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This is the Friend Request Message Board for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch). Please use this page for finding new friends to explore each other's islands with.

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3632 Anonymous1 dayReport

My friend code: SW-3737-6478-1199 I need more friends and people to visit and trade with lol

3631 Lori (Buddyland)2 daysReport


3630 Candice3 daysReport

Anyone want to play

3629 Lori (Buddyland)3 daysReport


3628 Hii3 daysReport

Anyonexwant me to open gates?

3627 Lori (Buddyland)3 daysReport

Sorry that is me

3626 Hi,b3 daysReport

I can make u some and bring it over.

3625 Lori (Buddyland)3 daysReport

I'm on

3624 Anonymous3 daysReport

Anyone on at all right now?

3623 Anonymous3 daysReport

Anyone willing to trade some fish bait?

3622 Lori (Buddyland)4 daysReport

My purple pansy disapeared

3621 Anonymous5 daysReport

Gates closed

3620 Anonymous5 daysReport

I'll open the gates again its F7TSF

3619 Lori (Buddyland)5 daysReport

R they still open

3618 Anonymous5 daysReport

I'm only able to keep my gates open for another 30 minute

3617 Anonymous5 daysReport

Alright I'm opening the gate now I dug a space for the flower And the star fragments all 10 are right in the gated area dodo code JSF3B

3616 Lori (Buddyland)5 daysReport

I'm back so now would be good

3615 Anonymous5 daysReport

I might be asleep im from the northern part of the game I gusse we can try again tomorrow

3614 Lori (Buddyland)5 daysReport

I have to go so we will do it after high school

3613 Anonymous5 daysReport

Ok its HQLK5 I'll leave the 10 fragments in the Gated area

3612 Lori (Buddyland)5 daysReport

I have to go to yours if you want a plant

3611 Anonymous6 daysReport

New to playing. visit me DODO JCJ7W

3610 Anonymous6 daysReport

All right as long as it's a potted purple pansies I can bring 10 fragments To your island

3609 Lori (Buddyland)6 daysReport

U Can COmE SooN

3608 Lori (Buddyland)6 daysReport

I dug up the plant so I can bring more every time I get a purple pansy

3607 Lori (Buddyland)6 daysReport

Pls post a dodo

3606 Anonymous6 daysReport

Just to be clear I do not want a plucked purple Pansies. I would like one I can plant on my island and let it grow more

3605 Lori (Buddyland)6 daysReport

I will check if I have more purple pansies later

3604 Anonymous7 daysReport

Does anybody have potted blue roses or potted purple pansies to trade For matterials

3603 Lori (Buddyland)7 daysReport

U still wanna come

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