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Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - Festivale 2022 Event Guide

This is a guide to Festivale 2022, a Mardi Gras event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for the Nintendo Switch. Learn when Festivale starts, as well as what you can do during the event, and information about the Festivale series of items and DIY Recipes!

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Festivale 2022 Dates and Times

ACNH - Isabelle announces the start of Festivale 2022

Event Date February 28, 2022
Event Times 9AM - 12AM

Festivale is held on February 28 until 5AM the next day! Pavé will visit your island and set up his Festivale stage at your plaza.

What to Do During Festivale 2022

ACNH - Pavé laughs at Festivale 2022

Festivale is a day of dance and fun! During the event, your villagers will wear their Festivale-inspired outfits and dance at the plaza.

Change into Festivale Clothing

ACNH - Pavé talks about finding clothes to fit the theme of Festivale and dancing

If you're not dressed up for Festivale, Pavé will insist you change into something more colorful when you talk to him.

Drop by Able Sisters and change into your Festivale Clothes to really get into the Festivale Spirit!

List of Festivale Clothes

Collect Feathers for Pavé

ACNH - Pavé informs the resident that he covets feathers of the same color

During Festivale, Pavé will ask you to collect multi-colored Feathers floating all over the island.

Use your net to catch them when you spot one!

Trade with Him with 3 Same-Colored Feathers

ACNH - Trade with Pavé to get Festivale Furniture

Give Pavé 3 same-colored Feathers and he'll reward you with a random Festivale-themed furniture item.

If you're looking to collect the entire furniture series in a specific color, make sure that Feathers you give him match the furniture variant you want!

List of All Festivale Furniture, Items, and Variations

Trade Feathers with Villagers

ACNH - Trade Feathers with Villagers
If you're having trouble looking for certain colored feathers, trade with your villagers! Villagers will want feathers of the same color of their outfits. This means that villagers wearing purple Festivale costumes will want purple feathers.

To change the color a villager will trade, wait a few minutes and ask again. It seems villagers are more likely to offer you feathers that match your Festivale outfit, so we recommend changing it to the color you want before asking to trade!

List of Festivale Clothes

Swap Stacks of Feathers with Villagers

ACNH - Trade Stacks of 3 Feathers
You can trade stacks of up to 3 feathers with your villagers! If you want to trade just 1 or 2 feathers, you'll have to take them out of the stack in your Pockets.

How to Increase Inventory Space | Pocket Upgrades

Collect Festivale Furniture

Trade Feathers for Items

ACNH - Trade with Pavé to get items
You'l be able to trade 3 same-colored Feathers with a random Festivale-themed furniture item!

Get Rainbow Furniture from Pavé

ACNH - Get Rainbow Furniture from Pavé
If you're looking the Rainbow variants, you can also trade him 1 Rainbow Feather for a random Rainbow-colored Festivale furniture item.

List of All Festivale Items and Variations

Takes at Least 27 Feathers to Complete the Series

ACNH - Trade 27 Single-Colored Feathers or 9 Rainbow Feathers

There are a total of 9 furniture items that can be traded with Pavé. One item costs 3 Feathers of normal colors, or 1 Rainbow Feather.

To collect all of the Festivale furniture, you would need at least 27 single-colored Feathers or 9 Rainbow Feathers.

If you're looking to collect Festivale Series furniture in the Rainbow variant, you'll have to collect 9 of each Feather and craft them into Rainbow Feathers, or catch them on your island.

Variant Set No. of Feathers Required
Green, Red, Blue, Purple 27 Feathers of any color
9 Rainbow Feathers

Customize Festivale Furniture

ACNH - A resident tries to customize a Festivale confetti machine to its rainbow variant

You can also customize Festivale items into other color variations with Rainbow Feathers!

Use this method to quickly switch your furniture' color and complete the set.

Get the Festivale Float

ACNH - Pave asks for 3 rainbow feathers from the resident in exchange for the ultimate Festivale reward
After getting each of the 9 Festivale items from Pavé, he'll ask you to bring him 3 rainbow feathers for the “ultimate Festivale reward.”

Complete his request and he'll reward with your very own Festivale Float!

Show Off Your Festivale Float!

ACNH - Festivale 2021 Guide - A resident celebrates with their Festivale Float
The Festivale Float is easily one of the largest (and most colorful) decorative items that you can get. Place it somewhere on your island and show it off to your friends!

How to Get Rainbow Feathers

Craft Through DIY

Once Festivale arrives, head to the plaza and talk to Pavé. He'll hand you a DIY recipe for a Rainbow Feather!

You'll be able to craft the Rainbow Feather with 1 of each regular colored feathers, so grab your net and start collecting!

Catch with Net

ACNH - A resident shows off a crafted rainbow feather
Similar to single-colored feathers, you can also find Rainbow Feathers floating around your island!

Though Rainbow Feathers will be rarer than the single-colored ones, you'll still be able to catch the with your trusty net.

List of Festivale Items

List of Festivale Furniture

Here's a list of all Festivale furniture items. Click the link below to check out other furniture items to add the Festivale spirit on your island!

Festivale Balloon Lamp ImageFestivale Balloon Lamp Festivale Confetti Machine ImageFestivale Confetti Machine Festivale Drum ImageFestivale Drum Festivale Flag ImageFestivale Flag
Festivale Float ImageFestivale Float Festivale Garland ImageFestivale Garland Festivale Lamp ImageFestivale Lamp Festivale Parasol ImageFestivale Parasol
Festivale Stage ImageFestivale Stage Festivale Stall ImageFestivale Stall

List of All Festivale Furniture, Items, and Variations

List of Festivale Clothes

Get your hands on some Festivale clothing to shake up the island with your dance moves!

ACNH - Festivale Accessory ImageFestivale Accessory ACNH - Festivale Costume ImageFestivale Costume ACNH - Festivale Tank Dress ImageFestivale Tank Dress

List of Festivale Clothes

Other Festivale Activities

Buy Furniture from Nook's Cranny

ACNH - Festivale 2021 Guide - A resident stands and celebrates besides Festivale furniture in Nook

You won't need to wait until February 15 to start decorating for Festivale! Starting February 1, Timmy and Tommy at Nook's Cranny will be selling Festivale-themed items!

Each island will only sell one color variation of the Festivale furniture, but you can trade online or customize them for for your preferred colors!
ACNH Trading Board

Buy Clothes from Able Sisters

ACNH - Festivale 2021 Guide - Residents play with instruments during Festivale

The Able Sisters will also start featuring new Festivale-themed clothing. Keep a look out for those colorful clothes!

List of Festivale Clothes

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