What Should You Spend Nook Miles on First? | ACNH - Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - What Should You Spend Nook Miles on First?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers all kinds of upgrades and items for Nook Miles! Check out our list of recommendations for all Nook Miles Rewards and with Version 2.0, there's a whole lot more to choose from!

New Version 2.0 Nook Miles Items

Version 2.0 added new Nook Miles Items for you to redeem. These include upgrades, new reactions, and items to items to name a few!

Item Cost
Island Life 101 Service 400 Miles
Be a Chef! DIY Recipes+ 2,000 Miles
Pro Camera App 1,500 Miles
Custom Designs Patterns+ 1,800 Miles
Pro Decorating License 2,500 Miles
Pro Construction License 3,000 Miles
Custom Fencing in a Flash 2,500 Miles
New Reactions Notebook 3,300 Miles
Pro Construction License+ 3,000 Miles
Top 4 Fab Hairstyles 1,200 Miles

Nook Miles Furniture

Version 2.0 also brings new Nook Miles Furniture. Check out our list below for a sneak peak!

With Images No Images Cost
Triangular Topiary 1,000 Miles
ACNH - Curved StreetlightCurved Streetlight Crosswalk Signal 2,000 Miles
Flower Bed
Plastic Bench
Plaza Arch 3,000 Miles
Plaza Clock
Volleyball Net
ACNH - Park FountainPark Fountain Pergola 4,000 Miles
ACNH - Plaza Balloon WagonPlaza Balloon Wagon Windmill
ACNH - Plaza Game StandPlaza Game Stand Azumaya Gazebo 5,000 Miles
Inflatable Plaza Toy
Plaza Teacup Ride
Plaza Train
ACNH - Plaza Ferris WheelPlaza Ferris Wheel Plaza Merry-Go-Round 6,000 Miles

List of All New Nook Miles Furniture

List of Nook Miles Upgrades and Recipe Sets

Item Req. Miles Recommendation
Pocket Organization Guide 5,000~8,000 Miles ACNH - 5 Stars
Pretty Good Tools Recipes 3,000 Miles ACNH - 4 Stars
Tool Ring: It's Essential! 800 Miles ACNH - 4 Stars
Hairstyle, Colors, and more! 2,400 ~ 3,000 Miles ACNH - 3 Stars
Custom Design Pro Editor 800 Miles ACNH - 3 Stars
Nook Miles Ticket 2,000 Miles ACNH - 3 Stars
Nook Inc. Novelty Items 600〜800 Miles ACNH - 2 Stars
More Reactions 2,700 Miles ACNH - 2 Stars

What Should You Spend Nook Miles On?

First: Pocket Organization Guide

ACNH - Pocket Organizer
The very first thing we recommend getting would be the Pocket Organization Guide. This item will let you carry even more items in your pocket.

With all the pocket upgrades, you can have 40 spaces in your pockets for all items!

Next: Pretty Good Tools Recipes

ACNH - Pretty Good Tools

The next item you should go for is the one titled Pretty Good Tools Recipes.

This allows you to create normal Tools as opposed to their Flimsy versions. All Tools will break, but the higher durability is worth the extra materials.

Pretty Good Tools Recipes

Stone Axe ImageStone Axe Axe ImageAxe Shovel ImageShovel
Fishing Rod ImageFishing Rod Net ImageNet Watering Can ImageWatering Can

For Axes, you get both a normal Axe and a Stone Axe, so you can avoid chopping down trees if you want materials but don't want to have to grow new trees all the time either.

Next: Tool Ring

ACNH - Tool Ring
In the game's own words, the Tool Ring is essential to island life! Use the this to switch between tools faster without having to go into your pockets!

You can access a menu of your favorite tools with the Up Button on the D-pad (left side of the controller)!

Next: Hairstyles, Hair Colors, Body Paint, and Eye Colors

ACNH - Hairstyles in Redeem Nook Miles
Upgrade your style with Hairstyles, Hair Colors, Body Paint, and Eye Colors from Nook Miles!

You can redeem these items and you'll get more options when changing up your look with a mirror!

ACNH - Pigtail HairstyleTop 8 Pop Hairstyles ACNH - Cool HairstyleTop 8 Cool Hairstyles ACNH - Stylish Hair ColorTop 8 Stylish Hair Colors
ACNH - Halloween Body PaintBody-Paint Costume Tips ACNH - Halloween Eye ColorsExploring New Eye Colors ACNH - Afro HairstyleTop 6 Stylish Hairstyles

List of Character Options from Nook Miles

Next: Pro Editor if You Want More Dynamic Designs

ACNH - Custom Design Pro Editor+

You can get a more detailed Custom Designs editor for your NookPhone! This one is a no-brainer for the creative types out there!

How to Use the Custom Design Pro Editor

Next: Nook Miles Ticket to for Mystery Tours

ACNH - Nook Miles Ticket

You can also order Nook Miles Tickets with your Nook Miles!

Use them to travel to distant islands, meet new friends, and collect everything your hands can carry with Mystery Island Tours!

You can also use them trade for items with other players on our site, so get to printing them tickets!

Recipe and Fruit Trading Board

Next: Nook Inc. Novelties if You Have Extra Miles

ACNH - Nook Miles

Once you have plenty of money and the other items, go for the Nook Inc. clothes and items. These Nook Inc. novelty items can only be obtained via the Nook Stop.

Next: Redeem Reaction Collection

ACNH - Hip Reaction Collection
You can learn nine new reactions with the Hip Reaction Collection from Nook Miles! It's a must-have if you play with friends and family as it makes communication with others easier!

All New Reactions
Sit Down Reaction Wave Goodbye Reaction Take a Picture Reaction Sniff Sniff Reaction Work Out Reaction
Yoga Reaction Here You Go Reaction Excited Reaction Ta-da Reaction

List of All Reactions

Should You Buy Bell Vouchers?

