When Does a New Day Start? | ACNH - Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)

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When does a new day actually start in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH)? Learn when your constructions and upgrades finish, as well as the resets for resources like ores and the money rock.

What Time Does the Day Reset?

The Day Officially Starts at 5 AM

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The start of a new day officially begins at 5 AM, which is based on your Switch system's time. The daily island-wide broadcast signals the start of the new day, whether the clocks strikes at 5 AM or it is the first time you boot up the game for the day.

At 5 AM, the screen will refresh

The new day can start while you are playing the game; and the screen will go black, this will be the time for the game to load up the content for the next day. Once the screen loads up, the daily broadcast will be shown, starting the new day.

The same will also happen if you have left your game open from the last day, and the new day has started.

List of Daily Features that Refresh on a New Day

Once the clock strikes at 5 AM, all daily activities will refresh, even if you finish them at 4:59 AM.

Daily Features that Update at 5AM
  • Construction completion
  • Building recolation
  • Weeds, plants, and trees grow 1 stage
  • Materials from rocks and trees refresh
  • New fossils appear
  • Nook Shopping updates their daily selection
  • Nook Stop Daily Login Bonus refreshes
  • Nook Miles+ Tasks refresh
  • Seasonal items start or stop appearing
  • Turnips will rot (on a Sunday)
  • Receive your bank interest (when a new month starts)

Construction Completion

ACNH - Bridge Ceremony.png

At 5 AM, all construction work including facilities, bridges, and inclines will be finished at 5 AM, and will be available for use.

How to Build a Bridge.png
How to Build and Destroy Bridges
How to build an incline partial.png
How to Build Slopes, Stairs and Inclines

Building Relocation

ANCH - Moving player home.png

Buildings such as houses and facilities will also be only moved to its new location when the new day starts. Note that you can only move 1 building per day.

Plants Grow 1 Stage

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Rose Day 1.png Rose Day 2.png Rose Day 3.png Rose Day 4.png

The growth of a rose in four days.

When the new day starts, plants such as shrubs (bushes), flowers, and trees, will grow one stage. These plants take 4 days to fully grow. Fruits, on the other hand, take 3 days to grow back.

Materials From Rocks and Trees Refresh

Materials that you can obtain by hitting rocks and trees will also refresh once 5 AM strikes.

Materials from Hitting Trees
Wood IconWood Softwood IconSoftwood Hardwood IconHardwood
Materials from Hitting Rocks
Stone IconStone Clay IconClay Iron Nugget IconIron Nugget Gold Nugget IconGold Nugget

New Fossils Appear

ACNH - Dig Up Fossil.png

When the day starts, up to 4 fossils can spawn on your island, ready to be dug up.

You can have up to 6 buried fossils at a time

You will have at least 6 burried fossils on your island every day.

If you did not dig up the 4 fossils from the previous day, they will remain in those spots, and 2 more can appear.

However, once you reach 6 buried fossils, no more will spawn until you dig at least one up.

Nook Shopping Updates their Daily Selection

ACNH - Nook Shopping Daily Selection.png

Nook Shopping, which is available through the Nook Stop, or through it app, changes their Daily Selection when the new day starts.

If you don't have the NookPhone app yet, learn how to get it here!
How to Get the Nook Shopping App

Nook Stop Daily Login Bonus refreshes

ACNH - Nook Stop Daily Rewards.png

The daily login bonues from the Nook Stop refreshes at 5 AM, so if you haven't used it at 12 AM, don't worry! The most you can get per day is 300 Miles, once you go on a 7-day streak.

Daily Bonus Miles from the Nook Stop
Day Bonus Nook Miles
1 50 Nook Miles
2 80 Nook Miles
3 100 Nook Miles
4 150 Nook Miles
5 200 Nook Miles
6 250 Nook Miles
7 or more 300 Nook Miles

Nook Miles+ Tasks Refresh

ACNH - Nook Miles+ Tasks.png

Your progress on Nook Miles+ challenges are tracked throughout the day, and whether you finish them or not, they will be replaced with new ones once the new day starts. Remember to keep checking them!

Nook Miles+ Challenges and Rewards

Seasonal Items Start or Stop Appearing

ACNH - Caught Cherry-Blossom Petal.png

Seasonal items, such as cherry-blossom petals or maple leaves, will start or stop appearing depending on the date. If you still need to collect specific materials, consider time-travelling to a certain period.

For example, cherry-blossom petals are available until April 11, 4:59 AM, until the daily broadcast plays to signal the start of the new day.

Turnips Will Rot (On a Sunday)

ACNH - Turnip Prices.png

Turnips rot at 5AM on a Sunday. Since turnips rot after one week of purchase, the last time you can sell turnips is before Saturday 10 PM, before Nook's Cranny closes.

Daisy Mae's Turnip Buying and Selling Guide

Receive Your Bank Interest (On a New Month)

ACNH - Bank Interest.png

Interest is acquired and deposited to your ADB account at 5 AM on the start of the new month.

To learn more about getting bank interest, check out our guide!
How to Get Bank Interest

Daily Checklist

ANCH - Villager Conversation (Fauna ask to move).png

Check out our guide on things to do every day, so you know how each day is worth playing!
Things to Do Every Day

What if the Date Does Not Update?

The Day Does Not Reset During Online Play

ACNH - Orville Multiplayer.png

During online play, the day will not reset even if you hit 5 AM. It is only when you finish the session that the screen will go to the daily island-wide broadcast and the new day will start.

How to Play Online Multiplayer | Do You Have to Pay for Online?

The Day Does Not Reset During a Conversation

ACNH - Villager Conversation (Merengue and Eugene).png

A daily broadcast will also not interrupt a conversation between you and a character. Make sure to end a conversation first so that the day can refresh.

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