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This guide shows all wind patterns, all weather conditions, all special weather, including rainbows, auroras, thunder, fog and meteor showers, and all special cloud types in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to know when does it rain, when will it snow, and all about wind and weather!

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Wind Patterns Weather Types Special Weather Cloud Types

Wind Direction Patterns

How to Tell Wind Direction

Wind Direction determines which side of the island balloons come from when they appear. This changes from day to night and vice-versa, so keep an eye on the time and you'll know what side to check if you're hunting balloons for Recipes or Items!

Pattern 1

Pattern 1
Northwestern Wind
Northeastern Wind

Pattern 2

Pattern 2
Northeastern Wind
Northwestern Wind

How to Get Presents from Balloons

Types of Weather

All Weather Types

Weather Types (Click to Jump!)
Rain & Storms Snow & Blizzards Clear
Parly Cloudy Cloudy Overcast

Rain and Storms

Rain on Flowers.jpg
Rain and Storms will automatically water all flowers and weeds on your island. It also affects the presence of certain bugs. For example, snails only appear when it rains or snows, while butterflies only appear during clear weather. It does not affect the presence of fish, except for the rare Coelacanth, which can only be caught while it's raining or snowing. Rain can only fall from February 25 to December 10 (outside of Winter).

Snow and Blizzards

ACNH - Snow in winter
Snow and Blizzards affect your island in the same way as rain, but will only fall from December 11 to February 24 (in the Northern Hemisphere). When your island is covered in snow, you can find small snowballs around and make Snowboys!When you see snowflakes during this time, catch them as well!

How to Get Snowflakes Fast


A clear day has no clouds in the sky.

Partly Cloudy

Snow on Garden of Flowers.jpg
A partly cloudy day has a clear sky with only a few clouds.


A cloudy day has a sky full of clouds, but is still pleasant.


A tell-tale sign rain is coming, these gloomy clouds darken the atmosphere before and after rainfall.

Special Weather

All Types of Special Weather

Special types of weather can happen under the right conditions. Specific weather conditions and seasons will need to match for these rare events.

Special Weather Types (Click to Jump!)
Rainbows Aurora Thunder & Lightning
Foggy Meteor Showers -

How to Find Rainbows


Rainbow Appearance Conditions
Weather Will sometimes appear, only if the weather changes to clear or partly cloudy, within 1 hour after rain or storms. There's even a chance that you'll see a DOUBLE RAINBOW!
Dates North: Feb 25 - Nov 25
South: Aug 25 - May 25

How to Find Auroras

ACNH - Aurora Borealis Random.png

Aurora Appearance Conditions
Weather Will only appear on clear nights during the snowy period.
Dates North: Dec 11 - Feb 24
South: Jun 11 - Aug 24

How and When to See Aurora Borealis | Aurora Borealis Time and Season

Thunder and Lightning

Thunder and Lightning Conditions
Weather Can sometimes be heard and seen, only during storms.
Dates All year

How to Get Fog

Fog Appearance Conditions
Weather Will sometimes appear if current weather is partly cloudy, after a day of bad weather (rain/storm, snow/blizzard, cloudy, or overcast). Heavy fog blankets the whole island. River & sea fog only covers bodies of water.
Heavy Fog North: Sep 21 - Feb 24
South: Mar 21 - Aug 24
River & Sea Fog North: Sep 21 - Mar 31
South: Mar 21 - Sep 30

How to Find a Meteor Shower

Shooting Star on Cloudy Night.jpg

Meteor Shower Conditions
Weather Occurs on rare occassions when weather has been clear all day. Most meteor showers are light, having only a few shooting stars. But very rarely, heavy meteor showers will occur, allowing you to wish on several shooting stars!
Dates All year

Note: Celeste will often appear on your island during meteor showers. When you see her, look up at the sky!

Wish on those shooting stars to get rare Star Fragments, Large Star Fragments, and Zodiac Fragments, which are all essential materials for Space Series and Zodiac Series furniture and items! Read our guide below for more details about meteor showers and how to wish on shooting stars.

Meteor Shower Guide

Special Cloud Types

All Types of Clouds

Aside from ordinary clouds, special cloud types can also be seen seasonally, under certain conditions. Make sure to take a photo when you see these special clouds!

Cloud Types (Click to Jump!)
Cumulonimbus Clouds Cirrus Clouds Cirrocumulus Clouds
Thin Clouds Billow Clouds Plane Trails

Cumulonimbus Clouds

ACNH - Cumulonimbus Clouds.png

Cumulonimbus Cloud Conditions
Summer Only
North: Jul 21 - Sep 15
South: Jan 21 - Mar 15
Cumulonimbus clouds can appear during clear or partly cloudy weather on the day before bad weather.

Cirrus Clouds

Cirrus Cloud Conditions
Autumn Only
North: Sep 16 - Nov 30
South: Mar 16 - May 31
Cirrus clouds can appear during clear or partly cloudy hours on a day that otherwise has bad weather.

Cirrocumulus Clouds

Cirrocumulus Cloud Conditions
Autumn Only
North: Sep 16 - Nov 30
South: Mar 16 - May 31
Cirrocumulus clouds can appear during clear or partly cloudy hours on a day that otherwise has bad weather.

Thin Clouds

Thin Cloud Conditions
North: Mar 1 - May 31
South: Sep 1 - Nov 30
Thin clouds can appear during clear or partly cloudy weather hours.

Billow Clouds

ACNH - Billow Clouds.png

Billow Cloud Conditions
North: Dec 1 - Feb 28
South: Jun 1 - Aug 31
Billow clouds can appear during clear or partly cloudy weather on the day before bad weather.

Plane Trails

ACNH - Plane Trail.png

Plane Trail Conditions
All Year Plane trails can be seen in the sky for 15 minutes after a DAL plane lands or departs the island. Trails are less visible during bad weather.

Plane-related Guides:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a weather warning in ACNH?

ACNH - Weather Report.jpg
The weather forecasts appears on your T.V. five times a day. Open your T.V. at 6:45 AM, 7:45 AM, 11:45 AM, 6:45 PM, and 10:45 PM to watch a weather forecast. It can be difficult to determine exactly what weather follows or how long it will last, but it will give you a general idea of what to expect!

When do meteor showers occur?

Shooting Star on Cloudy Night.jpg
Meteor showers are random events and don't have a fixed time. Although, they will always happen from 7 PM to 4 AM. While they are random, there are several ways to know if a meteor shower is going to happen.

  • Isabelle will announce it during her morning broadcast.
  • Celeste will appear on your island.
  • Residents will tell you about it.

Meteor Shower Guide

Is rain dangerous?

Rain on Flowers.jpg
Rain is not dangerous. In fact, rain can be beneficial to you! You don't have to water your plants, and rarer species of critters come out during the rain!

When does Aurora borealis appear?

It appears on clear Winter nights as early as 7 PM. Island residents will tell the player of a possible sighting during the day, so keep your ears peeled!

Can I make Snowboys when it's not snowing?

3 Roll snowball.jpg
You only need snow on the ground in order to make Snowboys. These appear midway through the Winter season so you don't need to wait for snow to fall down!

Snowboy Guide

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meteors aren't random at all. they are a set formula. if you can discover your island seed you can easily see when they are scheduled. use a site like meteonook to find out your pattern, once you do, you'll know down to the second when meteors are falling..

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