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This is the Dream Address and House Design Share Board for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Here you can show off your entire island with your Dream Address from the Dream Suite, or simply post images of your rooms, so feel free to share ideas for island and house designs!

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Dream Address and House Design Share Board Rules

Here you can share your house or exchange Dream Address codes!

If you share your Dream Address with us, we might feature your wonderful island creations here on Game8!

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487 Lilo and Stitch 9 daysReport

DA-3849-9439-1437 Ailana, a tropical city.. Come visit us and check out our shopping strip, yacht harbor, construction site, highway, villager neighborhood in a cul de sac, boardwalk and more.. let us know what you think!!

486 Whale Roar Residents23 daysReport

Experience 1970s Sydney, Australia on our historic island, Whale Roar! DA-6361-2435-3467 See the protests, catch a ferry, pop in to the local shops, have something repaired, get a tattoo, enjoy the bushland, pick up the rubbish, avoid the construction and much much more. Six fully decorated player houses: a suburban home, a share house and night club, a pub, a community centre, a derelict gasworks and a pottery shop in an old chapel. All animal resident houses have been refurbished too.

485 Momoabout 1 monthReport


484 ZigzagPierabout 1 monthReport

DA-7491-2054-4464 I left all the tools and scattered presents around the island to make it more fun. Go ahead wreck my island!

483 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

My dream island address: DA-4964-4897-3091 Paris Inspired Island

482 Sideofranchabout 1 monthReport

I put an embarrassing number of hours into this game and am excited to share my island with you. It’s sort of multi-biome themed, lots of different areas and all of the houses are fully decorated. Would love to hear what you think. Enjoy the meteor shower! :) DA-9566-0072-0838

481 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport


480 Anonymous2 monthsReport

MA 4857 1513 2943 1. Zelda area 2. Somersault jumps 3. Gyroid village 4. Fossil excavation 5. Zoo 6. Secret magic cave 7. Look up on the river sources 8. Other things

479 Toffee3 monthsReport

Happy Easter, welcome to my island. DA-7418-3187-0083

478 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Welcome to Neverland ✨

477 Anonymous4 monthsReport

DA- 0527-4493-8748 Just finished redoing all of column 6 on my map and I'm so excited with how everything's turning out💕💖 It's hard to pick a favorite spot but I'm currently loving my magical orchard by the spoopy woods💖💖💖

476 Paige4 monthsReport

Island is Dreamland, DA which stands for dream address is DA-0523-1722-1587

475 Maddie4 monthsReport

DA-6596-9334-9744 Come visit Arcadia!

474 Anonymous5 monthsReport

DA5732-7379-2759 Welcome to LION island :-D

473 Beans5 monthsReport

DA-3314-8969-8680 Somewhat casual/Autumn theme with some natural :)

472 ✨Jelly✨5 monthsReport

Hi and welcome to Lullwick! There are prezzies in front of resident services. The beaches are not finished. ✨ DA-9151-4644-4726 ✨

471 Anthony5 monthsReport

DA-9399-1217-6938 Alolan Island rebuild. Working progress

470 jkserig6 monthsReport

DA 0576-3959-3200 Come visit Fae Forest, a 5 star island with lots to see - Solve a murder, find the three mysterious white rabbits, find out what the Biker Gnomes are up to, and enjoy some visual gags. Thanks for visiting!

469 PePaw6 monthsReport

Well Done!!

468 PePaw6 monthsReport

I had the same experience until I saw the green pipe! It is worth a visit to take the 'tour'. See my post #467 for details...

467 PePaw6 monthsReport

This is a great! I admire the amount of work that went into this and appreciate being 'led' around the island picking up bells to use for a donation at the end of the 'tour'. I like LG products so this was a fun ad... Note: the 'tour' begins at the first house called "LG Home" with the red roof located to the left of the RS plaza. After entering the two room house, proceed straight ahead to the second room and jump into the green pipe to start your self guided tour!

466 Sara6 monthsReport

My multi-theme island Isola finally has a dream code. It’s not perfect and still a work in progress (and a bit messy tbh) but I’m really happy with it so far. DA 8517-0877-0544

465 Syd (Ile des Fleurs)7 monthsReport

DA 5636-1522-0521

464 Syd (Ile des Fleurs)7 monthsReport

It's Christmas on Oasis Isle, the Isle des Fleurs! Come visit and enjoy the season!

463 Anonymous7 monthsReport

Hi, I made a japanese island during the sakura season. It's not supposed to be a big city like tokyo but more of a rural town. I hope you like it! DA-5244-3677-9392

462 Anonymous7 monthsReport

5 star island for a long time, some fake buildings museum castle couple new villagers entice entice 😉. DA 328156608888

461 Anonymous7 monthsReport

Come dream with me on carona! And please provide feedback or ideas for me 😍DA-3281-5660-8888 🙏 Thank you

460 cincin7 monthsReport

DA-7237-8852-6359 ☆Hello all~ fully upgraded 2 houses with ramen/department store/private museum~ added 2.0 items outside of my island as well as the villagers' 🏠~ Feel free to drop by~~♡

459 K2theCam8 monthsReport

DA-7394-4263-1493 500+ Hours / 5-Stars Themed areas, decorated villager homes & yards, fairgrounds/boardwalk/concert, decorated museum and beach areas, orchard and a Mario area. Hope you enjoy!

458 Syd (Ile des Fleurs)8 monthsReport

well. i TRIED to visit. the first time all i could access was the house by Resident Services. i came back in a swimsuit and jumped off the dock. was able to get around a little more but still couldn't access island well or other houses. please remove barriers (trees/bushes/fences/standees) so there is flow and leave a ladder in front of Resident Services for access to upper levels,

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