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This is the Friend Request Message Board for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch). Please use this page for finding new friends to explore each other's islands with.

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902 Syd27 minutesReport

>>896 Hey! I have both and can bring you some. Send a Dodo code

901 Anonymousabout 3 hoursReport

>>894 Are you online now?

900 i play animal crossingabout 10 hoursReport

>>899 you can only trade them if they are moving out

899 Hannahabout 11 hoursReport

I’m gonna sound really dumb, but you can trade villagers??

898 Anonymousabout 16 hoursReport

>>897 Also, this doesn't have to be immediatley, anytime within a few days is ok as well. Nook mile tickets will go up a bit as well.

897 Anonymousabout 16 hoursReport

Hi. I have Julian, and am looking for Raymond. Am willing to trade Julian, plus 3 nook mile tickets. If anyone has raymond, let me know but i will be avalible tomorow.

896 Anonymousabout 18 hoursReport

Need help getting pears and oranges anyone help pls

895 Anonymousabout 21 hoursReport

>>894 um i'm going to someone else's island so i will have to close the gates for now

894 Anonymousabout 21 hoursReport

>>893 here my dodo code i just friended you 8LC83. i have a southern hemisphere island just so you know.

893 Anonymousabout 22 hoursReport

Hey, been playing AC for a few days! Would be great to visit new islands so looking for friends who want to play :) SW-0176-9819-0205

892 Blue1 dayReport

>>889 Added u. I can water ur

891 Cookie1 dayReport

my code is sw-7126-9597-3889

890 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>884 your island is nice, thanks

889 Gigi1 dayReport

I would be friends Have many extra diys All the fruit My code is Sw 5247 0294 0910 Needs friends to water flowers

888 Anonymous2 daysReport

Need a friend to come to my island. Dodo code is KDJHJ

887 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>877 We want to play. Seven year old girl needs a friend on Animal Crossing.

886 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>831 We would love a friend. How do I find you

885 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>868 We need a friend. Friend code is 6XPGW

884 Gizmo4272 daysReport

My gate is closed thank you everyone who came over

883 Gizmo4272 daysReport

My gate is still open dodo code is FR23L anyone is welcome

882 Casey 2 daysReport

Please add need friends! I’m located on Birchy 4885-0495-4009

881 Anonymous2 daysReport

My dodo code is FR23L anyone is welcome and you can pick up all their fruit on the ground

880 Cookie3 daysReport

if you download the Nintendo Switch Online app to your cell phone, it allows you to be able to talk with each while at each others island instead of texting. Makes the game a lot more fun.

879 Cookie3 daysReport

i have really good friends. sw-7126-9597-3889

878 Arilyn3 daysReport

>>877 Adding :)

877 Detyreed 3 daysReport

Sw-7735-1122-0139 Need friends that will actually play and are considerate

876 Anonymous4 daysReport

Anyone here in Southern Hemisphere open for visitors?

875 Fritz4 daysReport

>>873 Leif does not ahow up on weekends.

874 NinaZero4 daysReport

Elle, we are friends but would need dodo code to visit - let me know if you want to play!

873 Sjcj4 daysReport

Hi anyone have leif on their island today? Can trade to let me shop or pay bells.

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    • If anyone has a good nookling trade, I need to sell a bunch of turnips. I will give you 10k.
      Reply with your dodo code.

    • >>[24633]
      I can bring you some !!

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