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ACNH - Island Names

To name your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), go through the story until the end of your first day. For funny or interesting island names, look nowhere else but our guide below!

Island Layouts Banner.pngHow to Choose the Best Island Layout Suggesting island names.jpgWhat Will You Name Your Island?

Funny Island Name Recommendations

Warning: Some of these puns are very spicy. Don't hurt yourself laughing!

Island Name Pun or Origin
Miss Isle HOT “Missile”
Poe Land
Pole Land
Eye Land “Island”
Din Isle “Denial”
Eggs Isle HOT “Exile”
Pure Isle “Puerile”
[Fruit] Town
Tinseltown Nickname for Hollywood
Hawaii Hawaii
Hyrule The Legend of Zelda
Koholint Island The Legend of Zelda
Melemele Island Pokemon Sun and Moon
Akala Island Pokemon Sun and Moon
Ula'Ula Island Pokemon Sun and Moon
Pony Island
Pokemon Sun and Moon
Cinnabar Island Pokemon Red and Blue
Mirage Island Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald
Monkey Island Monkey Island (The Game)
Yoshi's Island Super Mario Bros
Smashville Super Smash Bros.
Wuhu Island Wii Fit
Comment your best island names below!

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The Official Twitter uses “Nintenland”

ACNH - A screenshot of Nintendo Direct showing an island named Nintenland.png

The name used in the official Animal Crossing Twitter (and the Nintendo Direct) is Nintenland. If you can't think of a creative name of your own, why not just follow their lead and use this one?

Rules for Choosing an Island Name

Names Must be 10 Characters or Less

The number of characters you can used in a name has been increased, now to a total of 10!

Update: Island names in the English version of New Horizons do not include Island/Isle/etc by default. Names such as “Koholint Island” will be too long.

You Can Use Foreign Characters

ACNH - Suggest a name for the island

You can also use foreign characters that is provided in the Animal Crossing keyboard.

In the Japanese Version, Names All End with “Island” or “Land”

In the Japanese version of the game, all island names must end with one of three suffixes for the word “island”.

Unfortunately, the English version doesn't include the word ''Island'' or ''Land'', so be sure to plan accordingly!

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