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This is the Dream Address and House Design Share Board for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Here you can show off your entire island with your Dream Address from the Dream Suite, or simply post images of your rooms, so feel free to share ideas for island and house designs!

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Dream Address and House Design Share Board Rules

Here you can share your house or exchange Dream Address codes!

If you share your Dream Address with us, we might feature your wonderful island creations here on Game8!

You can find the featured islands over here:

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Note: If you violate any of these conditions, your submission may be deleted and you may be banned from posting.

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429 Rosemary (Aminzing)7 daysReport

Your island is amazing! 😍

428 BeHappy island20 daysReport

DA-8266-0058-4417 I just finished decorating our island and would love to have guests come over to visit :) We don't really have a specific theme but our island definitely has natural and cozy vibe, especially during the season of cherry blossom. Please come visit us at BeHappy island 🏖️ Hope to see you soon 🌸

427 Anonymous20 daysReport

Yo that's amazing! How did you do that?!

426 Anonymous21 daysReport

I just love your island, Cocolaimii!!! It is the first dream I ever visited. I've gone twice and definitely will visit again! :)

425 Anonymous25 daysReport

DA 3301 1134 1364 Finally finished after 955 hours, the mysterious island of AUXILIARY is open to travelers. Amidst the rain and scattered cherry blossoms, a lone white fox can be spotted by the abandoned temple at the peak of the falls. Are they lonely or is there something to hide? The answers lie within yourself.

424 Jay of Coronicaabout 1 monthReport

DA-9026-5887-7138 Island Name: Coronica In-game Name: Jay Royal vibes with castles, temple, and some infamous views from around the world. Things like Restaurants, café and others can be found indoors.

423 Teddy (Farore)about 1 monthReport

DA-4524-3141-8107 Aspects of The legend of Zelda are on my island such as the lost wood and several scenes from majoras mask in my skull kid house. My island ranges from having Big Ben and Houses of Parliament to a bamboo jungle only accessible through warp pipe. There are five fully furnished houses on my island so prepare for a very full tour! Farore is a combination of what I love most and that is video games and traveling!

422 Syd (Ile des Fleurs)about 1 monthReport

Late Spring On the Isle des Fleurs - DA-5636-1522-0521. Come explore an Oasis Isle in the ocean. Experience what sydcore is - a fusion of flowercore/farmcore/cottagecore/european. Farms to visit; a horse ranch; a vineyard; and more! There are 4 themed houses which are all gold HHA rated!

421 Weesuhabout 1 monthReport


420 Weesuhabout 1 monthReport

Take a look at the whimsical island of Brutal! Inspired by Lisa Frank and Peewee’s Playhouse, my save have over 2,000 hours! I’ve been a hardcore Animal Crossing fan since the GameCube launch, and I reference the older games on my island. Come take a look!

419 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

Palm readings, a secret night club, beach juice bar, café, cabanas, and plenty of gardens to stroll through! DA-7793-9298-0636

418 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

DA-6134-0629-2805 Pls feel free to come and visit my island, MOMOICHIGO! Recently welcomed two new residents from Sanrio. 💕 Enjoy strolling the mid-summer island! 🌴

417 Breaabout 2 monthsReport

Come visit the beautiful Mt. Moon! We have several tourist attractions such as our Moon Library, Pink Diner and hidden Moon Pond. We hope you enjoy your stay!

