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Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - Turnip Guide: How to Buy and Sell Turnips

Learn everything there is to know about turnips: what's the best price for selling turnips, turnip price patterns, and when to buy or sell turnips from Daisy Mae to easily make a profit and master Joan's Stalk Market!

How to Get Turnips

ACNH - Daisy Mae informing the player about turnips

Daisy Mae will sell Turnips from 5:00 AM to 12:00 Noon on Sundays in random locations around your island.

How to Find Daisy Mae

Best Price to Buy Turnips

ACNH - Best Turnip Prices
Turnip prices vary each week, often between 50 and 150 Bells. It's a good idea to buy Turnips under 100 Bells and to sell Turnips at 150 Bells.

If you're lucky, however, you can catch Timmy and Tommy at Nook's Cranny buying them for 500-600 Bells a piece! Use Dodo Codes to find a Stalk Market in your favour!

Friend Request & Dodo Codes Board

How Many Turnips to Buy

ACNH - How Much Turnips to Buy
Turnips are sold by Daisy Mae in stacks of 10, so you won't be able to buy just a single Turnip – they'll be grouped together to save on inventory space.

With empty pockets, you can buy 9990 Turnips in one go — though you can always buy more so long as you have enough Bells!

How to Get Bells Fast

How to Sell Turnips

ACNH - How to Sell Turnips

When You Can Sell Turnips

Day Every day except Sunday
Location Nook's Cranny
Time of Day 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM

You can sell Turnips at Nook's Cranny any day of the week except Sunday.
How to Unlock & Upgrade Nook's Cranny

Sell Prices Change Twice a Day

Price before noon Price after noon

The sell price for Turnips changes twice every day: one in the morning and one at 12:00 noon.

Check Prices Everyday!

Since you can check two prices a day for a week, you have a total of 12 different sell prices each week.

Always check Nook's Cranny each day so you can easily determine the best possible sell price for your Turnips!

Turnip Price Trading Board

Turnip Price Patterns

Predict Turnips Prices

Current Week's Pattern Next Week Pattern Chance
1 2 3 4
1. Standard Low Mid Low High
2. Sudden Spike High Low Low Mid
3. Downward Trend Mid High Low Mid
4. Slow Spike High Mid Low Low

1. Standard

ACNH - Standard Turnip Price Pattern
For the Standard Turnip Price pattern, the buying price repeatedly rises and falls, and generally results in a small profit.

If you bought Turnips and get the Standard pattern, it's recommended that you sell it when the price rises even a little.

2. Sudden Spike

ACNH - Sudden Spike Turnip Price Pattern
The Sudden Spike pattern is a pattern where the buying price suddenly shoots up, and is the pattern that gives the highest profit!

Most of the time, the selling price peaks after the price has gone up twice in a row.

Note: We have repeatedly tested this and got the best price after 2 price bumps, but it's not a 100% guaranteed result.

3. Downward Trend

ACNH - Downward Trend Turnip Price Pattern
The Downward Trend pattern is the hardest pattern to turn a profit, with the price starting low and continuously going down - often never once going up.

This pattern has one upside; the pattern following week has a high chance of becoming a Sudden Spike.

4. Slow Spike

ACNH - Slow Spike Turnip Price Pattern

The Slow Spike pattern is characterized by a steady increase in Turnip Prices, and is the second best pattern to turn a profit on.

The best price is usually the one after the price has gone up 3 times.

Note: Most of our testing resulted in this, but it's not 100% guaranteed that the best price will appear after 3 price bumps.

When to Sell Turnips

Best Price to Sell Turnips

ACNH - When to Sell Turnips
Although you can sell Turnips throughout the week, it's a good idea to wait until the sell price is at least 50 Bells more than the price you bought them.

Sell Your Turnips Before Sunday

If it's afternoon on a Saturday, you'll want to sell your Turnips regardless of price. Any sale is better than your turnips rotting!

The Sell Price can rarely exceed 500 Bells

ACNH - Orville asks the player how they want to travel

The sell price of Turnips sometimes goes higher than 500 Bells, though it's rare and isn't guaranteed to happen by any means.

