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ACNH - How to Get Specific Villagers You Want

Looking for a specific villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH)? You can invite through the campsite via amiibo or trade with another player. Find out how to get your dream villagers with our guide below!

How to Get Villagers You Want

Once you've got a free housing plot on your island, you'll can get any villager you want with these methods:

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1  Invite fom Mystery Island Tours
2  Invite Campsite visitors
3  Invite Villagers via amiibo
4  Trade with other players

How to Invite Villagers from Mystery Islands

ACNH - Inviting a villager from on a Mystery Island Tour

A great way to hunt for Villagers is to get on some Mystery Island Tours; each island you visit will have a different villager waiting for you to bring them home!

After you invite a villager to come live on your island, any other Mystery Island you visit will no longer have have Villagers on them!

Mystery Island Tour Guide

How to Invite Campsite Visitors

ACNH - Isabelle announces a visitor in the campsite
This method replaces a current random villager on your island. You can choose to time-travel, but it is not required.

 Wait until the Campsite has a visitor.
 If you don't like the villager in Step 1, you can time travel forward until you get another visitor in your Campsite.
 Keep talking to the Villager until you can convince them to move in to your island!
 Some Villagers will accept the invitation right away! But other villagers may need some convinving.

 If they say no, you can keep talking to them until you can convince them to move in again.

 For undecided villagers, they may ask you to play a card game where you have to guess which the color or suit of a card they choose. If you guess correctly, they'll move in!
 If they accept your invitation, they'll move in the next day!

Replacing Villagers

ACNH - Savannah offers to swapping out a villager
If your island already has 10 residents, the visitor will ask to swap with a random villager for a plot of land..

If you agree, the selected villager will be "in boxes” and moving out the next day. If not, press the HOME Button and your Switch and quit the game. You can repeat Steps 2-4 and try again!

How to Invite Villagers Via amiibo

ACNH - Scanning amiibo at the Nook Stop

Get a specific villager by calling them using their amiibo. Call them to the Campsite for 3 days for your invitation to stay get accepted.

1  Head to the Nook Stop to use an amiibo
2  Follow their request and craft an item
3  Repeat Steps 1 to 2 for 3 days.
4  On the 3rd day, you can convince them to move in!

Replacing Villagers

ACNH - Choosing resident to evict
Similar to moving Villagers in from campsite villagers, you'll have to swap a current resident with the villager you want to move in.

However, using amiibo will allow you to choose which villager youll want to swap.

Trade with Other Players

ACNH - Bob moves into a villager

Try inviting a villager from another island! Find out if any of your friends' villagers are moving out and “in boxes”. You fly over to their island and convince them to move into your island!

How to Choose Your First 10 Villagers

ACNH - Island villagers at a bridge ceremony

Filling up your island with your dream villagers will be different every step of the way. Follow our guides to get each of your dreamies on your island!

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1st–2nd Villagers 3rd–5th Villagers
6th Villager 7th-10th Villagers

How to Choose Your Starting Villagers (1st–2nd Villagers)

ACNH - Starting the game, landing on the island

How to Choose 1st–2nd Villagers
When? Start of the game
Villager Personalities Big Sister Jock
How to Select? Random, reset the game to reselect

Start the game and continue until you're at the Airport's dock with your Starting Villagers.

You'll always start off with one Big Sister villager and one Jock villager.

If you don't like the Villagers you end up with, you can reroll by starting the game over.

List of Starting Villagers

Home Interior Is Fixed

The 1st–2nd villager's interior design is different when you get them as a Starting Villager than how you would get them after the 6th villager.

That said, you may want to hold off on getting them on your island until after the 6th villager.

Canberra's Home as a Starting Villager Canberra's Home as a Recruited Villager

How to Choose Your 3rd–5th Villagers

ACNH - A player tries to select the Plot 1 Housing Kit

How to Choose 3rd–5th Villagers
When? After building the 1st bridge
Villager Personalities Lazy Peppy Normal
How to Select? Choose from Mystery Island Tours

After building the first bridge, talk to Tom Nook and he'll give you three house kits.

Set up the house kits and prepare the required furniture for each lot. After this, you can go on Mystery Island Tours to hunt for your dreamies!

You don't have to take the first villager you see, so go on as many Mystery Island you need to get your perfect Villagers!

How to Choose Your 6th Villager

ACNH - Isabelle announces that there

How to Choose 6th Villager
When? Once Campsite is ready
Villager Personalities Cranky
How to Select? Cannot select

The sixth Villager will come after you have set up the Campsite. The Villager you get in you Campsite will be final and you will not be able to reroll for a new Villager.

How to Choose Your 7th–10th Villager

ACNH - Inviting a villager from on a Mystery Island Tour.png

How to Choose 6th Villager
When? Once Campsite is ready
Villager Personalities Any Type
How to Select? Choose from Mystery Island Tours

Just like before, you can hunt for your dreamies with Mystery Island Tours, but this you won't be limited to any Villager Personality!

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