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May Events

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Check out the list of free DLC which includes seasonal events in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Keep reading to also see the list of furniture exclusive in events!

DLC by Updates

Ver 1.1 - Bunny Day

March 20 Update.jpg

Update Release March 20, 2020

Bunny Day, the first event, was released with Version 1.1. and is now available if you Time Travel to the event dates.

Ver 1.2 - Nature Day, Redd and Art Gallery

Late April Update (1).png

Update Release April 23, 2020

Not only does Version 1.2 include the Nature Day event, it also brought a Museum upgrade in the form of the Art Gallery, and Redd, the shady arts dealer well known from previous games in the series.

List of DLC Events

Bunny Day

Bunny Day - Earth Egg

Event Duration April 1st @5:00 AM to April 12th, 2020

Collect eggs from trees, the water, the sky! Craft all the Bunny Day items and get a special reward from the only Zipper T. Bunny!
Bunny Day (Easter) Event | Where to Find Eggs and Recipes

Nature Day

ACNH - Leifs Garden Shop (1).png

Event Duration April 23rd @5:00 AM to May 4th, 2020

Show your love to nature by completing limited-time special Nook Miles+ activities on Nature Day! You can also get special flower seeds and shrub starts from Leif!
Nature Day Event Info and Rewards

Future Events

May Day

May Day Tour.jpg

Event Duration April 23rd @5:00 AM to May 4th, 2020

Head out on a May Day Tour on a special island! Run around a maze, scavenge for treasure, and you might even see a special visitor!
May Day Event Info and Rewards

International Museum Day

Stamp Rally.jpg

Event Duration May 18th @5:00 AM ~ May 31st, 2020

Participate on a Stamp Rally this International Museum Day! Collect stamps from different exhibits to receive an in-game reward!
International Museum Day Event Info and Rewards

Wedding Season

Cyrus and Reese.jpg

Event Duration June 1st @5:00 AM ~ Jun 30th, 2020

Help take Cyrus and Reese' anniversary photos on Wedding Season! Arrange the studio in Photopia with Harvey, and receive wedding-themed gifts!
Wedding Season Event Info and Rewards

Future Events (TBA)

Free Updates.jpg
These are the events based on the characters revealed in the Nintedo Direct (02/20/2020) that will be coming to us in the future.

Event Date
Halloween October 31st
Harvest Festival 4th Thursday of November
Toy Day December 24th
Festivale February or March

Dates are based on previous games in the Animal Crossing series.

List of Events

List of Exclusive DLC Items

Nook Inc. Silk Rug

Nook Inc Silk Rug DLC

If you have a Nintendo Switch Online Membership, you can download this DLC for free.

It adds a Nook Inc. Silk Rug to the available items at Nook Stop, and you can redeem it for 600 Miles.

Bunny Day Series

Bunny Day - Egg Arch.jpeg
Craft these colorful egg-themed items, and you will receive more Bunny Day recipes as a reward!
Bunny Day Series

Nature Day Series

ACNH - Garden Shop Inventory (1).png Purchase shrub starts.jpg

Shrubs or bushes are currently exclusive to Leif's Garden Shop on Nature Day. Additionally, all players will be able to by all types of flowers from Leif, without having to visit other players or Nook's Cranny.
Nature Day Series

Nook Inc. Aloha Shirts

Nook Inc. Coral Aloha Shirt.jpg Nook Inc. Green Aloha Shirt.jpg

The aloha shirts that Isabelle (Coral) and Timmy & Tommy (Green) wear will become available for purchase with Nook Miles, at the Nook Stop.
Nook Stop Explained

Bell Bag Rug

Bell Bag Rug.jpg
You will receive the Bell Bag Rug in your mailbox, from the Bank of Nook's apology letter for lowering their bank interest.
How to Get Bank Interest

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