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This is the Friend Request Message Board for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch). Please use this page for finding new friends to explore each other's islands with.

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855 Fritzabout 3 hoursReport

>>854 If you add me, send me dodo code so I can go to your island. You wont appear on friend list in game unless both players have played together.

854 Fritzabout 3 hoursReport

Anyone need fruits or stuff crafted, add me. 4413-0015-5247

853 Nicoleabout 3 hoursReport

>>851 I sent a friend request 😃

852 Anonymousabout 3 hoursReport

>>851 Hey Bree, need help?

851 Breeabout 4 hoursReport

Would love to have more friends so anyone is welcome to add me! Code is: 5124-7070-9734

850 Anonymousabout 6 hoursReport

Anyone wanna be friends

849 Anonymousabout 6 hoursReport

>>840 Do you still need diner furniture?

848 Nightmareabout 8 hoursReport

so I am looking for friends have already posted here you can contact me on discord ☠Nightmare☠#3845 And as for my nintendo code 5889-3755-7182

847 Anonymousabout 16 hoursReport

>>844 I have peaches! Can we trade cherries for peaches?

846 Nightmareabout 16 hoursReport

Just looking for friends to play with 5889-3755-7182

845 Anonymousabout 16 hoursReport

>>836 There are no bananas sadly

844 Anonymousabout 21 hoursReport

I have apples, cherries & oranges, looking to trade for any other fruits. 1522-3923-3808

843 Janeen 1 dayReport

Just started this game. Love it! I have apples. 4226-0978-8101

842 Anonymous1 dayReport

Hey does anyone have the cherry blossom set or diys they can spare

841 Cats2 daysReport

>>805 NH also! How do you send friend request?

840 Elle2 daysReport

Hi! Code is 7618-0103-0911. I'm in the northern hemisphere and would love to get some mushrooms and mushroom recipes from someone in southern hemisphere. I have spare recipes and furniture and fruits :) (also northern hemisphere welcome to add). Also looking for any diner furniture I could catalogue :)

839 Elle2 daysReport

>>831 Hey! I just added :) I've been playing for a while and have spare recipes plus any fruit :) and some furniture

838 Angel3 daysReport

>>810 hi, i' looking for apples. I have pear and peach. 7438-8137-3016 :)

837 Angel3 daysReport

7438-8137-3016 , I have pear and peaches, looking for apple, oranges, cherries and banana to trade, i have bells if need.

836 Anonymous3 daysReport

I need bananas too!

835 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>834 Added.

834 Blaxis3 daysReport

I have all fruit, fossils, diys, and presents available!! 506924604523

833 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>821 Hi, I have cherries to trade. How many u need ? Can add me 0296-3380-1531

832 Anonymous4 daysReport

Code is 4165 4798 4886 I have cherries and peaches i can trade for the remaining fruit

831 Anonymous4 daysReport

Friend code is 1686-2001-2242 I’m new to the game this last week. Looking for friends to play with and help each other.

830 Anonymous4 daysReport

i can give you cherries, whats your dodo code?

829 Anonymous 4 daysReport

Bananas? O_O There is no such thing in the game atm...

828 Anonymous4 daysReport

Looking for some cherries and bananas. I have oranges, apples and pears!

827 Anonymous4 daysReport

Please friend me 0911 2186 2909 needs apples and bananas

826 Anonymous4 daysReport

>>818 Hi liz here just sent friend request do u have apples I have the other fruit

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    • >>[854]
      If you add me, send me dodo code so I can go to your island. You wont appear on friend list in game unless both players have played together.

    • >>[22711]
      Similar... about 15 in designated area, and 12 besides houses. Sold a lot orange cosmos and finally 1 black cosmo @_@ lol.

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