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This is a guide to farming Gold Nuggets, a rare DIY material in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Read on to learn how to get Gold Nuggets, where to farm Gold Nuggets, how they can be used, whether or not you should sell Gold Nuggets, and more!

Rare Materials
Gold NuggetsGold Nuggets Iron NuggetsIron Nuggets

Should You Sell Gold Nuggets?

Don't sell them! Use them for DIY!

Robot Hero needs 10 Gold Nuggets
Gold Nuggets very rarely drop from rocks and can be used in DIY items. Some items can only be obtained through DIY crafting with Gold Nuggets as a materials and you won't come across many of these, so definitely hang on to them rather than selling them for some quick Bells.

How to Farm Gold Nuggets

The Best Source is Rocks on Mystery Tours

Tour Rocks
The best way to get Gold Nuggets is by hitting rocks on the islands you visit on Mystery Tours, the tours you can go on by using the Nook Miles tickets. Remember to bring axes or shovels to hit the rocks with.

Mystery Island Tours and Nook Miles Ticket Guide

Get Gold Nuggets from Rocks on Mystery Tours

You can only get Materials from the Rocks on your island once per day, but you always have a chance to find them on Mystery Tour Islands.

Mystery Tour islands will give you fresh rocks every time you go, so you can get as many materials as you want in a day.

Dig holes behind you to get the most materials

Dig Holes Behind You
If you dig two holes behind you when you gather the various materials from rocks, you can avoid being bounced back too far, allowing you to hit the rock 8 times repeatedly and get the maximum number of materials.

The Materials are Random

Rock Materials
Clay IconClay Stone IconStone Iron Nugget IconIron Nugget Gold Nugget IconGold Nugget

You can find a variety of materials from hitting rocks, such as Clay, Stone, and Iron Nuggets, but all of them have a random chance of dropping. Gold Nuggets have a low chance of dropping and are extremely rare.

Hit Your Island Rocks Every Day

Get Gold Nuggets from your island Rocks

With their incredibly low drop rate, Gold Nuggets are very hard to obtain in large amounts. If you hit the rocks on your island with a shovel everyday, you'll eventually come across a gold nugget, so the only option is to do this daily.

Things to Do Every Day

What Gold Nuggets are Used For?

Don't Sell Them

Golden Seat

While Gold Nuggets can also be sold for a crisp 10,000 Bells, they are so hard to come by that we recommend against selling them.

Make Golden Tools

Golden Tools.png
You need 1 Golden Nugget every time you make a Golden Tool. Seeing as the Golden Tools also break, you'll want to stock up on as many as possible!
How to Get All Golden Tools

Use as DIY Material

Robot Hero ImageRobot Hero Image Currently UnavailableGolden Dishes Aries Rocking Chair ImageAries Rocking Chair
Cancer Table ImageCancer Table Golden Axe ImageGolden Axe Golden Shovel ImageGolden Shovel
Golden Wand ImageGolden Wand Golden Watering Can ImageGolden Watering Can Golden Fishing Rod ImageGolden Fishing Rod
Golden Arowana Model ImageGolden Arowana Model Golden Net ImageGolden Net Golden Slingshot ImageGolden Slingshot
Gold Helmet ImageGold Helmet Golden Seat ImageGolden Seat Virgo Harp ImageVirgo Harp
Taurus Bathtub ImageTaurus Bathtub Scorpio Lamp ImageScorpio Lamp Sagittarius Arrow ImageSagittarius Arrow
Pisces Lamp ImagePisces Lamp Libra Scale ImageLibra Scale Leo Sculpture ImageLeo Sculpture
Image Currently UnavailableGolden Wall Gemini Closet ImageGemini Closet Capricorn Ornament ImageCapricorn Ornament
Aquarius Urn ImageAquarius Urn

You make make the Items above with Gold Nuggets.

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>>8 I agree, totally.

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I got a DIY for a golden casket. Weird, I know.

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