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5559 Anonymousabout 6 hoursReport


5558 Anonymousabout 6 hoursReport

I want to visit an island does anyone have a dodo code I can use now?

5557 Acacia Rose 1 dayReport

Need friends, looking for apples add me as a friend daily player in the uk 🇬🇧 SW 4829 1427 9098

5556 Anonymous1 dayReport

Hi I was wondering if I can come through for some fruit plzzz thank you!!

5555 Anonymous3 daysReport

I just need peaches. :) May I have a code?

5554 Billy (Canary)3 daysReport

New ppl think they can come to your island and take whatever they want. They don’t understand that they are limited and can only pick your flowers or shake trees. If they ask, more than likely they’d get anything they want.

5553 Yogi4 daysReport

I at least try to make it fair & then some, but my gate is still open if you need some stuff

5552 Anonymous4 daysReport

Is everything fair game?

5551 Yogi4 daysReport

code 2V6GT every fruits & veggies available, if materials needed I have those too, just let me know

5550 Anonymous4 daysReport

I do!

5549 Yogi4 daysReport

I Have all fruits & veggies available, if anybody wants them, let me know, & ill post dodo code!!!

5548 Anonymous4 daysReport

I need veggies. Can anyone help?

5547 Anonymous5 daysReport

Thank you! On my way!

5546 Anonymous5 daysReport

Sure. Add me SW-2030-7619-0139 Dens

5545 Anonymous5 daysReport

Can I come get an apple?

5544 Anonymous5 daysReport

I need apples!

5543 Anonymous5 daysReport

Yeah sure.

5542 Anonymous5 daysReport

Okey nice! I can come to you if you okey with that? Even

5541 Anonymous5 daysReport

I have pears and apples. I can bring some. I’m Dens.

5540 Anonymous5 daysReport

I have oranges, would like to be friends too. I need pears and appels! Add me, wants animal crossing friends Even SW 8448 6410 3030

5539 Anonymous5 daysReport

Add me! Sw 0729 9794 3581

5538 Anonymous7 daysReport

Ok I m on my way name is william I m 6

5537 Gma7 daysReport

Anon I put out like 48? Pieces young spring bamboo out for you

5536 Gma7 daysReport

Ps museum art is all real if you are looking for a piece or pieces

5535 Gma7 daysReport

Dodo code: 18SD3 -whoa I was playing an alt today and hit a mother lode of diys in his storage and have a full set of museum art!! And a weird obsession with hello Kitty? Anyone welcome. If you need fruit or veg or shopping help yourself. I’m gonna finish up some real life stuff for a bit

5534 Anonymous7 daysReport

doee anyone have young spring bamboo?

5533 Anonymous7 daysReport


5532 mullenator7 daysReport

does anyone have sanrio stuff?

5531 Anonymous7 daysReport

5C311.. trust me you’ll wanna see this

5530 Billy (Canary)7 daysReport

Anon- I’ve gotta head out for dinner. Reach out again for what you need. Someone will help you out. Take care!

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