416 Nakubi2 monthsReport

Nakubi is a 5 star tropical island with so much to see and do. You will feel like you’re visiting a real island town with a boardwalk, restaurants, night club, mini golf and so much more! Go inside the houses too! DA260127083034

415 Saukatz2 monthsReport

Come and visit Bleakfall! Island is nearly finished. Inspired by a dark and gloomy autumn forest, this 5-star island is shrouded in eternal mystery and melancholy. You can find my island and more information about it on ACNHtour too - https://acnhtour.com/island/bleakfall/ Find more impressions of Bleakfall on instagram: saukatz.crossing

414 Jordan - Allegria2 monthsReport

DA-5559-9840-3530 For a colorful island with a little something for everyone, come visit Allegria! Features include: S rated home*, cafe pier, tiki bar, two public pools, gym, playground, beach side wedding venue, zen garden, bamboo garden and various other gardens (still in progress). *please excuse the turnips in the living room lol

413 Kimberlot2 monthsReport

DA:2206-9755-9420 My 5-star island finally feels 5-star to me! Welcome to Earthpatch! Come visit our downtown, play in our parks, relax at the spa, and help yourself to customs! Here's a 30s preview of Earthpatch: http://imgur.com/gallery/Mr89aT1

412 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Come visit Squanchy, my maze island DA-8728-3959-2752 Find the tools in the mario maze and on the beach to finish the maze. The whole Island is a maze to solve and explore.

411 WillowFairy2 monthsReport

Come dream of Peaceful! DA-1939-2243-6371 Visit the pink mystical Fairycore island, full of trees ,water falls and beautiful views. Walk through the fairy forest, but watch out for the fairy circle! Just behind the plaza your see a secret entrance to the hidden fairy house. Don’t forget to stop by Stitches pumpkin patch and melbas honey farm, Girl and boy outfits by plaza, please enjoy your visit! 😊🧚🏻‍♀️

410 Spring2 monthsReport

DA-1939-2243-6371 • pink Fairycore • girl/boy outfits by plaza • enjoy your visit 😊

409 Alison2 monthsReport

DA-5259-9554-5468 Aokigahara Forest horror theme! Many other themes as well Undertale themed house💀❤️ Ps: be sure to check my bulletin board and private beach for extra creepiness Pps: the story theme is very dark and sad but there is no blood. If you are a fan of paranormal horror and Japanese lore, then you will definitely enjoy my island 🙂

408 Anonymous2 monthsReport


407 Sunny2 monthsReport

DA-5119-3414-3253 Welcome to Sunspire! A vibrant 5-star springtime island, easy to get around. Chill out in the sunken zen garden, browse at the garden shop, enjoy a treat in the sweet shop or a coffee in the cafe. Relax with a book in the reading garden and blast off in the outer space campground. Looking forward to your visit!

406 Lissa2 monthsReport

What is happening in Mai Wei? Why are children missing? Why is the school abandoned? Find out by exploring the many misterious locations on this island and by visiting the houses of it's residents. This is a mini game. As you arrive check the message board for more info. Don't trust anyone when you embark on this creepy adventure.

405 Fort Vass 2 monthsReport

Come visit a medieval fantasy themed island, including a quest to defeat the dragon which torments the island. Puzzle through, defeat your foes and collect all you need to face the dragon in its lair. Or if you prefer explore and enjoy the town, castle, enchanted forest etc. DA-5039-1434-9123

404 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Come visit Fódlan! A lot of love was put into this island and has nods to Fire Emblem: Three Houses! It's still a work in progress, but it's really getting there! :) DA-0795-8457-2155

403 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Nearly 600 hour 5 star Island.. Themed beach areas and 2 S rated homes. Come and check it out.

402 Starry sky3 monthsReport

Come visit this lovely and sweet island! It has limited terraforming, lot's of visual interest. The vibe is small town. DA-7967-6881-4127 Decorated for the spring season :) Hope ya enjoy!

401 Syd (Ile des Fleurs)3 monthsReport

Come Visit the Isle des Fleurs - DA-5636-1522-0521. Come explore an Oasis Isle in the ocean. Experience what sydcore is - a fusion of flowercore/farmcore/cottagecore/european. There are farms to visit; a horse ranch; a vineyard; and more! There are 4 themed houses which are all gold HHA-rated! Enjoy your dream!

400 Anonymous3 monthsReport

A fairycore island at twilight. Four seasonal fairy courts and a high queen. Lots of waterfalls, sparkles, and magic.

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