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The October 15th Direct debuted a new app in the NookPhone: Island Life 101, which aims to make your island living the smoothest it can possibly be!

Read on to learn more about the Island Life 101 Service, including how to unlock the Island Life 101 Service app, what you can do with it, how to disable the Island 101 Life tips, and how to access the tips through NookLink!

How to Unlock the Island Life 101 Service

ACNH - Island Life 101 Service

The Island Life 101 NookPhone app can be redeemed at the NookStop for a total of 400 Miles. It'll also be available on the NookLink app on your smartphone!

How to Get Nook Miles Fast

What Can You Do With Island Life 101?

ACNH - Island Life 101 installed on Nookphone
Island Life 101 provides tips on how to best enjoy life on your island! You'll receive tips through the app every day.

Tips and Advice from Resident Services

ACNH - Nook Life 101
In the base game, Isabelle or Tom Nook will give you comments on how to best live out your island life. You'll also receive tips from Isabelle or Tom Nook while you're stuck on the loading screen.

The Island 101 Service is a great app to have for new and returning players to receive a refresher on the different things you can do on your island! You might even learn something new!

Alternatively, save yourself 400 Nook Miles and check out our Tips and Tricks for Beginners for free!

Beginner's Tips & Tricks

Tips and Advice from the Paradise Planning Team

ACNH - Island Life 101 Service Advice From Lottie
For those who have picked up the Happy Home Paradise Paid DLC, Lottie may also appear through the loading screens to offer advice on how to better create vacation homes for your clients!

Beginners’ Guide to Happy Home Paradise DLC

How to Disable Island Life 101 Tips

Steps Direction
1 Select the Island Life 101 App on your NookPhone
2 Press X to access the Delivery Settings
3 Review and change your Delivery Settings
4 Receive confirmation before closing the Island Life 101 App

1. Select the Island Life 101 App on your NookPhone

ACNH - Select the Island Life 101 App on Your NookPhone
After installing the app, the tips are on by default. To disable the tips, start by accessing the Island Life 101 App on your Nookphone.

The app will have a purple icon with Tom Nook's silhouette and a message bubble.

2. Press X to access the Delivery Settings

ACNH - Press X to access Delivery Settings
Upon opening the Island Life 101 app, you'll find a list of the different tips that you've received before. From this screen, press X to open the Delivery Settings.

3. Review and change your Delivery Settings

ACNH - Review and Change your Delivery Settings for Island Life 101
A message will appear indicating your current setting and will ask if you'd like to toggle the tips off or on. Select Turn tips off to disable the tips.

4. Receive confirmation before closing the Island Life 101 App

ACNH - Receive Confirmation before Closing the Island Life 101 App
After disabling the tips, you'll receive a notification of the Island Life 101 App's new status. It'll also offer a friendly reminder that you may re-enable the tips through the Delivery Settings menu,

Island Life 101 Service NookLink App

ACNH - NookLink Home Screen Wide.png

Aside from being added to your Nookphone in-game, the Island Life 101 feature can also be accessed through NookLink on the Nintendo Switch Online App.
NookLink Features

View the Island Life 101 Tips on Your Phone

ACNH - NookLink Island Life 101 Screen Wide.png

Selecting Island Life 101 on the NookLink Menu allows you to view the tips from your phone. Keep in mind that only up to 50 of the most recent tips will be displayed.

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