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This is a guide on planting Money Trees in Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH). Read on to learn what to do when you see a Glowing Spot, and for the most effective way to grow Bell trees!

Best Amount of Bells to Bury for a Money Tree

10,000 Bells is the Safe Zone

30000 Bells - Japanese
10,000 Bells or Less ・You're guaranteed 3x the amount you bury.
Example: Planting 10,000 Bells will give you 30,000 Bells (10,000 Bells x 3)
10,001 Bells or Above ・You have a small chance of getting 3x the amount you bury.
・Often it will fail, and you will get 3x 10,000 Bells instead.
Example: Planting 20,000 Bells will give you 60,000 Bells (20,000 Bells x 3)

The Money Tree will grow 3 times the amount of Bells that you bury. However, if you put in more than 10,001 Bells, there's a possibility that you'll only get 3 times 10,000 Bells back.

Since this seems to be the most common result, we believe there's a pre-determined chance for success.

30,000 Bells is the Safest Choice

Buried Amount Result Profit and Loss
10,000 Success: 10,000×3=30000
Fail: 10,000×3=30,000
20,000 Success: 20,000×3=60,000
Fail: 10,000×3=30,000
30,000 Success: 30,000×3=90,000
Fail: 10,000×3=30,000
40,000 Success: 40,000×3=120,000
Fail: 10,000×3=30,000

If you want to make sure you're not losing any money, 30,000 Bells is the best amount to bury. As you can see above, you have a chance to earn a 60,000 Bells profit, but you also won't lose any money if it fails.

If you feel like the chance of getting the 60,000 Bells profit is too low, you can bury 20,000 Bells for a guaranteed increase.

The Max You Can Bury is 99,000 Bells

99000 Bell Bag.jpg
The biggest amount you can have in a single Bell bag is 99,000 Bells, so it is also the maximum amount of bells you can bury in Shining Spots.

If it succeeds, you'll get 3 times 99,000 Bells, so in total you will get 297,000 Bells. If it fails, however, you'll only get 30,000 Bells in total and will have lost 69,000 Bells. Since the risk is very high, we don't recommend burying the Max amount of Bells.

Using the Golden Shovel has No Clear Effect

Golden Shovel 2 times out of 10
Normal Shovel 6 times out of 10

Note: The data above is from our walkthrough team's investigations.

For testing purposes, we buried 30,000 Bells 10 times with both a Normal and a Golden Shovel, and we got the result above.

This is not enough data to make any final conclusions, but it is likely that the Golden Shovel has no more chance to succeed than the Normal Shovel.

How to Get the Golden Shovel

What is a Glowing Spot and Where to Find It

Shining Hole at Night
Once a day, a spot on the ground will be shining somewhere on your island. This is used to get money and grow Bell trees, so we recommend finding it every day.

The spot is easier to see at night, so it might be better to search for it in the evening.

Dig With Your Shovel to Get 1,000 Bells

Dig up 1000 Bells
Once you've found the spot, you can dig with a shovel to get 1,000 Bells. With the hole still glowing, you can choose to plant a Money Tree.

What is a Money Tree?

Bell Tree next to a Fruit Tree
A Money tree, or a Bell tree, is a tree that grows Bells instead of fruits. Just like fruits, however, you bury what you want to grow, a.k.a. Bells!

Money Trees can only be planted from glowing spots, and each of these trees will only produce Bells one time. For this reason, you'll have to continue burying Bells in the new Glowing Spot available every day to earn a consistent source of money from this method.

However, there is a chance that the tree won't grow Bells, so it is not completely risk free!

How to Plant a Money Tree

How to Make a Money Tree
1 Find the shining spot.
2 Dig up the buried money.
3 Bury Bells to plant a sapling.
4 Wait for 4 days for the tree to grow.
5 Shake the tree to get the Bells.

1. Find the Shining Spot

Search for the Shining Spot
You first have to find the Shining Spot on your island.

There will be a new one every day without fail, so make sure to find it and reap the rewards.

2. Dig up the Buried Money

Dig up 1000 Bells
Dig up the 1,000 Bells for some easy pocket money.

3. Bury Bells for a Sapling to Appear

After the 1,000 Bells have been dug up, it is time to put in a Bell bag of your own. Once the money has been buried, a Sapling will appear.

4. Wait 4 Days for Bells to Grow on the Tree

Bell Tree next to a Fruit Tree
From the day you bury it, 4 days will pass before Bells grow on the tree you planted.

5. Shake the Tree to Get the Bells

50000 Bells per Bag
Like with fruit, you need to shake the tree to harvest your new shiny Bell bags.

Can You Move Money Trees?

You Can Move Money Trees and Not Lose Bells

Replant Tree.jpg
Once planting the Money Tree, you can safely move it with your shovel. It will not turn into a hardwood tree, so you will not lose any Bells.

How to Chop Wood and Pull Up Trees

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not knowing that there was a chance of it failing and only getting 30k back, i have put 99k bells in like 6 times, and so far ive been really lucky and only failed it once

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>>7 Nope, it only spawns money bags one time, and then becomes a regular hardwood tree.

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