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Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - Best Way to Get Halloween Lollipop

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), you can get Halloween Lollipops by giving Candy to your villagers!

To learn more about Halloween Lollipops as well as what you can use them for, look no further than this guide!

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How to Get Lollipop in ACNH

Get from Villagers After Giving Candy

ACNH - Zucker gives the resident a lollipop
After giving Candy to a villager on Halloween, you'll get a Lollipop in return!

Villagers can also give you other DIY recipes or furniture from the Spooky series too, so stock up on Candy!

Best Way to Get Halloween Candy

What Can You Do with Lollipops?

Give to Jack

ACNH - The resident gives Jack a lollipop

By giving Jack's favorite treat to him, he will give you exclusive Spooky Furniture or DIY Recipes, or even clothing.

The following items can only be gotten from Jack, so make sure to save some Lollipop for him!

Jack Rewards and Items

ACNH - JackJack's Face ACNH - JackJack's Robe Spooky Carriage ImageSpooky Carriage

Give to Villagers

ACNH - Giving a Villager a Lollipop

If you run out of Candy, you can also give Lollipop to villagers. If you have received all of Jack's items from him, you can consider giving your Lollipop to villagers to get more Spooky Furniture and Reactions!

List of Halloween Items and DIY Recipes

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