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This is the Friend Request Message Board for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch). Please use this page for finding new friends to explore each other's islands with.

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2835 Anonymous Jakeabout 11 hoursReport

>>2832 Sending a friend request!

2834 Anonymous Jakeabout 11 hoursReport

>>2827 Sending a friend request your way!

2833 Anonymous Jakeabout 11 hoursReport

>>2829 I'll shot you a friend request!

2832 Anonymousabout 18 hoursReport

Hi All, new to animal crossing, would love some friends SW-5373-9057-6611

2831 Anonymous1 dayReport

Any gate open

2830 Marina (Rockville)1 dayReport

>>2824 hi! I don't have a soccer ball atm, but I can buy one. if you're online tomorrow, I can drop it off on your island?

2829 Taylor1 dayReport

I would love more friends mine is 1975-5733-8977

2828 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>2817 I sent u a friend request

2827 Anonymous2 daysReport

Hi I'm from Tokyo. 1943-0611-8611

2826 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>2825 Hey everyone, i´m looking for some friends to play with :) I can speak german and a little english. SW-3213-9337-9030

2825 Anonymous2 daysReport

Hi I started playing I will love some friends SW-5474-3971-7502

2824 Anonymous2 daysReport

I have a very specific request if at all possible! I would like to be friends with someone who could send me a soccer ball! It's impossible to change the design of a ball (I've only seen a basketball in my Nook's Corner), and I'd love a soccer ball for a little soccer pitch I'm making. Thank you for this! SW 7349-9670-3501

2823 Anonymous2 daysReport

Let's be friends! Add my code: SW-3689-7587-0481

2822 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>2820 switch won't take your code

2821 Anonymous3 daysReport

anyone want to sell gold nuggets ?

2820 Anonymous3 daysReport

I’d love some friends please! Here is my code: SW-7717-2098-5028

2819 Anonymous3 daysReport

I'd love more friends SW-4776-2783-2105

2818 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>2817 I would love some friends

2817 Anonymous3 daysReport

My friend code is SW-1975-5733-8977

2816 Anonymous3 daysReport
2815 Anonymous3 daysReport

My friend code is 329-4310-6520

2814 Anonymous3 daysReport

Hey I’m new looking friend please send friend code aloe looking for fruit willing to give bells

2813 Anonymous3 daysReport

>>2812 oh and my dodo code is 1WBHS

2812 Anonymous3 daysReport

Hey everyone I’m new and I need ever fruit besides bamboo, pair,and apple love some friends and some help

2811 BLK Tigress4 daysReport

>>2806 I added u hope that ok I need more friends who play animal crossing thank u in advance

2810 BLK Tigress4 daysReport

>>2806 I added u hope that ok I need more friends who play animal crossing

2809 Tessa5 daysReport
2808 hola 5 daysReport


2807 Anonymous5 daysReport

>>2805 Hi. I'd like to add you. I've tried just punching in the number before but now I don't know how to talk to them. So this time I would like a way to communicate with you before I just punch in your number. But I would like a friend!

2806 Crazy Bob5 daysReport

My friend code is SW-2544-1404-5910

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      I can also offer a range of flowers, lmk what you need 😊

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