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80 Anonymous5 daysReport

I would like someone to friend in the game so i can trade fruit and stuff. what is your fc on switch?

79 B. (Highsland)2 monthsReport

Thanks Len and Heather. Len naturally I have nothing from your wishlist. Was there any furniture you'd like? Heather do you have a wishlist? I don't seem to have one for you

78 Anonymous3 monthsReport

>>68 Raymond in a maid dress is too powerful.

77 Anonymous3 monthsReport

>>76 You do not know the pain of villager hunting.

76 Anonymous3 monthsReport

>>71 Oh but they do, thats how i got my Ray boy :3

75 Anonymous3 monthsReport

very meme

74 Anonymous3 monthsReport

meme meme meme

73 Anonymous3 monthsReport

many meme

72 Anonymous3 monthsReport


71 Anonymous3 monthsReport

lotsa meme

70 Anonymous3 monthsReport

even more meme

69 Anonymous3 monthsReport


68 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Who would win?

67 Anonymous3 monthsReport

a meme

66 Anonymous4 monthsReport


65 Anonymous4 monthsReport

new meme

64 Anonymous4 monthsReport

>>62 thats exactly how i act too

63 Anonymous5 monthsReport

>>62 haha lol ikr

62 Anonymous5 monthsReport

>>51 omg meee

61 Anonymous5 monthsReport

>>53 lmao

60 Anonymous5 monthsReport

>>41 Idk Idk Idk

59 Anonymous5 monthsReport

All I need is the BELLSSSS

58 Anonymous6 monthsReport


57 Anonymous8 monthsReport

>>56 .... Bruh

55 Anonymous8 monthsReport

>>51 ] HAHAHA as long as its functional and I'm getting those BELLS!!!! I don't give any attention to aEsTheTicx

54 Anonymous9 monthsReport

Woot! XD

53 Anonymous9 monthsReport


52 Anonymous9 monthsReport

>>51 That's okay.. The longer it takes to get everything just right, the longer you'll get to enjoy the game! <3

51 Anonymous9 monthsReport

Hahahaha :(((

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