Don't Buy Bell Vouchers

ACNH - Bell vouchers sell for 3000 Bells

Another item you can buy with Miles are Bell Vouchers. These are a quick way to turn Nook Miles into Bells; you can sell the vouchers at Nook's Cranny for 3,000 Bells.

Even if you are running low on Bells, we do not recommend spending Nook Miles for Bell Vouchers. While 500 Miles is cheap, you can easily get 3,000 Bells by selling fruits, bugs, fish, and many other things!

Money Making Guide | How to Get Bells Fast

Nook Miles Exclusive Items and Recipes

List of Special Items

Item Nook Miles
Nook Miles Ticket 2,000 Miles
Custom Design Pro Editor 800 Miles
Pretty Good Tools Recipes 3,000 Miles
Tool Ring: It's Essential! 800 Miles
Pocket Organization Guide (Additional 10 slots) 5,000 Miles
Top 8 Pop Hairstyles 2,400 Miles
Top 8 Cool Hairstyles 2,400 Miles
Top 8 Stylish Hair Colors 3,000 Miles

Added After Resident Services Upgrade

Item Nook Miles
Bell Voucher 500 Miles
Customizable Phone Case Kit 1,800 Miles
Ultimate Pocket Stuffing (Additional 10 slots) 8,000 Miles

Added After Unlocking the Island Designer App

Permits and Cost
ACNH - Waterscaping Permit Waterscaping Permit
6,000 Miles
ACNH - Cliff-Construction Permit Cliff Construction Permit
6,000 Miles
ACNH - Arched Tile Path PermitArched Tile Path Permit
2,000 Miles
ACNH - Brick Path PermitBrick Path Permit
2,000 Miles
ACNH - Dark Dirt Path PermitDark Dirt Path Permit
2,000 Miles
ACNH - Sand Path PermitSand Path Permit
2,000 Miles
ACNH - Stone Path PermitStone Path Permit
2,000 Miles
ACNH - Terra-Cotta Tile PermitTerra-Cotta Tile Permit
2,000 Miles
ACNH - Wooden Path PermitWooden Path Permit
2,000 Miles
ACNH - Custom Design Path PermitCustom Design Path Permit
2,300 Miles

Terraforming Guide | How to Use the Island Designer App

List of Nook Inc. Novelties

Item Name Nook Miles
Coral Nook Inc. Aloha Shirt*2 600 Miles
Green Nook Inc. Aloha Shirt*2 600 Miles
Nook Inc. Aloha Shirt 600 Miles
Nook Inc. Tee 600 Miles
Nook Inc. Blouson 800 Miles
Nook Inc. Bandanna 500 Miles
Nook Inc. Cap 500 Miles
Nook Inc. Eye mask 400 Miles
Nook Inc. Snorkel*3 400 Miles
Nook Inc. Socks 400 Miles
Nook Inc. Slippers 400 Miles
Nook Inc. Knapsack 800 Miles
Nook Inc. Wet Suit*3 800 Miles
Nook Inc. Umbrella 700 Miles
Nook Inc. Uchiwa Fan 400 Miles
Nook Inc. Handheld Pennant*4 500 Miles
Nook Inc. Wall 1,200 Miles
Nook Inc. Flooring 1,200 Miles
Nook Inc. Silk Rug* 600 Miles
Nook Inc. Botanical Rug 1,000 Miles
Nook Inc. Rug 1,000 Miles
Bell Bag Rug*2 1,200 Miles

* Free to download if you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

*2 Added in the Ver 1.2 update.

*3 Added in the Ver 1.3 update.

*4 Added in the Ver 1.4 update.

List of DIY Recipes (Added After Resident Services Upgrade)

See the list of Fence recipes in the next section.

Recipe and Cost
ACNH - Simple Wooden Fence IconFence Recipes
1,000 Miles each
Stone Tablet ImageStone Tablet
800 Miles
Manhole Cover ImageManhole Cover
800 Miles
Drinking Fountain ImageDrinking Fountain
800 Miles
Wave Breaker ImageWave Breaker
1,500 Miles
Destinations Signpost ImageDestinations Signpost
1,500 Miles
Simple Well ImageSimple Well
2,000 Miles
Stone Arch ImageStone Arch
2,000 Miles
Stall ImageStall
2,000 Miles
Brick Well ImageBrick Well
2,000 Miles
Silo ImageSilo
3,000 Miles
Fountain ImageFountain
3,000 Miles
Outdoor Bath ImageOutdoor Bath
3,000 Miles
Robot Hero ImageRobot Hero
3,000 Miles
- -

List of Fences

ACNH - Fences DIY Recipes

Click below for a full list of Fences!
Types of Fences and How to Make and Break Them

List of Items

Item Name Nook Miles
Construction Sign 1,000 Miles
Lifeguard Chair 1,000 Miles
Portable Toilet 1,000 Miles
Streetlamp 1,000 Miles
Utility Pole 1,000 Miles
Drink Machine 2,000 Miles
Public Bench 2,000 Miles
Snack Machine 2,000 Miles
Springy Ride-On 2,000 Miles
Tourist Telescope 2,000 Miles
Park Clock 2,400 Miles
Phone Box 2,400 Miles
Sandbox 2,400 Miles
Cotton-Candy Stall 3,000 Miles
Playground Gym 3,000 Miles
Soccer Goal 4,000 Miles
Solar Panel 4,000 Miles
Wind Turbine 4,000 Miles
Lighthouse 5,000 Miles
Monster Statue 5,000 Miles
Pool 5,000 Miles
Teacup Ride 5,000 Miles

Getaway Package

Service Name Nook Miles
Getaway Package 5,000 Miles

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