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This is the Friend Request Message Board for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch). Please use this page for finding new friends to explore each other's islands with.

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2179 Anonymous3 minutesReport

I m looking pearls anyone got pearls

2178 Hooneyabout 4 hoursReport

>>2172 I’ll be friends but am having trouble figuring out how to add people...dodo code? Or friend code? My friend code is sw-6813-1969-8576. Hooney

2177 Hooneyabout 4 hoursReport

>>2168 Hi maryjo Fellow southerner here! Go Titans!! My fc is sw-6813-1969-8576. Please add me I’m figuring out how to get AC friends too;) Hooney

2176 Cowardly Trashabout 10 hoursReport

want friends cause i'm lonely TT. SW-2279-4908-1587 i don't play super often tho

2175 SpookyPumpkin1 dayReport

Love catalogue events, trades, and daily giveaways? Join this discord server with a spooky twist! It’s an active server so you’ll always have someone to chat or trade with!

2174 Maya1 dayReport

looking 4 people 2 play with SW-8167-8967-2195 thanks xx

2173 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>2170 I’ll be your friend! What’s your friend code?

2172 Anonymous2 daysReport

I desperately need animal crossing new horizons friends. My friend code is SW-4858-9951-1971. My AC name is Lauren and my profile name is Lauren. Please be kind to a friendless gamer and friend me!

2171 Evan4 daysReport

hey guys, If you want to meet some very nice and friendly people you should head over to the recipe and fruit trading board! I chat in there lol

2170 Casey4 daysReport

>>2168 Hello, I would love to be your friend. I've had to start my game all over again. I lost my saved game. I had a 5 star rating, now I need to do it again. Go to the airport and get a Dodo Code, then respond to me. I will come to meet you and we can then become friends by doing a friend request. BTW I'll be 65 this Sunday here in New England, US.

2169 Casey (Horizon)4 daysReport

I am looking to reconnect with my friends, Dino and Willow. I lost my game save data while transferring my game from Switch Lite to my new Switch Console. I can see when they come online, but cannot make contact. I do believe we need to go back to doing initial visit via DODO code and repeat our friend request. Even though I have had to start over from square one, I'd hate to lose you two as friends. If you see this Dino, Willow, contact me. You have my friend code. Send me a message, please.

2168 MaryJo 4 daysReport

I’m 55 and from the South in the US. I’m relatively new to the game but I accidentally hit a 5 star rating in relation to my island because I’m trying so hard.🙂 I would love to find some friends but the process is overwhelming to me. I would be good at it once I get new friends because I love giving gifts and being kind, which most people would enjoy.

2167 Daisy (Asterales)5 daysReport

>>2154 Hi, I'm from Canada. Would like to add you as a friend. My code is SW 4945-5295-2207.

2166 Anonymous6 daysReport

hi , I m from Asia side , I m looking for new fruits , I already have peach and cherries :) (Still new to this game)

2165 Anonymous6 daysReport

I have daisy mae still here if anyone missed their turnips for the day. The price is at 106 sadly. Dont know how long ill be in the game tho

2164 Anonymous7 daysReport

Helloo! Would anyone happen to have the mush low stool and/or mush table diy recipes for sale at a reasonable price?

2163 Anonymous7 daysReport

Semi new to animal crossing. Looking for DIYS and new flowers. SW-6020-4068-6634

2162 Anonymous7 daysReport

>>2154 Hi I’ve added you!

2161 Anonymous8 daysReport

>>2152 Id love to come!!

2160 Anonymous8 daysReport

Hey guys! I would love to make some new friends! Please come to lotus island DA -F0571E165S! If anyone has star fragments omg this would be amazing!!!!

2159 Anonymous8 daysReport

Hey there! Anyone have any star fragments? Come to my island if you want to be friends! 6LKMB

2158 Mimosa9 daysReport

>>2154 I would like to be friends

2157 Anonymous9 daysReport

Hey, new to ACNH and would love some new friends. SW7682-3584-4798

2156 Ezgi10 daysReport

>>2138 Oh my God. I have just seen this! I would love to do that, I hope you see this at some point <3

2155 Ezgi10 daysReport

>>2154 Hey Ange - I have just added you! Let me know if you need any items, I have plenty of extra. Greetings from the UK!

2154 Ange10 daysReport

Hi everyone, my friend code is SW-7599-3956-0865 and I’m from Aus!! Would love to make some friends as I’ve restarted my island and just reached 3 stars again :)

2153 Anonymous10 daysReport

I would like more friends because I have NONE and I need more decorations! 5836-7561-5111

2152 SuzyQ10 daysReport

>>2123 I would love to add some new friends and invite you to visit my 5 star island. I am a sassy senior and look forward to meeting new friends. SW0866-8825-7872.

2151 SuzyQ10 daysReport

>>2150 Sorry 2147 I forgot my name.

2150 Anonymous10 daysReport

>>2147 I will add you. You can add me to your list as well. SW0866-8825-7872..

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    • >>[2172]
      I’ll be friends but am having trouble figuring out how to add people...dodo code? Or friend code? My friend code is sw-6813-1969-8576.

    • >>[122910]
      thank you, i was willing to catalog it, thanks for giving it :)

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