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This is the Dream Address and House Design Share Board for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Here you can show off your entire island with your Dream Address from the Dream Suite, or simply post images of your rooms, so feel free to share ideas for island and house designs!

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Dream Address and House Design Share Board Rules

Here you can share your house or exchange Dream Address codes!

If you share your Dream Address with us, we might feature your wonderful island creations here on Game8!

You can find the featured islands over here:

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289 Anonymous1 dayReport

https://nooksisland.com/dream-address/da-7934-8328-5346 Please come visit my colorful island I’ve worked over 800 hours on!

288 SamDan1 dayReport

https://acnhtour.com/island/merry-4/ I’ve totally updated my island for fall/Halloween with probably more updates to come. My island is multi themed with 7 houses! As well as a beer garden , a drive in movie theater, and a beach boardwalk. Please come check it out, and also watch my YouTube video as you can see some of the fun older things I did with my island and how it’s changed!

287 Anonymous3 daysReport

Come by and check out my island. No theme, just things I enjoy. Has 3 houses set up as hotels with themed rooms and diners. Island is set up for the villagers to enjoy. DA-1924-7645-8159.

286 Anonymous5 daysReport

Visit my dream address!

285 Dapasuki 6 daysReport

>>284 DA-6548-9613-3808

284 Dapasuki 6 daysReport

Come visit my 5 star island Cradle! No set theme, just features I think are fun/unique including an archeological excavation site, mysterious farm and fairy woods.

283 Bison6 daysReport

Welcome to my flower inspired dream island. Visit Yhnhn, DA 7281 2831 5062. 5 stars

282 Anonymous6 daysReport

7413-4014-2428 Northern Hemisphere. 600 hours. Easy paths. 4 completed houses all with HHA scores over 150. 5 star.

281 Anonymous7 daysReport

>>275 One of the rooms in his house

280 Anonymous8 daysReport

home away from home....DA-2293-6261-9963. OVER 80O HOURS IN THiS ISLAND HAHA. Please visit and enjoy.....all comments welcomed =)

279 Anonymous8 daysReport

Come check out my idland. Corona DA5980 9040 9026. I have a school, pirated island and salon and more

278 Ant8 daysReport

Hi Guys! Come check out our island and tell us what you think. Thanks and have a great day! DA-9399-1217-6938

277 Cailin4TW9 daysReport

Panda pen, and a cool little village. Come check it out DA-2504-1849-4466

276 D9 daysReport

https://acnhtour.com/island/merry-4/ Come visit my island! I’ve got 7 houses, all themed! A haunted house, movie studios, an indoor mall and more!

275 Anonymous9 daysReport

Eclipse Island, it has already 15k plus dream visits. You can also visit his IG account on instagram.com/danjodesu

274 Anonymous9 daysReport

>>273 (forgot to add pic) easy to explore village type island with some easter eggs!

273 Anonymous9 daysReport

cuarailho's dreamcode is DA-9215-1691-0020! come visit and don't forget to read the bulletin board! :)

272 Anonymous10 daysReport

dreamcode of Aurora! Trying to make it spooky and Halloweenthemed :) DA-0493-5533-4343

271 Anonymous12 daysReport

Dream code for Purgatory!! Cottagecore galore!! DA 1301-4497-8115

270 Anonymous16 daysReport

haha and I forgot the dreamcode sorry Dreamcode of Paradiso: DA-5542-4118-5018

269 Anonymous16 daysReport

I redesigned my island „Paradiso“ and would love to hear your feedback! Everybody is welcome there, I hope u like it :)) it has 4 or 5 stars and I played 400 hours.

268 Wombat17 daysReport

>>249 I chose your island for dreaming because you said "Everyone is welcome." The vibe is laid back and friendly, yet it's easy to see you put a lot of thought into its development! Best island I've visited yet. Plus. your character didn't say anything creepy to me. (That has been a problem.)Thank you!

267 Anonymous17 daysReport

DA-5848-2882-3289 welcome to ONEPIECE island!!

266 MIMI... Breeze ISLAND 17 daysReport

I have a 5 star island that I am continually updating. It is a fun island with a food court: surf shops: Cafe and a market. Please come take a look.

265 Ctickles18 daysReport

>>258 Your island is very beautiful. Mine is still in development with a lot of work to do.

264 Anonymous19 daysReport

DA-7656-6010-0054 is my dream address. Come visit and give me ideas!

263 Anonymous21 daysReport

>>262 Here is the photo LION ISLAND Welcome LION ISLAND ! DA-5732-7379-2759

262 Anonymous21 daysReport

Welcome LION ISLAND ! DA-5732-7379-2759

261 Anonymous22 daysReport

City/urban themed island, still unfinished DA-9893-2757-2266

260 梅果23 daysReport

Urban and suburban Asian style Island. Would love feedback, have fun! https://acnhtour.com/island/outset-2/

See the newest comments

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