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This is the Dream Address and House Design Share Board for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Here you can show off your entire island with your Dream Address from the Dream Suite, or simply post images of your rooms, so feel free to share ideas for island and house designs!

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Dream Address and House Design Share Board Rules

Here you can share your house or exchange Dream Address codes!

If you share your Dream Address with us, we might feature your wonderful island creations here on Game8!

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370 Aruba8 daysReport

Visit Aruba, Tropical 5 star island! +600 hours. There is a lot to see outside, only my house is not ready yet. This island feels like a vacation spot. Have fun!

369 errørka10 daysReport

visit la casita! DA 4109 4842 1187 find the hidden flower lounge! check out the bakery, orchard, cemetery, dinos and snapping turtle rock park, mermaid lounge, flamingo beach, astrology garden, rainbow flower garden, floral shop, zen spa, and more :)

368 Res. Rep. indsu12 daysReport

DA-1899-3869-4792 Welcome to Sequoian! This island is loosely based on the atmosphere of a hippie commune in the 1960s/70s, as demonstrated by the patchwork pathway design, abundance of flowers, and free-loving residents. Our main focus is leisure and our ultimate goal is to be self-sufficient and eco-friendly. Come by and visit our groovy town! Enjoy your stay! <3

367 AUXILIARY 21 daysReport

DA-3301-1134-1364 Prototype version, real version intended to be a rainy spring night atmosphere. A beautiful and bustling residential area is the forefront of the island, but the real view comes from the intricate bamboo waterfall cliffs topped with bright red fencing. Between the rain and scattered cherry blossoms, a grey fox can be spotted nearby the abandoned temple that has been cordoned off. Are they lonely or is there something to hide? It's up to your own conclusions.

366 Leeloo26 daysReport

DA-1263-8279-3591 Made themed sections of my island with characters to match. There is the princess and her castle, the pirate queen and her hidden hideout, the peaceful farmer with his bees, and the tech mogul with his house in the suburbs. I recently bulldozed this island to work on a totally new theme with new characters and villagers so the only way to see it now is via dream. Will be uploading the new one in another 400 hours or so. :)

365 Erinabout 1 monthReport

DA-9178-0093-3443 Fever Dream welcomes you! Check the bulletin board for spooky legends and island lore, then head northeast to the stalls and pick up ghost hunting supplies! Good luck!

364 Suzuabout 1 monthReport

Come visit Hvns Gate for our Christmas spectacle! This 5 star, 1,000 hour island has so much to offer; from cozy hot cocoa stands and reading nooks to a beautifully lit Christmas illumination and Santa himself! Please come and enjoy and feedback would be greatly appreciated! DA-0447-2921-7702

363 Syd (Ile des Fleurs)about 1 monthReport

>>362 Liked ur musicale setup! never saw that on an island before! pretty island 🎄

362 Jo Bethabout 1 monthReport

Breeze Island is a Festive Island ready for Toy Day. Please come and visit DA-3396-7698-3796

361 Thais about 1 monthReport

LaLaLand is a colorful urban city island with areas of vibrant nature. It is based on japanese anime feels during cherry blossom season. There are many forced perspective views so make sure to look up! 🌸 DA-0876-5297-2150 Instagram: @lalaland.acnh

360 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

Welcome to Sanrio's Winter Wonderland! A 1200+ hours, 5-star, Sanrio-inspired island! Come visit this colorful Christmas world with 3 fully-decorated S-Rank houses along with an amusement park, a beach-side resort, a shopping mall, and lots of waterfalls! Gifts are provided to help you experience the Holiday season in Sanrio. DA-1066-1146-5835

359 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

Welcome LION ISLAND Christmas ver. DA-5732-7379-2759

358 Rosseabout 1 monthReport

Come visit Rosse Island! Fairycore theme island. Play with the fairies & sing under the moon🧚‍♀️ Castle, Cafes, Zen Garden, Garden, Fairy Forest, Picnic Area🌼 DA: 5892-7822-8121

357 Syd (Ile des Fleurs)about 2 monthsReport

Come visit beautiful Ile des Fleurs, an Oasis Isle in the ocean! It is almost Christmas on this 5-star island with 2 fully decorated homes, a tree farm, a vineyard, a marketplace, and more! DA-5636-1522-0521

356 Forrest from ParrotCayabout 2 monthsReport

Updated my dream island. Come on by and visit Parrot Cay. A five star island filled with nature themes and cozy hideaways. I hope you enjoy your time here. DA-3224-9331-2985

355 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

DA-5424-9126-6556 Super fun island with a comedy club, dinosaur dig, Starbucks, Pirate Cove and more!

354 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

Sweet dreams :)

353 Ayanyan about 2 monthsReport

Welcome to Pennyan! DA-8376-9792-5170 enjoy your visit :D I’ve got tools (vaulting pole and ladder, and also pan flute) for you to pick and use inside the dream by the entrance. Hope you like it!

352 Jelloabout 2 monthsReport

Welcome to Banana! DA-9265-3907-3825 Winter addition! Urban themed island with love for the SFC 415. 3 creative houses fully decorated. Many areas to explore and get immersed into the wild vision of Banana! Enjoy your dream! 🏝

351 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

Dream Code 5* :) DA-6630-4152-7166

350 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Welcome to Cocolaimii! DA-4559-6368-9790 An island resort with a pool deck, beach cafe, and much more! I hope you enjoy your stay🏝

349 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Dream Address is... DA-6526-0825-0853 Simple cottage core theme, it’s absolutely amazing!

348 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Greeting from Japan!😊🍡 DA-5480-1026-2687 Please come to visit my island!

347 Jess2 monthsReport

I made a murder mystery on my island, come play and see if you can solve it! Details below! DA-3420-4422-1405

346 Anthony2 monthsReport

Hope you enjoy your stay 🤙

345 Sundae3 monthsReport

Welcome to Saria Fate DA-8661-2594-8085 Theme: The Legend of Zelda Play Time: 1000 hours

344 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Welcome LION ISLAND Autumn ver. DA-5732-7379-2759

343 Kay from Tokyo3 monthsReport

550 hrs 5star island with sections of all four seasons!

342 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Visit the island of Pielandia at DA#0569-7866-1884. A lovely brick lined village with a wide variety of spaces—a coffee shop, clothes boutique, cat cafe, toy store, beach cabana bar, graveyard, dinosaur garden, creepy cryptid beach & more! Surprises in every corner! And please check out inside the house as well— every room themed and decorated! Come visit anytime...

341 Anonymous3 monthsReport

DA-4266-7830-5147 5* island built through 550 hours with a bit of Japanese, imperial and a side of nature! Favourite spots on the island include a flower market, hot springs, beach shopping arcade, stargazing area, indoor cat cafe and a newly introduced Halloween area next to the town square! Hope you enjoy your visit to Lemoniee!

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