It's better to stick to selling Turnips at 50 Bells higher than the initial cost since this will be more reliable.

However, you can always just use Dodo Codes to fly to islands with high buying prices!

Friend Request & Dodo Codes Board

How to Make Money Fast with Turnips

Sell When You Have Pattern 2 or 4

The best times to sell Turnips is when you hit the Spike of either the Sudden or Slow Spike price patterns!

The best of the two is the Sudden Spike, but since the weekly patterns are mostly random and a matter of luck, it takes a long time to predict when it will happen.

Pattern 2 and 4

ACNH -Turnip Chart 2
2. Sudden Spike
ACNH -Slow Spike Turnip Price Pattern
4. Slow Spike

Visit an Island with a High Sell Price

If your friend or an online player has a high Sell Price on their island, you can visit them with Local Connection or Online to sell your Turnips there.

Offer and find Turnip prices on our Turnip Price Board!
Turnip Price Trading Board

Efficient Selling Between Two Players

Recommended Prices (Two Players/Islands Required)
  • An Island with a turnip price of 500 Bells in Nook's Cranny
  • An Island with a turnip price of 90 Bells from Daisy Mae

This method requires Time Travelling. A player time travels to a day when Turnip prices are high, while the other time travels to Sunday when Turnip prices are low.

Both players will alternate visiting each other's islands to maximize the profits from selling Turnips!

How to Time Travel

What Are Turnips?

ACNH  - Daisy Mae informing the player about Sow Joan
Turnips can be sold in the Stalk Market, allowing you to reap huge profits. Buy turnips from Daisy Mae and sell them at Nook's Cranny and watch those Bells soar!

When Do Turnips Rot?

On Sunday Morning

ACNH - Turnips Will Rot
Turnips will rot one week after purchase, on the same morning Daisy Mae appears to sell them. The last opportunity to sell Turnips is at 10:00 PM on a Saturday evening.

Do Turnips Rot When You Time Travel?

Setting Back the Clock will Rot Turnips

If you Time Travel to try to avoid your Turnips rotting, they will rot automatically.

Rotten turnips attract ants

ACNH - Ants eating turnips
Rotten turnips placed on the ground will attract a swarm of ants, which you can then catch using a net!

What to Do With Spoiled Turnips

Dispose of Them at Nook's Cranny

ACNH - Spoiled Turnips
You can sell Turnips at Nook's Cranny, but the Nooklings will only pay you 100 Bells for it.

Throw in the Trash

ACNH - Throw Away Spoiled Turnips
Once turnips rot, they are as good as trash! Throw them in a garbage can to prevent island rating decrease.

List of Trash Cans and Waste Bins

How to Store Turnips

Turnips Cannot Be Stored in the Storage

ACNH - Cant store turnips in storage
Sadly, you cannot put Turnips in the storage, so if you buy a lot on Sundays, you will have to get creative.

Where to Store Turnips

Bury them outside

ACNH - Bury Items
You can bury Turnips to store them, although it's not recommended since it's a hassle to dig up and makes the island look less visually appealing.

Inside your house

ACNH - Store turnips inside your house
You can also store your Turnips inside your house. If you have extra room, you can drop them on the floor.

Alternatively, you can place them on tables to avid decreasing your HHA score.

Display them on your island

ACNH - turnip farm
The last and best way to store turnips is to place them outside on your island as decoration. Get creative and create a turnip farm!

Can You Plant Turnips?

You Cannot Plant Turnips

ACNH - Digging up buried turnips

You cannot plant turnips. Turnips do not work like trees and flowers that grow when you bury them with a shovel.

Is Buying and Selling Turnips Worth It?

ACNH - The Bank of Nook gives interest after time travelling

Overall, while checking Turnip prices can be quite bothersome, the payoff of Bells makes buying Turnips worth it.

It's one of the best ways to earn Bells fast, which will put you one step closer to paying off your loans!

How to Get Bells Fast

Is Eating Turnips Worth It?

ACNH - Eating turnips
Turnips come in bunches of 10 so if you eat a Turnip, you're eating 10 at a time! While this increases your stamina to the maximum value, it's not a great return on investment.

What Happens When You Eat Fruit?

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