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See all the seashells you can get in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). If you would like to know how to get different kinds of shells, as well as how they are used, please read on!

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How Do You Use Shells

Use Them for DIY Crafting

Sandy-Beach Flooring ImageSandy-Beach Flooring Shell Arch ImageShell Arch Shell Bed ImageShell Bed Shell Fountain ImageShell Fountain
Shell Lamp ImageShell Lamp Shell Music Box ImageShell Music Box Shell Partition ImageShell Partition Shell Rug ImageShell Rug
Shell Speaker ImageShell Speaker Shell Stool ImageShell Stool Shell Table ImageShell Table Shell Wand ImageShell Wand
Shell Wreath ImageShell Wreath Shellfish Pochette ImageShellfish Pochette Starry-Sands Flooring ImageStarry-Sands Flooring Summer-Shell Rug ImageSummer-Shell Rug
Tropical Vista ImageTropical Vista Underwater Flooring ImageUnderwater Flooring Underwater Wall ImageUnderwater Wall Water Flooring ImageWater Flooring

Seashells are used as DIY crafting material to create the item(s) shown above.

These items are part of the Shell Series, a popular furniture set with players, because of its underwater aesthetic.

List of Shell Series Furniture & Item Recipes

Collect Shell Recipes from Message Bottles and Balloon Presents

Balloon from the beach.jpg

DIY recipes for Shell items are usually available from message bottles, or balloon presents. Items that require Summer Shells can only be obtained from balloon presents during summer.

How to Get Presents from Balloons | Spawn Rates

Sell Them for Instant Bells

Shells do not sell for much, and we would recommend you to use them for crafting instead. However, if you need extra Bells, you can take a visit to the beach to sell some shells!

Shell Sell Price
Giant Clam IconGiant Clam 900 Bells
Conch IconConch 700 Bells
Summer Shell IconSummer Shell 600 Bells
Coral IconCoral 500 Bells
Venus Comb IconVenus Comb 300 Bells
Sea Snail IconSea Snail 180 Bells
Sand Dollar IconSand Dollar 120 Bells
Cowrie IconCowrie 60 Bells

Money Making Guide | How to Get Bells Fast

Get Nook Miles for Selling Shells

Go Ahead. Be Shellfish Nook Miles.jpg
Not only do you get Bells, you can also get Nook Miles the more shells you sell!

Go Ahead. Be Shellfish!
Activity Summary Miles Titles
Sell 10 seashells. 300 Shell-Grabbing/Shell Fan
Sell 50 seashells. 500 Seashore/Seashell Seller
Sell 200 seashells. 1000 Shifty/Shellector
Sell 500 seashells. 2000 Over-Shelled/Shell Master
Sell 1000 seashells. 3000 Shellfish/Shellaborator

Nook Mileage Program Activities & Rewards List

List of Shell Materials and How to Get Them

All Shell Materials
Conch Icon Conch Coral Icon Coral Cowrie Icon Cowrie
Giant Clam Icon Giant Clam Sand Dollar Icon Sand Dollar Sea Snail Icon Sea Snail
Summer Shell Icon Summer Shell Venus Comb Icon Venus Comb -

Pick Up Along the Beach Daily

Shells on the beach.jpg
Every few hours, shells will spawn along the beach, so make sure to check frequently!

There is a high possibility that the number of shells that spawn increases over time, and you can only pick up a maximum number of shells if you skip the time.

This requires verification from the walkthrough team.

Summer Shells are Only Available During the Summer Season

Summer shell on the beach.jpg
A specific seashell called Summer Shell, is only available during summer. You can use them to craft special summer shell-related items.

If you do not want to wait for summer to come around, you can time-travel to the appropiate month.

Summer Duration
Northern Hemisphere June 1 to August 31
Southern Hemisphere December 1 to February 28

How to Get Summer Shells Fast

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List of Materials

How to Get Materials
clay.pngClay Clump of Weed.pngClump of Weed Tree  Branch.pngTree Branch
Hardwood.pngHardwood Wood.pngWood Softwood.pngSoftwood
Stone.pngStone Iron Nugget.pngIron Nugget Gold Nugget.pngGold Nugget
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