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Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - How to Unlock the Apparel Shop
Looking to shop for new clothes? You can build an Apparel Shop in the Happy Home Paradise DLC Pack for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) using the skills you learned as a Vacation Home Designer! Learn how to unlock the Apparel Shop, what you can do with it, and more with our guide below!

How to Unlock the Apparel Shop

ACNH - Interior of the Apparel Shop

1  Complete 30 vacation homes.
2  Talk to Lottie to work on the apparel shop.
3  Build the apparel shop.

1. Complete 30 Vacation Homes

ACNH - Building a vacation home for a client.png

Continue progressing the story until you have completed 30 vacation homes for your clients.

Celebrate with the Paradise Planning Team

ACNH - Celebrate with the Paradise Planning Team

After completing 30 vacations homes, you will have the option to celebrate at the Restaurant or Café. Choose one and leave the facility to continue to the next step.

2. Talk to Lottie to Work on the Apparel Shop

ACNH - Lottie talking about the Apparel Shop

After celebrating with the team, talk to Lottie to work on the apparel shop.

3. Build the Apparel Shop

ACNH - Build the apparel shop

Once you are inside the apparel shop, you are required to place the following furniture to complete the facility:

Apparel Shop Required Furniture
Cash Register x1 Display Mannequin x1-6

Note that you can only place a maximum of 6 Display Mannequins in the Apparel Shop. Adding too many prevents you from completing the facility.

Talk to Lottie and choose a style of clothing to display in the shop to finish building the facility. See the table below for the list of clothings styles to choose from!

Apparel Shop Clothing Styles
Cute Clothes Simple Clothes Showy Clothes
Cool Clothes Loose Clothes Anything is fine

Take the celebratory photo

ACNH - Apparel Shop celebratory photo

After completing the school, you will take a photo of the Paradise Planning team and the facility member! Press the ZR button to have everyone pose and then press the Plus (+) button to take the photo!

What You Can Do

Buy Clothes

ACNH - Buy Clothes at the Apparel Shop
You can use the Poki you earn to purchase clothes from the Apparel Shop. The selection changes once per day, so be sure to stop by at the shop to see if there's anything new!

Remodel the Apparel Shop

ACNH - Let

If you want to change the exterior and interior of the apparel shop once it's built, talk to Lottie inside the Paradise Planning office and choose "Let's talk about facilities".

Remodeling the apparel shop gives you Poki for your hard work!

How to Get Poki

Invite the Facility Member for a Dance

ACNH - DJ KK Dance Event
If DJ KK is present on the island, you can talk to the facility member to invite them for a dance! Doing this allows you to view all the photos of the vacation homes you made.

Happy Home Paradise DLC Story Walkthrough

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