as thanks!

Give Villagers Candy

ACNH - Give candy to villager

Giving a villager Candy will get you a piece of furniture or a DIY recipe for the Spooky Set. They can also give you a Lollipop that you can give to Jack, or teach you a new Halloween Reaction.

Villagers Play Tricks on You!

ACNH - Tricked by Villager

If you don't give Candy to a villager asking for one, they will play a trick on you! They can change your appearance by applying face paint on you, and then giving you a regular item.

Learn New Reactions!

ACNH - New Halloween Reactions

During the trailer, two new Halloween were shown: the Haunt reaction and the Scare reaction. Give Candy to villagers and Jack to learn these new horrifying Reactions.

How to Unlock Reactions

Buy Halloween Costumes at Able Sisters

ACNH - Halloween Update - New Costumes at Able Sisters

Halloween will spread even to our favorite tailors and new costumes will be available at Able Sisters! We'll update you when we know whether the costumes will be available outside of October.

List of Halloween Costumes

Villagers will also Wear Costumes

ACNH - Halloween Update - Villagers will wear Costumes

Your Villagers are also totally ready for the Halloween spirit, all dressed up and performing the new reactions during the event itself.

Get Halloween Skin and Eye Colors

New Halloween Eye Colors

ACNH - Halloween Update - New Eye Colors

Six new eye colors will be added with the Halloween update on September 30, and they seem to be: Red/Pink, Orange, Yellow, Pink/Purple, Gray, and Aqua.

List of All ACNH Eye Colors

New Halloween Skin Colors

ACNH - Halloween Update - New Skin Colors

Four new skin tones will be added with the Halloween update on September 30, and they seem to be: Ultra Pale, Green, Blue, and Purple.

List of All ACNH Skin Tones

Grow Pumpkins

ACNH - Halloween Update - Farming and 4 Types of Pumpkins

To really get into the Halloween spirit, why not grown your own Pumpkins and make some Pumpkin DIYs?

To grow Pumpkins, you need to buy Pumpkin Starts from either Nook's Cranny or Leif's shop. Leif will sell them all year round, and Nook's Cranny will sell them during October only.

They are available in 4 colors; white, yellow, orange and green!

Pumpkin Farming Guide

Halloween Event Furniture

Spooky Series

Spooky Series DIY

Spooky Arch Image
Spooky Arch
Spooky Candy Set Image
Spooky Candy Set
Spooky Carriage Image
Spooky Carriage
Spooky Chair ImageSpooky Chair
Spooky Fence Image
Spooky Fence
Spooky Garland Image
Spooky Garland
Spooky Lantern ImageSpooky Lantern
Spooky Lantern Set Image
Spooky Lantern Set
Spooky Scarecrow Image
Spooky Scarecrow
Spooky Standing Lamp ImageSpooky Standing Lamp
Spooky Table Image
Spooky Table
Spooky Table Setting Image
Spooky Table Setting
Spooky Tower Image
Spooky Tower
Spooky Wand Image
Spooky Wand

Spooky Series Wall, Flooring and Rug

Spooky Rug ImageSpooky Rug
Spooky Flooring Image
Spooky Flooring
Spooky Wall ImageSpooky Wall

List of All Halloween Items & DIY Recipes

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